Hello! I'm Sara Nason.

I am PhD student in Environmental Chemistry and Technology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and I created this website as a place to compile information about my various experiences in teaching, mentoring, and science outreach
. This site is a working document; I will continue to add updates and improve my writing style as I gain more experience.

My portfolio has 3 main sections that demonstrate my experience as an educator in the classroomresearch laboratory, and the community.  I also included a bonus section that discusses how some of my experiences outside of the realm of science have impacted my abilities and views on teaching and mentoring. If you are interested in the principles that drive my actions as a teacher and research mentor, start by reading my Teaching Philosophy and Mentoring Philosophy statements.  Other parts of my portfolio I would like to highlight include my semester-long Delta Program internship (Measurement of Chloride in Local Water Samples) and my experience bringing undergraduate students to a regional conference (Conference Attendance). 

Much of my teaching experience has been through the UW-Madison  Delta Program, which promotes knowledge about teaching and learning in higher education. I completed their certificate program, designed to help prepare future faculty members to be effective teachers in 2016.  Delta is part of the Center for the Integration of Teaching, Research, and Learning (CIRTL) - a network of programs at more than 40 universities committed to the advancing the teaching of STEM disciplines in higher education

My disciplinary research is focused on pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) as contaminants in the environment.  Specifically I study interactions between plants and PPCPs that may occur when PPCPs are present in agricultural environments.

Sara Nason,
Mar 17, 2016, 9:45 AM