Scout Ranks

The Cub Scout Program is designed such that each year, the Cub Scouts have required adventures, and a variety of elective adventures they can explore together.

Parents actively work with their Cubs to complete adventures in their adventure handbooks.

All elective adventures are designed to be done with your Den and your parents OR as a family. Families are meant to be part of the FUN in Cub Scouting Adventures.

When an adventure is completed (whether at home or with the den), the Den Leader will enter the completed requirements in Scoutbook, and the Cub Scout will receive the corresponding adventure belt loop at the next Pack Meeting (normally the last Tuesday of the month). It’s a great opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and effort of our Cub Scouts and give them immediate recognition.

Cub Scouts who join while they are in kindergarten work on the Lion badge, After that, they, as well as all Cub Scouts who join after Kindergarten, earn the Bobcat Badge. After earning the Bobcat Badge, they proceed to work on advancements specific to their grade or age level. As part of these requirements, they will learn the the Cub Scout Motto, Salute, Handshake, and Sign, the Scout Oath, and Scout Law.

  • In Kindergarten, Cub Scouts work toward earning the Lion badge. The requirements are found in the Lion Cub Scout Den Leader Guide.
  • In the First Grade, Cub Scouts work toward earning the Tiger badge. The requirements are found in the Tiger Handbook.
  • In the Second Grade, Cub Scouts work toward the Wolf Badge. The requirements are found in the Wolf Handbook.
  • In the Third Grade, Cub Scouts work toward the Bear Badge. The requirements are found in the Bear Handbook.
  • The Webelos Program is a two year program for Fourth and Fifth Grade Youths. Fourth Grade Youth work toward the Webelos Badge, while Fifth Graders work toward the Arrow of Light badge. The requirements for both are found in the Webelos Handbook. Both grades select from a common group of Elective Adventures.

The Lion, Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light rank requirements, including the requirements for all of the "Adventures" are posted on this site. Use the links below to see the requirements.

Den Leader and parents can use Scoutbook for all advancement tracking. If you would like to track your Scout's progress, click on the logo above. If you don't have your login information or need one please contact your Den leader or Cubmaster.