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20. "The Value of Transparency in Multidivisional Firms" 

(with E. Tarantino and G. Ursino), 

International Journal of Industrial Organization, forthcoming.

19. "Product Variety with Competing Supply Chains" 

(with M. Bassi and M. Pagnozzi), 

Journal of Industrial Economicsforthcoming.

18. "How Limiting Deceptive Practices Harms Consumers" 

(with P. Tedeschi and G. Ursino), 

RAND Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

17. "Transparency and Product Differentiation with Competing Vertical Hierarchies" 

(with M. Bassi and M. Pagnozzi),

 Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, forthcoming.

16. "Endogenous Residual Claimancy by Vertical Hierarchies" 

(with A. Gonzalez and R. Martina), 

Economics Letters, (2014). 

15. "Optimal Contracting with Altruism and Reciprocity" 

(with M. Bassi and M. Pagnozzi), 

Research in Economics, (2014). 

14. "Multiple-Bank Lending, Creditor Rights and Information Sharing"

 (with A. Bennardo and Marco Pagano),

 Review of Finance, (2014).

13. "Competitive Markets with Endogenous Health Risks"

 (with A. Bennardo), 

Journal of the European Economic Association, (2014).

12. "Accomplice-Witnesses and Organized Crime: Theory and Evidence from Italy" 

(with A. Acconcia, G. Immordino and P. Rey), 

Scandinavian Journal of Economics, (2014).

Press release about this article (Il Sole 24Ore).

11. "Information Sharing between Vertical Hierarchies" 

(with M. Pagnozzi), 

Games and Economic Behavior,(2013).

10. "Delegation and R&D Spending: Evidence from Italy" 

(with D. Martimort and J. Kastl),

 Journal of Industrial Economics,(2013).

9"Colluding through Suppliers", 

(with J. Miklos-Thal), 

RAND Journal of Economics, (2012).

8. "Vertical Separation with Private Contracts" 

(with M. Pagnozzi),

Economic Journal(2011).

7. "Exclusive Territories and Manufacturers' Collusion" 

(with M. Reisinger),

Management Science(2011).

6. "When Should Manufacturers Want Fair Trade?: New Insights from Asymmetric Information"

 (with D. Martimort and J. Kastl), 

Journal of Economics and Management Strategy(2011).  

5. "A Note on Free Entry under Uncertainty: on the Role of Asymmetric Information"

Economics Letters(2011).

4. "The Strategic Value of Quantity Forcing Contracts" 

(with D. Martimort),

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics(2010).

3. "Vertical Restraints under Asymmetric Information: on the Role of Participation Constraints" 

(with A. Acconcia and R. Martina), 

Journal of Industrial Economics(2008).

2. "Product Market Competition and Organizational Slack under Profit-Target Contracts"

 (with M. D'Amato and R. Martina), 

International Journal of Industrial Organization, (2008).

1. "Resale Price Maintenance under Asymmetric Information" 

(with D. Martimort), 

International Journal of Industrial Organization(2007).

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