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Traditional, Charming, Affectionate Maine Coons from Maine  

"A true 'Gentle Giant' of the Cat Fancy" - CFF

- Nationally and Internationally known

History of the Maine Coon Cat:

    The Maine Coon Cat is one of the oldest breeds of North America and is a local native of Maine. The Maine Coon is known for it's easygoing temperament, funny tricks, and hunting skills. The first recognizable presence of the Maine Coon cat, in writing, was before the Civil War era in 1861 (See Blue Danube - our Sophie look-a-like!). For more legends of the Maine Coon cat please see our link on Legends!

Description of a Maine Coon Cat:

    The Maine Coon Cat is one of the largest cats you will see in any show, such as CFF, CFA, ACFA, and TICA. See our Cat Show page for pictures and awards from recent shows!  Maine Coons have a long shaggy coat and a full plumed tail that all Maine Coons proudly hold upright! They chirp and trill to call to their owners. They are loving, loyal, and are great with children and other pets. 

    Maine coons can grow quite large; the average male weighs fifteen to eighteen pounds. Females are generally somewhat smaller than males, ranging between eight and twelve pounds.

Sebago Mist's Maine Coons:

    Sebago Mist Maine Coons are true natives to their ancestry! These purr-fect kittens are born and raised right here in Maine. They have been described as purring motors, super soft, incredibly playful, and the perfect addition to the family! Each kitten has a special personality that makes them unique!  

Health and Temperament

We strive to raise healthy and sweet-natured Maine Coons and only breed our females once a year. Sebago Mist kittens come in a variety of colors and with a specialty of the Polydactyl trait. Our most frequent colors are silver tabbies, red tabbies, cameo (red silver) tabbies, blue tabbies, brown tabbies, patched tabbies, calicos, smokes, and solids. 

     Every kitten is given loving attention and care, we know their new families will enjoy them as much as we do. We remain available after adoption for any questions regarding care of your new family member.

     Sebago Mist kittens are placed with a minimum of two vaccinations, pedigree, health guarantee, and State-of-Maine veterinarian check. 

Native Maine Coon Cat Association (NMCCA) Breeder Member

United Maine Coon Cat Association (UMMCA) Breeder Member

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