Streametics was in business between March 06 - December 08. The following describes what we offered.

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Streametics enables manufacturers to improve gross margin through superior channel monitoring. We help channel executives achieve their goals with our comprehensive software solution and outsourced channel analytics services. Typical business goals that are addressed using our solutions include :
  • Proactively detect and prevent fraudulent channel activities such as gray markets and warranty abuse. 
  • Eliminate revenue leakage caused by overpayment of partner incentive claims. 
  • Improve channel marketing effectiveness by accurately analyzing ROI of various channel programs.
  • Accurately measure channel partner performance and thereby reward high performing partners.

Channel Fraud Monitoring and Detection

The Streametics Channel Fraud Detection system takes comprehensive approach towards fraud sensing. It correlates various channel transactions to identify emerging fraud patterns with high degree of certainty. Streametics analysts work with the manufacturer to research and confirm these patterns. Manufacturer can view the revenue leakage associated with various practices like gray markets, incentive claims abuse, and warranty fraud using a dashboard. This enables manufacturers to take proactive action against partners, particularly those that pose significant revenue risk.

Measuring Channel Program Effectiveness

The Streametics solution can be used to combine sell-through data with channel programs information to develop metrics on the effectiveness of various channel programs like rebates, price protection etc. The Return on Investment (ROI) on programs can be calculated by measuring the amount spent on programs versus sales generated. Also the correlation of  various promotions against increase in sales can be calculated to help manufacturers fine tune their promotional mix.

Item-level Product Identification

The Streametics Fingerprints module enables a manufacturer to provide unique identification to individual product items in a standard way (e.g. GS1) using auto-identification technologies (barcode, RFID, etc.). The manufacturer and channel partners can capture data in automated, reliable and speedy fashion from product items using various data capture devices. This data provides valuable information such as where the product was on a specific date, who had access to the product, who shipped it there, who purchased it, who sold it, etc.
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