Doctorado en Ingeniería

Mención Mecánica Computacional

From: Richard Feynman's Water Sprinkler Experiment

Inntroducción del Método de Elementos Finitos

Dr.Alberto Cardona, Dr. Victor Fachinotti

Trabajo Práctico Nº 2. Problemas elipticos. Error.

Trabajo Práctico Nº 4. Evaluacion de diferentes tipos de elementos. Convergencia en malla.

Introducción al uso de software CFD (Fluent 6.3.26)

Dr. Norberto Nigro, Dr. Mario Storti

1-Introducción: Flujo turbulento y ecuación del calor

Resolución de problemas industriales mediante CFD (Fluent 6.3.26)

Dr. Norberto Nigro, Dr. Damián Ramajo, Ing. Esp. Santiago Márquez Damián

Reactor de Oxoalcoholes

As a first stage for a complete simulation of an Oxoalcohols reactor, we worked with simplified model without baffles and with a viscosity 40 times greater than water's. The mesh was generated by CFX preprocessor (Damián Ramajo). Then this was imported in Gambit, next step was running the model in Fluent (Santiago Márquez Damián). To do this, we used the Sliding Meshes technique included in Fluent. This is the most powerful tool for simulations involving several reference frames. The video shows that the fluid behave as rigid solid due its high relative viscosity, we don't register vortex structures at reactor's scale, only in zones near the rotor blades.