honest, straightforward, one-on-one script consulting for everyone.


Wondering how specific portions of your script read? Need perspective on your scene work? Not sure why readers don't 'get' your main character? I can add notes and suggestions to your scenes right in the script file!

Every script is different, and this is one of the most flexible, precise tools for evaluating your work on the market.

  • See how reader's (and viewer's) expectations play out in your script.
  • See where you're sending unclear messages with scene description, plot structure, and use of visuals.
  • Get specific suggestions on dialogue and other elements.
  • Learn how to convey your backstory through simple visuals.

Typically, I'll add an aggregate five pages of notes to the script. I also include a one or two page summary, including overall evaluation, and suggestions for next steps.

If you're unsure whether you're better off with Notes or the Comprehensive Critique, talk to me. I'm happy to tailor my services to your needs.

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