The Black Diamond Express, Sayre PA, photographer unknown, colorized by Scot Lawrence.

Lehigh Valley Railroad.
The Black Diamond Express,
 in 1/29 scale.

Welcome to the "Black Diamond Express in 1/29 scale" page! This page will document the building of a 7-car LV passenger train, modeling the 1948 to 1959 Black Diamond Express. Click on the following pages to continue...

USA Trains Alco PA's,  and the first look at the (incomplete) model of the whole train.

Car 1 - RPO.  (in progress)

Car 2 - Baggage.  (in progress)

Car 4 - Coach 1516.  (in progress)

Car 5 - Diner.   (in progress)

Car 6 - Coach 1501.  (in progress)

The Finished Train!   (not yet finished! ;)