Welcome to the 3D integrated Opto-Electronic device group. We are exploring opto-electronic devices using III-V/Ge materials for 3D opto-electronic integrated circuits(OEICs). Please see more about the research and current activities through the top links, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


  • Monolithic 3D Integration Low temperature layer stacking, III-V/Ge devices
  • Next Generation Computing Stackable synapse/neuron
  • Thin film imager Hyperspectral imager
  • Mid-IR Photonics Photonic devices for sensing
  • MicroLED display Stacked RGB display

We are looking for highly-motivated, resourceful students! Please contact sh-kim [at] kist.re.kr.

Undergraduate students are also very welcome and can have the research opportunity, which is publishable.

We will move the lab to KAIST EE from Feb. 2019.

Last data update 5th/Sep./2018