The LEE Single Molecule Biophysics LAB

The overall goal of our research team is to develop a “molecular mechanistic movie” for the operation of various molecular machines in biological system (including CRISPR-Cas DNA endonucleases, DNA topoisomerases, membrane fusion proteins and peptide synthetases). To achieve this goal, we use cutting-edge single-molecule imaging and manipulation techniques including single-molecule FRET and optical tweezers. As molecular systems of interest become more complex, however, conventional single-molecule technique is insufficient to investigate the complex bio-molecular dynamics, and there is an ever increasing demand for more advanced techniques. Hence, we have been also focused on the development of new single-molecule techniques including single-molecule multi-color FRET, optical tweezers combined with multi-color FRET, and single molecule probes for short distance sensitivity. And also, we have a strong interest to develop single-cell imaging and manipulation techniques based on biophotonics.


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