Sea Scout Ship 198 

 Lewes-Broadkiln, Delaware 

Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard to the fun and adventure of Sea Scouting, a program combining the tradition of the past with the technology of the future. Whether you look to the sea for a career or lifelong hobby, Sea Scouting is for you!

Sea Scouts is a co-educational program offered to young adults between the ages of 14 to 21. Like you, they love boats and the water, want to learn the skills of the sailor, can work on a team but set personal goals, too — and they have fun doing it.

Whether it is on a bay, a river, a lake, or the ocean, Sea Scout groups — called "ships" — have been established all across the country. Ships provide opportunities for adventure and offer exciting challenges that you won’t find anywhere else.

A New World of Opportunities

Sea Scouting is an exciting program with plenty of opportunities based upon a rich tradition. The sea offers a challenge to all who venture upon it. If you are looking for challenges, you will find them here, along with the opportunity to establish long-lasting friendships.

Opportunity for Fun on the Water

What makes Sea Scouting unique? It is getting out on the water! Sea Scout units can use a variety of boats; from outboard motorboats to large sailing yachts. But no matter how your ship roams the sea, you’ll discover a thrill that you just can’t get anywhere else. You belong to a world that is distinct from anything on shore, with its own language and practices.

You’ll learn boat handling under power and sail, piloting and rules-of-the-road, navigation and how to read the weather. Absorbing

the history and traditions of the sea, learning knots, splicing and fancy ropework are also part of the program. In the midst of all of this, you’ll also develop skills in boat maintenance, engine service, marine electronics and how to plan a long cruise.

The challenge is being able to take your vessel from point A to point B, while being ready for whatever you may encounter along the way. This is what makes Sea Scouting great.

Opportunity for Cruising

Here is the chance to get away from it all. Cruising takes you beyond any experience you’ll get on a day’s outing. Living on the boat involves sharing in the duties of helmsman, navigator, lookout, cook, sail handler or engineer. While cruising, you live on a sea-roving summer camp with each day offering a new destination in the morning, and the changing scenery of a new harbor in the evening.

Opportunity for Fellowship

Sea Scouting gives you the opportunity to share experiences with others who share your interests. If you know nothing about boats now, don’t worry, you’ll learn. You’ll have the chance to grow and share your experiences with others in your ship. Your shipmates can also meet other Sea Scouts at council, regional, and national events.

Your ship will join in sailing regattas, rowing races and canoe paddling contests, nautoramas and rendezvous, providing a chance to swap stories and compare notes.

Opportunity for Leadership

Sea Scout programs are run by youth members. Elected leaders plan and conduct the program. Being part of a boat’s crew teaches teamwork. As you gain experience you will have the opportunity to contribute to the leadership of your unit. The leadership skills you learn here will last a lifetime.