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Space Center Intermediate School

Clear Creek ISD

Local Music Stores

Summer Camps 2019

These links are to websites for various camps I have heard about; I suggest you personally contact the people who run the camp if you have any questions. If the camp website doesn't have all the details yet, keep checking throughout the spring semester as the camp staff makes updates!

Practice Help

  • Smart Music -This is a subscription service that is a GREAT resource for your child! Students can play into a microphone and Smart Music will grade their performance. All beginner books and Suzuki Solo books are currently on smart music as well as some of our class music, scales and other technical exercises.
  • Staff Wars - free - Note-reading software that gets more challenging and exciting the better you do!
  • Music Theory Practice - free - This free website allows students to practice note reading, rhythm, and key signature identification. These are timed test formatted and can be fun to play. Click your instrument to go straight to a note-reading exercise customized for you: Violin Viola Cello Bass
  • Online Metronome - free - Free online metronome and pitch generator (only open A) for tuning.
  • Finale Notepad -Allows you to compose and write out music, then plays it back. You can change the tempo and put in multiple parts. It's useful as a virtual playing partner.
  • Teoria - free - practice music theory online!
  • Drone Tone Tool - free - Online pitch generator (for tuning) and includes a metronome, too!
  • Left Hand Shape - free - PDF with helpful photos.

Other/Fun Websites