The registration PAYMENT DUE DATE for all camps is "Two (2) Weeks Following the Date of your On-Line Registration" (if additional time is needed to make payment, email to request an extension).  If the camp shows WAITLIST or POSSIBLE WAITLIST you should proceed to register on-line but do not make payment until you receive further email instructions.  It is important to note that if you have made a reservation and your payment is not received by the "Payment Due Date", you may loose your reservation if the camp becomes FULL.  Changes to your reservations will not be accepted within two (2) weeks of the camp.


When a camp has filled up, new campers will be placed on a WAITLIST.  Groups on the WAITLIST will be notified if space becomes available.  If space is not available, your Group will be given the option of moving to an alternate camp (same section) based on the date and time of your original on-line reservation.  If you are registering at camps showing a "WAITLIST" or "POSSIBLE WAITLIST" do not submit payment and campers will be placed on the waiting list, however, if you receive notice that space has become available, payment must be made within two (2) weeks of the email notice.  Groups that have registered before a camp becomes full can make changes to their reservations at any time up to two (2) weeks prior to the camp but if the camp is showing a Waitlist or Possible Waitlist, they might not be able to add more campers to their Group.

mAKING A Reservation

Group Coordinators must follow these 8 Steps to make a reservation and submit payment or to make changes an existing reservation (note that you can make changes to existing reservations up to two (2) weeks prior to the camp by simply clicking on the links below and resubmitting a new updated registration form):


Dinner Reservations

There is limited space for dinner reservations which fill up quickly.  If space is showing "Available" below, dinner reservations can be made.  Note that dinner reservations are closed TWO (2) WEEKS before the event. 

The Dinner consists of a White Spot hamburger (or vegetarian burger), fries and soft drink -there are no other choices available and you must ensure that all participants having dinner are aware of this before you make your dinner reservation).  The cost is approximately $7.00 per meal for youth & $10.00 per meal for adults and payment is made directly to the restaurant.  Groups must also make one payment (no single meal payments please).  Cash, credit cards or "Group" cheques are accepted.

To make a reservation, just click on the link below if space is available.  Existing reservations only  can be changed up to two days prior to the event (even if reservation shows "FULL" or "CLOSED") by simply clicking on the dinner reservation link again and resubmitting your reservation.


Cancellations & REFUNDS

If you wish to change a reservation, use the reservation system to make changes (adding or deleting campers).  Please note the refund policy below.


If a refund is due to you, please CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A REFUND REQUEST.