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Video: Jumping and Gravity in Scratch

Planning Questions

  • What is the purpose of your program/game?
  • Describe the target user for your game.
  • How will users play your game? (Keys? Mouse? Buttons? Typing?)
  • How will users win your game?
  • Will the game keep score?
  • How will you use music and/or sound effects to enhance your game?
  • Layout your game sequence.
  • Evaluation of Program

Evaluation Questions

  • Is your game original or a remake of another game?
  • Is your game creative, different and unique?
  • Do your background/stage enhance the game?
  • Do your sprites/costumes enhance the game?
  • Have you thoroughly tested your game? Are there any known issues/bugs?
  • Is the purpose of your game understood by your users?
  • Is your game user-friendly? Is it easy to learn, yet challenging enough to engage your users?

Scratch Resources