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will move to ASHBi, Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study(KUIAS) on 1st Oct. 2021
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Very welcome any undergraduate students, graduate students, and young researchers who are interested in studying and working in my laboratory. Please feel free and contact me directly. You can also find other informtion to study in ASHBi, Kyoto University from the following site:

Mathematical Biology & medicine laboratory




Seirin's Laboratory is challenging to approach a variety of topics in life sciences (cell and developmental biology) and clinical medicine with model-driven and data-driven mathematical tools.

S. Seirin-Lee

教授 / JSIAM理事

Professor / Director of JSIAM

Department of Mathematics,
Department of Mathematical and Life Sciences,
Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life,

Hiroshima University, Japan

Kagamiyama 1-3-1, Higashi-hiroshima 739-0046



広島大学 理学部 数学科・大学院 統合生命科学研究科(数理生命科学P)

My research life was started with my strong interest that I want to know the mechanism of pattern formation in human organism. When I studied the pattern formation of morphogen in the PhD course, I found that the pattern can be changed very sensitively by the growth and size of domain. This led me to the idea that bio-chemical interactions and its dynamics can be greatly affected by the environment where the molecular is placed, namely, the domain state such as cell or tissue. The focus of my research is placed on how “the shape of domain (geometry)” plays an important role in the dynamics of pattern formation and can change the cell fate. Such ideas lead me to the dream that we might be able to manipulate the cell function by the use of domain traits. I believe that it can lead to new discoveries in human biology that can be applied to new medicines.

I have two important concepts in my current research:

  • The first is that “Geometry/Pattern (形/模様)” has a meaning. I think that Geometry can be an important clue to be able to solve the underlying mechanism of life organism. Many previous studies on pattern formation have solved the problems of patterning from bio-chemical dynamics (i.e., the direction of [Bio-chemical dynamics]→[Patterns]). However, this approach does not apply when the bio-chemical dynamics are largely unknown, such as in human biology or medical issue. In contrast, the direction of my approach is [Geometry/Patterns]→[Bio-chemical dynamics]. That is, I am focusing on finding the key mechanism underlying bio-chemical dynamics from Geometry/Patterns, especially for the problems where sufficient data cannot be obtained in experiments, such as human development and human-specific diseases. I want to open the new trail of mathematical science by taking advantage of outstanding ability for mathematical modeling in pattern formation that is second to none and developing the original approach method by various interdisciplinary collaborations.

  • The other important concept of my study is that I want to surprise biologists. I love to propose unexpected findings/hypotheses by mathematical model which biologists have never ever imagined in experiments. I believe that this can lead to “new biology” and “new medicine” and that both biologists and mathematicians can work together with “Waku-Waku ワクワク”. I think that “Waku-Waku” is very important in our research life.

Press Release プレスリリース

1. January 28, 2020: Studying the geometry of a common skin disease (Two press releases)

2. January 15, 2020: 蕁麻疹でみられる発疹の症状を数理モデルで再現 ~新たな治療法確立の可能性~

3. December 17, 2019: 日本の空き家問題を数学の力で解決!【プレスリリース】日本の空き家問題を数学の力で解決!.pdf

4. August 29, 2019 :細胞核の動的変形が核構造の再編成を引き起こすことを世界で初めて発見! 5

. September 11, 2019 : Mathematical modeling shows why animals see at night