1.5Million+ emails are sent each day through YAMM!
This mail merge tool is a simple solution to send personalized emails, newsletters or forms to multiple recipients without needing to know how to write HTML for your templates.
YAMM is easy to use: simply select a draft written in Gmail and the add-on will replace the template tags with names or any other information from a spreadsheet, before automatically sending mass emails to a list of recipients.

YAMM can be installed as long as you own a Google Account (including Google Apps for Work, Education & Government).

This add-on has been featured in the Google Apps Developer Blog.
Have a question? Contact support@yet-another-mail-merge.com

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Steven KosmataApril 2016
"This add-on is exactly what I was looking for. I upgraded so as to be able to send out up to 1500 emails a day. The added features in the last couple of years, especially the templates, make this an even better bang for your buck. I whole-heartedly know you will not be disappointed either !!"
Eric HelmuthApril 2016
"This worked really well for me "out of the box." I use it with my Google Apps for Business account with my own domain name, and the mail sent out with YAMM preserves my SPF and DKIM domain authentication information because it uses Google's outbound mail servers just as if I were sending the messages directly in Gmail. Although it is not a full-featured ESP (and doesn't claim to be), it offers impressive ESP-lite functionality for the price, if you don't mind maintaining your data in spreadsheets vs. a centralized database - the open and click tracking and follow-up segmentation are especially impressive. Customer support is responsive and friendly."
Bill KurzJuly 2015
"Love this! I spent more time than I'd care to admit trying several other products, this is by far the simplest to use and well worth the upgrade price of $24 for the year. As the 'beta' tester for the company, I have now recommended Yet Another Mail Merge to my colleagues."
Bruce EllisJanuary 2015
"I find this add-on one that I use again and again. I like that I can send out a test email to verify what the user will see in their email. I also like that it gives me specific details as a comment for each email sent as to the exact date and time...instead of just saying "SENT". Super easy to use and very stable!"
Steve BurkeApril 2015
"Super easy to use to send a mail merge through Gmail. Has really helped me get important messages out to customers and prospects in bulk while maintaining a personal touch."
Susan SandroMay 2015
"I've used a number of other mail merge add-ons but this is my favorite. It is simple to use and powerful. It works well. It has smart features such as allowing you to send a sample to yourself which makes proofing easy. I love that I can have a CC column - as a teacher that allows me to contact the father and mother with one merge. I also appreciate that my formatting is preserved. Quite a few of the mail merge add-ons remove paragraph marks or shift graphics. Clear documentation is provided including a tutorial video."