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Initially Compiled by Lorelei Skye, shared with the SCA Bardic Arts Facebook Page and continually being expanded for the SCA Bardic Resource Page. 

"A few years back, I was sent on a bardic quest - to learn at least one song from each Kingdom in the SCA.  Through this quest I have met wonderful bards and SCADians from around the Known World.  Here is the list of what I have found to date  :) "  ~Lorelei

Note* Not all songs titles have linked lyrics.

Out of respect to the artists, I tried to not include lyrics from places like non-kingdom websites or from any other places lyrics appear without clear permission of the artists; especially places like  Too often these sites are reprinting lyrics without permission, and also are pop-up heavy with things that are not overly healthy for ones computers. 

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~ THL Lorelei Skye of House Sans Nomen

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Alliance -  Conn MacNeill

Band of Brothers - Ken Theriot -   (song #1)

Born on the Listfield - Ivar Battleskald -

Bow to the Crown - Heather Dale

Burden of the Crown - Baldwin of Erebor -

Come and Be Welcome - Emer Nic Aiden -  (song #1)

One of Us - Heather Dale

Rite of Passage - Conn MacNeill - 

The Song of Roland - Rosalind Jehanne -

Strangest Dream - Ioseph of Locksley

Vivat The Dream - Mistress Warjna Waleska Katzjmjr, aka Varina Suellen Plonski
Warrior's Wyrd - Ivar Battleskald

Welcome to the Current Middle Ages - Baldwin of Erebor -


AEthelmearc - Cadell Blaidd du

The AEthelmearc Song - Viscount Haakon

AEthelmearc War March - Michael Alewright -

Banners of Scarlett - Gwendolyn the Graceful -

Children of AEthelmearc - Bouadicea Ravenhair & Katherine Bakerstone

Escarbuncle Banners - Michael Alewright -

Here's to the Escarbuncle  - Cadell Blaidd du -

The Escarbuncle - Maestra Giulietta da Venezia -


Stand Brother Stand - Eleanor Fairchild -

Rising Of The Star - Balthazar of Endor - (.pdf page 19)



Flower of the Desert - Baldwin of Erebor

Land of the Sun - Whiskey Bards


Argent and Azure - Ambra & Lisa Theriot -

Fair Lady Atlantia - Efenwealt Wystle -

Mermaid (The Atlantean Lullaby) - Shane Ó Fearghail


An Tir

Beer Maids of Valhallah - Mistress Arias the Innkeeper's Daughter - 

Homecoming Song - Michael Kelly

The Brave & Bonny Host - Roger the Goliard -



Artemisian Anthem - HE Mary Amanda Fairchild

This is our Kingdom, Tridentata Gloria - ? -


Avacal, Together We Conquer - Lady Annys Bradwardyn -


By Our Honor - Beathog Nic Dhonnchaidh & Joe Duval -

Caidan Fight Song - Dame Eilidh Swann (Cat Ellen)

The Crescent of Caid - Rathflaed DuNoir


Drums in my Heart - Nasir Al-Tawil -

Requiem for a Huscarl - Andrixos Seljukroctonis -

Hotspur - Sir Andrew Lyon of Wolvenwood -

Song of the Shield Wall - Malkin Grey -

Cheer - Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon & Lyriel de la Foret -

Non Nobis - King Henry the V soundtrack -


Drachenwald Forever - (?Needs Attribution!?)



Blazing Scarlet Banner - Master Hector of Black Height - (song #6)

Carters War Song - Marion of Heather Dale -

Glorious and Triumphant Ealdormere - Shelley TSivia Rabinovitch and the late Master Naon na Cruitre

The Polestar - Shelley TSivia Rabinovitch
Rise - Master Hector of Black Height - (song #9)

River - Master Hector of Black Height -  (song #8)

Song of the Wain - Garread Galbraith Olagh - (song #3)

Song of the Northern Wanderer - Master Hector of Black Height - (song #10)

True and Destined King - Marion of Heather Dale - (song #4)

Where Burns the Heart - Shelley TSivia Rabinovitch

Wolves Song - Master Hector of Black Height - (song #7)


Anthem For The East  - Andrew MacRobb

Ave Tigris Regia - Text by Dynna Flynn, Wendy M. Hennquin, Jeff Berry (Judith FitzHenry, Fiana of Clare, & Alexandre d'Avigne); Melody anon 13th Cent -

Carmina Orientalis - Text by Wendy Gale(Sabine de Kerbriant); Medody In Taberna from the Carmina Burana, 13th Century -

Eastern Tygers Roar – Aife ingen Chonchobair in Derthaige (Amanda Lord) -

Eastrealm my Heart - John Littleton's (Ken Anders')

For the Honor of the Tyger – Sofia 'Zsof' Tyzes

Heroes? Legions! (Excelsior) - Sir Diomedes Sebastianus (D. Sebastian) (toward the bottom of the page)

I am of the North - Analeda Falconsbridge -

Light of the East - Fiana of Claire (OL)

The Northern Star by Andrew J. O'Brien

Oriens Victoriousus (Here Comes the East) – Analeda Falconsbridge -

Stands a Warrior - Emma McMinn  -

The Soldier's Last Song - Li Kung Lo -

We Are the East - Drake Oranwood -

We Wear the Purple and Gold - Analeda Falconsbridge -

Gleann Abhann

Awe Hail, Gleann Abhann - Alina nic an Bhaird  (click 'lyrics' button for the words)

Great Dark Horde

Tomorrow Belongs To Me - Anonymous - (run a search for it, its just over halfway down the page)



Fair Lochac - Laighin

My Lady, My Land - Cillian an Sealgair - (page 28, .pdf pg 32)

Songs of the West - Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen (then known as Eric of Tobar Mhuire) - (page 33, .pdf pg 37)

Squires - Llewen the Unruly - (page 29, .pdf pg 33)

Uislenn - Silfren the Singer - (page 1, .pdf pg 5)


Meridies - (tune of Dixie) - Mistress Christianna MacGrain

Meridies - Rathflaed DuNoir

On to Glory - Lord Valgardr Isungr -

Proud Southern Warrior - Mistress Eleanor of Ashley -

Silver Stars - Mistress Katrina


Children of the Dragon - Sofia 'Zsof' Tyzes -

Dragon Host March - Master John Inchingham -

Fight for the Midrealm – Lasair (Allie Genia) - Lyrics and Video:

Golden Round - Master John Inchingham -

March the Midrealm Banner On! - Lorelei Skye

Midlream Army - Lucia Elena Braganza

One Under The Dragon' - Sofia 'Zsof' Tyzes -

Song of the Seasonal Kings - Master John Inchingham

Warhorns of Summer - Verrix Reid Sisson -

We Be Midrealm Warriers - Pieter Van Doren & Moonwulf -

Where are the Dragons - Andrew Blackwood MacBaine -



Battle Chant for Northshield - Brendan O Corraidhe -

Evensong - Owen Alun -

Fly With the Griffen - John Chandler -

Griffon And Star - Conn MacNeill

Hey Ho The Griffen - John Chandler

The Muster - Fiona of the Harp (wrote when Northshield was about to become a Kingdom)

Northshield Rise - Dahrien Cordell -

Northshield Rise (and follow the star) - Owen Alun -

Row Men Row - Owen Alun -

Shield My Kinsman - Wyndreth Berginsdottir -

Sing Northshield Sing - Ysolt Pais de cuer -

Soar Griffen Soar - Ingus Moen

Song of Northshield - Owen Alun

Star of the North - Viscountess Wanderer of the Principlaity of the Mists -

Three Words - Eliane Halevy -

Life Blood -  Wyndreth Berginsdottir -



Outlands Ra! - (?Needs Attribution; from 'Murderious Ditties and Ballads Most Cruel' tape from the '80's)

Outlands Song - Master Richard Gilchrest



Anthem for Trimaris - Mistress Warjna Waleska Katzjmjr, OL (aka Varina Suellen Plonski)

Trimarian Blood - Corwyn Moray

Vivat, Trimaris! - Master Morris Haas


Black Swan Rises - Mistress Siobhan nihEodhusa for the Principality of Cynagua -  (page 8)

Fair Mistland - Mistress Linda-Muireall Von Katzenbrasse for the Principality of the Mists -   (page 6)