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Welcome to the Lehigh Valley Railroad Survivors web pages!

Originally this project started out as a database of surviving LVRR locomotives only.
 It then evolved to include other LV rolling stock, structures, etc. Then a current route map,
 then I went and did some "tours" of LV sites today..it just keeps growing!
 So many great people out in "Railroad Internet Land" have helped find the data on the pages..
 (please see a list of contributors on the locomotives page)
 Thanks to everyone!
 These pages are for all LV fans.
 I hope you find them interesting and useful.

 There are now ten different pages in the "LVRR Survivors" web pages.
 This page started out as just the "locomotive" page, but has grown a lot in only a short time!

 1.  Surviving LV Locomotives , I consider this the "main" page.

 2.  The other surviving LV stuff page. Cabooses, other rolling stock, structures, bridges etc.

 3.  The Map page. LVRR system map with lines in use today.

 4.  Tour of Van Etten junction today.

 5.  Tour of Sayre today.

 6.  Tour of Manchester today.

 7.  Tour of the Sayre Walkbridge.

 8.  LV Alco S2 switchers 151 and 165 have their own page.

 9. LV C-420 408 has Her own page.

 10. Caboose 95011 has Her own page.


 More Tours here!

 Tours of other railroad sites around New York state.
 including LV, DL&W, PRR and Erie sites.

 MyG-Gauge modeling pages.

 G-gaugeLVRR Alco PAs

 Have you seen the new Lehigh Valley SD70's?! 

Leo F. Gorman


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 Scot Lawrence, Rochester NY 
 Pages started February 2003 

 last updated January 2018

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