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Open from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm Monday - Friday. Closed on Statutory holidays.

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Please note, due to Google making changes to the Google sites, many of the files are unavailable via the drop down menu. Please click on the Salmon Beach Documents link above to access all of the SB Docs including Budget/Workplans.

Oct. 3, 2022

The Salmon Beach Committee would like to assure the community that a contingency plan is in place to ensure that basic services continue to be available with as little disruption as possible. Pump and Haul will continue with Ucluelet Rentals stepping in for the immediate future. We expect very little disruption to this service as Ucluelet Rentals has already been commissioned to assist at the beach when needed. It would be helpful if you only order a pump out if you really need it, if you can wait, please do. Please be sure your tank area is clear and easily accessible. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.

May 22, 2023

Salmon Beach Owners & Committee Meeting Minutes

Aug. 24, 2022

Salmon Beach Owners & Committee Meeting Agenda


Sunday September 4, 2022 – 10:00am at the Tennis Court




SBC Committee and Guests

Statement of conduct – limit questions and time allotment

Adoption of minutes from May 22, 2022

Approval of agenda as handed out


Chairman’s Report

Septic field

Road and ditch upgrades MOTI


Boat launch and beach access




Area C Director report


New Business

Budget 2023

Discussion Period






Click to see:

Salmon Beach 2023 Budget Workplan as of Aug. 24, 2022

July 28, 2022

To All users of Maggie Lake FSR, Branch 04 (AKA:  Barkley FSR)

Please note we will be starting maintenance works on Maggie Lake FSR (Barkley FSR) branch 04 from 5km to 21km starting this Tuesday, August 2nd for 2 weeks involving culvert replacement, continued brushing, some spot surface capping, ditching and shaping of the road to improve conditions for long term use.   The FSR will not be closed but you may see some delays or wait times, and may want to advise travelers to use the Maggie Lake Main, branch 1. 

July 26, 2022

To All road users of Maggie lake FSR.  The bridge Installation and upcoming road closure located at 5.9km on the Maggie Lake Forest Service Road has been postponed to September 6th to September 13th  (after the September Long weekend.)  We apologies for the inconvenience of the unavoidable time change.

The Alternate route will be through the Maggie Lake FSR Branch 4 (AKA: Barkley FSR) off the Port Albion Highway.   The Ministry will posts signs showing the closure of Maggie Lake Main including signs showing the alternate route to Secret Beach Campground and associated Kms to the site. The Barkley FSR will be top dressed and graded prior to the closure. The Ministry will also be maintaining Maggie Lake, Branch 4 (Barkley FSR) during the closure of the Maggie Lake FSR Branch 01.

May 10, 2022

Salmon Beach Owners & Committee Meeting Agenda

Sunday May 22, 2022 – 10:00am at the Tennis Court



SBC Committee and Guests

Statement of conduct – limit questions and time allotment

Adoption of minutes from Sept. 5th 2021

Approval of agenda as handed out


Chairman’s Report

Septic field upgrade

Road and ditch upgrades


Boat launch and beach access

Alder bylaw request

Beach campfires

Social Committee


Area C Director report


New Business

Budget 2023

New Truck

Roof over Seacans

Playground upgrade

Discussion period







Sani field use 

Sept. 14, 2021
Get  your copy of the updated Salmon Beach Owner's Handbook
Thanks to Cindy and Karen for their work on this project!

JUNE 28, 2021

Effective at noon (Pacific time) on Wednesday, June 30, 2021, campfires, Category 2 and Category 3 open fires will be prohibited throughout the province of British Columbia.

This prohibition will remain in effect until noon on Oct. 15, 2021, or until the order is rescinded.

March 20, 2021
Kel Roberts has asked that this be posted...
Covid 19 Key Messages for March

Feb. 24, 2021
A slideshow from the ACRD on "Air Quality & Health: Resources and Data"

Feb. 19, 2021

Covid - 19 Key messages

September 23, 2020
We had our Zoom Salmon Beach Committee meeting today.

Here is a link for the Agenda and several reports that were discussed during the meeting.


This is the link for the Asset Management Presentation, Thank you Tricia Bryant.


2021 Budget/Workplan as of September 23, 2020

Click the link below for a video of the meeting as recorded by the ACRD


September 6, 2020

Activity opportunity from Wild Safe BC on Sept. 12 and 13!

August 25, 2020


Just in case some community members did not see it when I posted on August 8, 2020, I'm posting again.

Unfortunately the September Community Labour Day Weekend Meeting has been cancelled due to Covid-19 and the 50 person meeting restriction. We will be posting the revised budget/workplan and information for the community after the Committee's virtual meeting with the ACRD in late September. Let's hope we can all be together again soon!!! 

August 8, 2020

Unfortunately the Sept. Community Meeting has been cancelled due to Covid-19 and the 50 person meeting restriction. We will be posting the revised budget/workplan and information for the community after the Committee's virtual meeting with the ACRD in late September. 

July 21, 2020


For Immediate Release

July 21, 2020

Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations

and Rural Development

BC Wildfire Service

Open fire prohibition scheduled for Coastal Fire Centre

PARKSVILLE – Effective at noon Pacific time on Friday, July 24, 2020, most open burning activities will be prohibited throughout the Coastal Fire Centre’s jurisdiction, although campfires will still be allowed. This prohibition is being enacted to help reduce wildfire risk and protect public safety.

Category 2 and Category 3 open fire will be prohibited throughout the Coastal Fire Centre's jurisdiction with the exception being Category 3 open fire will not be prohibited in Haida Gwaii.

This prohibition applies to all public and private land, unless specified otherwise (e.g., in a local government bylaw). People are asked to check with local government authorities for any other restrictions before lighting any fire.

A map of the affected areas is available online at http://bcfireinfo.for.gov.bc.ca/ftp/!Project/WildfireNews/7212020~11555_20%20Coastal%20MAP%20S10S12%20Prohibition%20color%208X11L%20Legal%2020200721.pdf

Specifically, this prohibition applies to:

• Category 2 open fire

- the open burning of any material (piled or unpiled) smaller than two metres high and three metres wide;

- the open burning of material concurrently in 2 piles each not exceeding 2 m in height and 3 m in width; or

- burning of stubble or grass fires over an area smaller than 0.2 hectares.

• Category 3 open fire

- any fire larger than 2 metres high by 3 metres wide;

- the burning of 3 or more concurrently burning piles no larger than 2 metres high by 3 metres wide;

- the burning of 1 or more windrows; and

- burning stubble or grass over an area greater than 0.2 hectares.

Also prohibited are the activities listed below (Wildfire Act, Section 12):

• Fireworks;

• Sky Lanterns;

• Binary Exploding Targets;

• Burn Barrels or Burn Cages of any size or description; and,

• Air Curtain Burners

The prohibition does not apply to campfires that are a half-metre high by a half-metre wide or smaller, or to cooking stoves that use gas, propane or briquettes. A poster explaining the different categories of open burning is available online at: www.gov.bc.ca/openfireregs

Anyone lighting a campfire must maintain a fireguard by removing flammable debris from around the campfire area and have a hand tool or at least eight litres of water available nearby to properly extinguish the fire.

The Coastal Fire Centre covers all of the area west of the height of land on the Coast Mountain Range from the U.S.-Canada border at Manning Park, including Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park in the north, the Sunshine Coast, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and Haida Gwaii.

Anyone found in contravention of an open fire prohibition may be issued a violation ticket for $1,150, required to pay an administrative penalty of up to $10,000 or, if convicted in court, fined up to $100,000 and/or sentenced to one year in jail. If the contravention causes or contributes to a wildfire, the person responsible may be ordered to pay all firefighting and associated costs.

To report a wildfire, unattended campfire or open fire violation, call 1 800 663-5555 toll-free or *5555 on a cellphone. For the latest information on current wildfire activity, burning restrictions, road closures and air quality advisories, go to: http://www.bcwildfire.ca

Follow the latest wildfire news:

• on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BCGovFireInfo

• on Facebook: http://facebook.com/BCForestFireInfo

Quick Fact:

• When implementing open fire prohibitions in the past, the Coastal Fire Centre sometimes excluded a two-kilometre strip of land along the outer coast of Vancouver Island (commonly known as the fog zone) due in part to a lack of fire-related community bylaws in the area at the time. It has been determined that it is no longer necessary to exclude this two kilometre strip of land from open fire prohibitions enacted within the BC Wildfire Service’s jurisdiction.


Coastal Information Section

BC Wildfire Service

Coastal Fire Centre

Telephone: 250-951-4209

Here is a link to a related poster....


June 23, 2020

News Release

For Immediate Release

June 23, 2020 

Port Alberni, BC

West Coast Tipping Fee Increase

New Hours of Operation to come into effect June 29th, 2020 for West Coast Landfill

New hours of operation at the West Coast landfill, located at 1500 Alsaka Pine Rd. will be:

Monday – 10 am to 4 pm

Tuesday – 10 am to 4 pm

Wednesday – 12 pm to 6 pm

Thursday - 10 am to 4 pm

Friday –10 am to 4 pm

Saturday – Closed

Sunday - Closed

This reduction in hours will save operating costs and offset the anticipated reduction in revenues this year. The commercial sector on the west coast has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic resulting in reduced waste and revenues of up to $180,000 at the West Coast Landfill. Staff presented options to reduce costs to the ACRD Board on June 10th that included reduction in staffing levels, reducing programs and projects underway and reducing the hours at the landfill.

“Current traffic at the landfill is significantly lower on Saturdays,” says Manager of Operations Jennifer Brunn,”therefore closing on this day will have the lowest impact in the community. However, we recognize that some people would like to use the landfill outside of typical business hours, so we have shifted the hours on Wednesday to afternoon and evening to accommodate this.”

The situation will be re-assessed in early Fall to revue whethere revenues recover and if necessary determine the hours of operation during the winter season. More information can be found at the ACRD website at https://www.acrd.bc.ca/west-coast-landfill.



Jenny Brunn, Manager of Operations



June 18, 2020

Coastal Fire Centre to rescind open burning prohibitions

Click on the link to read more!

June 1, 2020

The ACRD has asked me to post the following link...

Share your ideas and input

How has COVID-19 affected your life, your family and your future?

As the next stages of B.C.’s response to COVID-19 take shape, a new B.C.-wide population health survey is gathering valuable information about how COVID-19 has impacted the health and well-being of the people of B.C.

The survey includes questions on:

Whether you’ve experienced COVID-19-related illness

Actions you’ve taken to prevent COVID-19

The challenges you have faced during this pandemic

Your overall wellbeing

At the end of the survey, you will be asked about your interest in taking part in two future initiatives:

A serology survey (blood testing) to help determine immunity across the population

Planning for digital tools to help identify and manage COVID-19 infections in your community.


May 28, 2020

Information Bulletin




May 16, 2020

Salmon Beach Committee - Chairperson’s Report                              May 16, 2020

Please review the following information and the 2021 Draft Budget/Workplan. If you have any comments or questions, please post in the comment section of this post and the Committee will respond.

2020 Projects

A new garbage bin has been purchased and will arrive soon

The septic field 2nd phase will be going to tender soon. We did get the okay to use $50,000.00 of the gas tax money towards this project so we won’t need to use as much of our capital reserve for the project 

At the playground, replacement of pea gravel is in the works (playground is still closed due to Covid-19)

Potable water station for 5 gallon containers is going forward no date at this time for the install


Future Capital Projects

The roof over the storage containers has been postponed until 2021 

Security cameras are on hold until the ACRD writes a policy for how they can be used, FYI they are currently working on this policy


Other Business 

Boat launch: The Salmon Beach Committee sent an inquiry to the ACRD regarding making changes to the boat ramp that were discussed at the September 2019 Community Meeting. This is the response from John Thomas, the ACRD’s Environmental Services Technician. “I understand that the community would like to "replace the cement walk way on the right hand side and replace it with a floating walkway like we have on the left hand side". I have talked to DFO and they have said that if we want to work below the high water mark we will need to develop and submit a plan of what is being proposed including a consulting report from a Professional Biologist. The next step would be to ask for proposals from engineering companies (such as McGill as they have done the previous walkway) to develop a plan for this. We would then hire a biologist and submit this plan to DFO. If approved by DFO we would need to hire an engineer to design and then ask for Tenders. If Salmon Beach has the budget for this project and approves a contractor we would then go into the construction phase.

The next step would be for Salmon Beach Committee to develop a Scope of what is proposed, then for me to ask McGill Engineering how much it would cost to develop a plan. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.”  

The Salmon Beach Committee feels that given the current difficulty obtaining input from the community, discussion about this project will take place at some point in the future.


Committee news: Ken Lunde has resigned from the committee and we would like to thank him for his many years of service to to community, he will be missed. We also would like you to welcome Mike Shorthouse who has joined the committee. The new chair is Ellen Peet.

 Link to the 2021 Salmon Beach Draft Budget/Workplan


First of all I (Jill) would like to thank everyone who took the time to answer the survey questions and submit their input to be counted here. It was a first attempt for the Committee, and we will be streamlining it together with the ACRD in the days to come.  I have combined immediately and within 5 years as short term and 10+ years with no interest, as long term.

1.       Improvements/extension to the boat launch and dock:

       70% immediately or within 5 years

2.    Creation of a breakwater or artificial reef to reduce surge at the boat        


       58.5 % immediately or within 5 years

3.    Maintain small village or country cottage atmosphere:

       74% in favor of this

4.    Purchase existing sanifield site at some point in the future:

       60% immediately or within 5 years

5.    Purchase property for a sanifield site within Salmon Beach:

       58 % desire this in 10+ years or not at all

6.    Expand existing sanifield to accommodate growth:

       67% wanting this immediately or within 5 years

7.    Create a long term plan for management/improvement of the sanifield:

       86% in favor

8.    Self governance at Salmon Beach with establishment of a township:

       77% not in favour

9.    Build a multipurpose community recreational building:

       76% not in favour

10.  Signage to Salmon Beach on the Barkley and Maggie Forest Service 


       65% no interest

11.  Kayak launch improvements:

       56% no interest

12.  Tsunami warning system for Salmon Beach:

       72% in favor

13.  Pressurized potable water within Salmon Beach:

       There was an almost even split 50/50 of those wanting it immediately 

       or within 5 years, and those either electing for it long term or not at all

14.  Zoning change toyed round residency:

       There was an almost even split 50/50 of those wanting it immediately 

       or within 5 years, and those with no interest in having it

15.  Paved road to Salmon Beach from the highway:

       60% no interest

16.  Recycle & compost system to current standards:

       84% in favour immediately or within 5 years

17.  Sani-dump available on weekends:

       56 % not interested

18.  Bi-law enforcement for community infractions:

       55 % in favor immediately or within 5 years

19.  Posted maritime etiquette at the boat launch:

       There was almost an even split 50/50 of those wanting it immediately

       or within 5 years, and those with no interest

20.  Voluntary contact list available to all property owners:

       57 % in favor immediately or within 5 years

21.  Infrastructure improvements to MOT and ACRD standards:

       59 % 10+ years or no interest

22.  Portable toilets in the community:

       61% no interest

23.  Removal of “Water Access Only” designation for Salmon Beach:

       61 % in favor immediately or within 5 years

24.  Licensed home based businesses at Salmon Beach:

       67 % no interest

25.  Commercial space for a seasonal store at Salmon Beach:

       60 % no interest

26.  Formulation of a community vision or neighbourhood plan aligned 

       with the ACRD:

       There was almost an even split 50/50 of those wanting it immediately

       or within 5 years, and those with no interest.

27.  Sewage bio-digester, solar aquatic septic system on lands owned by

       Salmon Beach:

       There was almost an even split 50/50 of those wanting it immediately

       or within 5 years, and those with no interest

28.  Block Watch:

       64 % in favor

29.  Water delivery from within Salmon Beach:

       62 % 10+ years or no interest

30.  An area designated for a community garden:

       75 % no interest

31.  Purchase of road right of ways and common land within Salmon 

       Beach for community use:

       54 % no interest

32.  Ministry of Transportation service our interior community roads:

       57 % 10+ years or no interest

33.  Wi-fi service available to the entire community:

       71 % wanting immediately or within 5 years

34.  Burn/debris pile located within Salmon Beach:

       57% wanting immediately or within 5 years

35.  Mandatory operational holding tanks on each occupied lot:

       73 % wanting immediately or within 5 years

36.  All outhouses decommissioned:

       67% wanting immediately or within 5 years

37.  Road pavement within Salmon Beach:

       63 % no interest

38.  Community wide in-ground sewage piping system:

       77 % 10+ years or no interest

39.  Street lights:

       88 % no interest

40.  Garbage pick-up:

       83 % no interest

41.  Zoning for long term property and cottage rentals:

       72 % no interest

42.  Zoning for short term vacation rentals, such as Air B & B:

       71 % no interest


I hope this information is of interest to all in the community, and hopefully we will be able to  make decisions in future more aligned with the direction the village would like to go.


Salmon Beach Executive Committee

May 14, 2020

TSUNAMI WARNING SYSTEM TESTING May 20, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. Ucluelet, BC 

The District of Ucluelet has completed the installation process of our tsunami warning system. Warning speakers are located at the Cedar Rd. Parking Hub and Amphitrite Point. Initial live testing of the warning system will take place on Wednesday, May 20th commencing at 9:30 a.m., and may last on and off into the early afternoon. PART OF THIS INITIAL TESTING WILL INCLUDE THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF A “TSUNAMI WARNING”. Please be aware that this is only a test. This testing is necessary to ensure that all facets of the system are fully operational. Regular monthly testing of the tsunami warning system and mass notification phone alert system will commence in the coming weeks, once this initial system testing is complete. The District of Ucluelet thanks you for your cooperation and patience during this process. You are encouraged to share this message with friends, family and businesses in the Ucluelet and surrounding area. 

For further information, please contact Fire Chief Rick Geddes, at the District of Ucluelet Office, 250-726-7744 ext.233 or rgeddes@ucluelet.ca 

April 20, 2020

The Salmon Beach Committee has been informed that we should be following the VIHA recommendations regarding gatherings. Consequently our May meeting has been cancelled. Instead we will post the budget/workplan online for you to view and comment on and we will try to digitally answer your questions regarding it. Also, any planned social committee events this summer are cancelled, including at this time, the September community meeting and activities. Any changes will be posted. Thank you and let's hope we can all get back to normal ASAP!!! 

April 9, 2020

Covid-19 Update for Visitors PDF


COVID-19 Update for Visitors

Posted: April 9, 2020

Other Emergency Preparedness Stories


April 9, 2020

PACIFIC RIM, B.C. – The First Nations, municipalities and communities of the West Coast send an urgent appeal to all potential day-trippers, visitors and second home owners to stay at home for the Easter long weekend and not visit Tofino, Ucluelet or the West Coast region.

In keeping with recommendations from every level of government and every public health official, now is not the time to travel for tourism or recreation purposes. Now is not the time to visit your second home or permit your friends to use your empty vacation rental. Now is not the time for a surfing, fishing or camping trip.

Now is the time to stay home and bend the curve – not bend the rules.

We remind Vancouver Islanders and other British Columbians who may be tempted to travel to the West Coast this weekend that:

Show your love and respect for our small communities, for our treasured elders and senior citizens, for our limited health care resources, and for our frontline workers who are sacrificing time from their own families this Easter weekend.

Let our public works employees, social services, health care workers and first responders focus on delivering services and protecting the region’s most vulnerable residents.

We look forward to welcoming you later when it is safe for you, and safe for us - but that’s not this weekend.


Chief Joshua Charleson

Hesquiaht First Nation

Chief Greg Louie

Ahousaht First Nation

Elmer Frank, EOC Chairman

Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations

Mayor Josie Osborne

District of Tofino

Mayor Mayco Noël

District of Ucluelet

President Chuck McCarthy

Yuu?u?i??at? Government

Chief Anne Mack

Toquaht Nation

Kel Roberts

Area “C” Director, ACRD

April 7, 2020

An Important BC Government Information Update. Please Read...


April 6, 2020

An Important Notice from the Salmon Beach Committee...

Salmon Beach is now closed to visitors, property owners only!

Due to the Covid-19 virus, the community gate will now be closed at all times. If you need to access your property you must make sure you know your gate code. Please contact the ACRD if you don’t have one prior to your arrival.

March 21, 2020

COVID-19 Update

Please practice social distancing for the safety of all our beach families. We will be locking down the playground for the time being to keep our children safe. Please, no meeting at the gathering place, the boat ramp or any other public place at Salmon Beach. Remember, be sure to observe the 6 foot rule, we need to flatten the curve!

March 17, 2020

An important notice!

Unfortunately, due to the risks associated with the Covid-19 virus, this years Easter Egg hunt has been cancelled.

March 16, 2020


The pump and haul wait time, is now at 2 weeks. We will try to update this information once a week on Mondays. Thanks Ellen

Feb. 28, 2020

Two upcoming Financial Plan open houses! See the poster below for details...

Jan. 20, 2020

An important message from Ryan about Pump and Haul!

"Ryan will be unavailable FEB. 12 to FEB 26. Pump and haul orders must be placed before and after these dates. A visual check of your septic tanks should be made to ensure booking of service if needed. The Sani Field will be open for those in need and if a pump out is needed call Dave :250-726-7368 Thank you from Ryan"

Dec. 19, 2019

***An Important announcement...please read!***

Good afternoon All,

FYI - There is a heavy rainfall warning for the Ucluelet/Toquaht Operating area and we are experiencing some minor flooding on the Maggie FSR @ 5.0km at this time. The source of the flooding appears to be a creek above the road has jumped its channel and flowing in all directions until it hits the Maggie FSR and then runs through the ditch line into a 600mm CMP culvert! This 600mm culvert is unable to keep up with the capacity of flow currently coming off the hillside and higher than normal rainfall.

Moving forward, it is expected this site will continue to see water overflowing the road during heavy rain periods. the plan will be to monitor the area and when the rains subside and the flow dries, we will install a larger culvert at this location including re ditching and armoring the ditch line to capture higher volumes of water runoff. I suspect this work will be done after the New Year and in dry conditions to minimize any sediment flow into Draw Creek.

Should this site become a safety concern or impassable at any time, please contact myself or Rob Thomas at your convenience and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Thank you for your patience and Merry Christmas, Happy New Years!!!

Walter C. Dagenais, RFT # 1356

South Island Natural Resource District Sr. Engineering Tech.

Nov. 17, 2019

Salmon Beach Community Vision Survey

Last year the community was asked to submit input as to what kind of a vision they would like to see for our community of Salmon Beach. That information was collected by a Vision Core Team to be used to create the attached survey, a pulse of sorts as to the direction our owners wish the community to go. Please take a moment to complete the survey. Results will be compiled and shared at the May meeting. Thank you to the core team, Terry Graff for creating the survey, as well as all who submitted thoughts, ideas and information. Let’s plan to make our beach the very best we can!

Jill Maibach


Oct. 17, 2019

An important message from Ryan about Pump and Haul!

"Ryan will be unavailable Nov.4th to Nov 8th. Pump and haul orders must be placed before and after these dates. A visual check of your septic tanks should be made to ensure booking of service if needed."  Sani Field will be open for those in need Thank you from Ryan" 

Sept. 13, 2019

FYI... The boat ramp and portable toilets will be remove for the winter on Sept 28th.

Sept. 6, 2019 


Salmon Beach Owners & Committee Meeting Minutes

Sunday, September 1st 2019 – at the Gazebos, called to order 10:09am


Ken Lunde recognized the meeting this morning is being held within the Toquaht First Nation traditional territories.

Introduction of committee members: Ken Lunde (Chair), Ellen Peet, Jill Maibach, Terry Graff and Ron McKinlay.

Statement of Conduct

limit questions and time allotment. When speaking, please state your name first.

Approval of the May 19th, 2019 SBC Meeting Minutes and agenda as handed out. Moved by Karen Bennett seconded by Gina Skippen, carried.

Chairman’s Report

Septic Field Upgrade Contract

Contract was awarded to Denis Francour for first phase of upgrade and will be starting in the next week. 

Ditching Update

Ditching will be going ahead on Fifth and Seventh.

Tennis Court

Finished, filled and lined, not perfect but was never built properly by the Developer in the first place. Just need to purchase Pickle Ball nets.

Roof Over Storage Containers

Was put out tender and all bids were well over the amount we allotted for this project by well over 3 times. Dawn Sanders asked whether we could build it our selves as we have people with the expertise within our community, this option was discussed and we will ask the ACRD if this would be an option.


Ron McKinlay addressed the fact that the level of pea gravel we have now is below Provincial standards and should be 12 inches deep, we only have about 4 inches now; this will be rectified with the use of capital reserve funds.

Area C Director Report

Thanked the community for there attendance at this meeting.

Reported on

Working on Emergency Plan for Area C which will also include Salmon Beach.

Will be meeting with Minister of Transportation to discuss the removal of water access only which could then lead to cost sharing of road maintenance.

Fire smarting is the responsibility of each lot owner, recommend that lot owners clear all brush that is too close to cabins or trailers and that the planting of deciduous trees is a good option.

Toquart Nation will be running water, sewer and power to Secret Beach. Malcom Collingwood has heard that the purpose of these services is that cabins are going to be built at Secret Beach, have not been informed of this. They are also still discussing paving of the Maggie Main.

Mosaic will be doing timber harvesting on the Barkley and Maggie Mains.

Transit bus from Tofino to Ucluelet and including Port Albion 70 min return trip starting possibly late 2020.

Gas tax money possibly available for Salmon Beach.

Beach fires not being tended or put out properly was discussed and suggested that a 5-gallon bucket be available for this. Please remember there isn’t a fog zone any more so when camp fire bans are on in the Coastal Zone we will need to comply. 

Recycle bin could be available to Salmon Beach free of charge as long as the rules are followed. There is too much abuse of garbage now.

Airbnb rentals are not allowed within Salmon Beach as we don’t have the infrastructure to support them, they will be dealt with by the ACRD bylaw enforcement.

Questions and concerns from community members.

Andy Daniels - questioned the purchase of property by Ucluelet and Tofino residents for full time use as we are 180-day occupancy, yes there are property owners from these areas that claim their property as principal residence for tax purposes but also travel the other part of the year. 

Bea Jacobs - has concerns about ATV going too fast by children and adults, it was pointed out that legally ATVs are not licensed to be ridden inside Salmon Beach as our roads are classed as Ministry of Highway roads and also when ridden on Forestry roads they need to be licensed, you need to be wearing proper gear and have a drivers license, there has been in the past people stopped on the Forestry roads to check for compliance. 

Steve Hayward – asked about the bridge install at 5.6km on the Maggie Main, it is in terrible shape and when will they be fixing it. The bridge was behind schedule but they are going to be back on Tuesday to finish.

Dawn Sanders – suggested that the ACRD set up an on line system for Pump and Haul where you can pick a date and pay. Dave Ingram asked if not that at least a Facebook page that you can check to see what the wait period is at any given time of the year i.e. 1 week 2 or even 3.

J. Peters thanked Kel for all he does.

New Business

Future Capital Expenditures

West Field Septic Upgrade - cost approximately $80,000.00. We will be putting aside $110,000.00 so we have a contingency fund. Dale Connelly questioned if we would ever be able to dump at the Toquaht sewer site and was told, no it’s not feasible. Andy Daniels asked about our lease, lease is good until 2041 and we do have a letter from the Toquaht Nation that states that they have no plans for that property and no they do not want to sell it to us.

Potable water - will be a 5-gallon refill station for a nominal fee that will be put towards maintenance and repair of the system.

Garbage Bin Replacement – we need a new one this year, it will be replaced with capital reserve

Cameras for Security - before going ahead with cameras we will be talking to the ACRD about what we can do with the information we will collect and then decide where we can put security cameras. If this is feasible the money will come out of Security capital reserve for purchase and install.

Information Updates and Discussion

Exterior Road Brushing - cutting will be done in 2021

Garbage Bin Abuse - still finding things in the bin that are not allowed. The bin is for household garbage only. Discussed

Brush Pile Abuse – finding pallets stumps and someone even cleared their property to the burn pile, this included stumps dirt and roots. ACRD is taking legal action.

Recycle Bin for Metal – looking into the feasibility of getting a metal recycle bin

Address – could everyone please put up address numbers on their lots

Boat Launch – Kevin Middlemiss on behalf of a group of boat owners brought forward a request to improve the boat launch by adding another floating walkway to the right side of the launch. Asked to come up with a plan of work needed to be done and approximate cost, also DFO and ACRD would need to approve this. Please remember to include kayaks when planning this. Discussed

Motion to raise Recreation Capital Reserve by an additional $50,000.00 for boat launch improvements. Moved by Dawn Sanders, seconded by Kevin Middlemiss, passed

General Vote for 2020 Salmon Beach Proposed Budget – Recreation change to add $3,000.00 to boat launch maintenance which will now be $13,000.00 this voted on at the May meeting.

Motion to approve the Salmon Beach budget with the approved changes. Moved by Ellen Peet, seconded by Ron McKinlay, passed


Volunteer Recognition – thank you to Darren Clark, Jason Clark, Dean? and Wayne? for the removal of a portion of the floating walkway on the boat launch and also to Deer Bay for the use of their machine. Also Thank you to all our other volunteers that go above and beyond for Salmon Beach.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:48

Sept. 1, 2019

It was decided at the community meeting that $50,000 would be added to the capital reserve under recreation for potential improvements to the boat ramp. Here is the updated draft 2020 budget/workplan. 

Revised post-meeting draft budget/workplan for 2020


Sept. 1, 2019 

Revised pre-meeting draft budget/workplan for 2020


Aug. 30, 2019

The Maggie FSR  is now open. 

Aug. 29, 2019

Information on the Maggie FSR

"Update on Maggie 5.6km Bridge Install. 

Unfortunately we have had a couple delays with the bridge install for Maggie FSR that could not be helped. I know this is not the news you want to hear and I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! Please understand I try hard to accommodate all users of the Maggie FSR as I understand how important it is for First Nations access, Small Business Ventures, Community and Recreational Access, and industrial purpose. With that said, the bridge is still planned to open for traffic late tomorrow afternoon. I would like to caution all users that we will most likely have temporary wood log guard rails in place until Tuesday when the crew will be back on site to complete the works But the bridge should be open for all users by late tomorrow afternoon. 

Again, my apologies for the inconvenience.

Walter C. Dagenais"

Aug. 15, 2019

Salmon Beach Owners & Committee Meeting Agenda


Sunday, September 1st– 10:00 am at the Tennis Court 


·        Welcome

·        SBC Committee & Guests

·        Statement of Conduct – limit questions and time allotment

·        Adoption of the Minutes from the  May 19th  2019 SBC meeting

·        Approval of agenda as handed out

Chairman’s report

·        Septic upgrade contract

·        Ditching update

·        Tennis  court

·        Roof  over storage containers

Area C Director / Staff - reports

New Business:

·        2020 Salmon Beach proposed budget* 

·        Future capital expenditures

- west field septic upgrade

- further ditching/culvert upgrades

- potable water system

           - garbage bin replacement

           - exterior road brush cutting

Information Updates and Discussion:

·        Garbage bin abuse

·        Brush pile abuse

·        General vote for 2020 Salmon Beach proposed budget

Volunteer recognition



·        Agenda

·        2019 Budget Year To Date

·        2020 Proposed Budget - Draft

·        Minutes May 30th 2019 

·        *Proposed 2020   Budget will be posted on 

·        www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo


July 30, 2019

An important message from Kel...

Good Day, An update to all users of the Maggie Lake FSR,  there will be a 1 week road closure scheduled between Monday August 26th  to August 30th  for a bridge install and road repairs to Maggie FSR 5.6km. The plan is to have the Maggie FSR open for public and industrial use prior to the August 30th weekend.    The Alternate access route to Secret Beach, Macoah Village, Salmon Beach, Toquaht Operating area during this install will be by the Port Albion Hwy – Barkley FSR (Maggie Br.04) and will be signed and clearly marked.   I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, We will do our best to have the road open as soon as possible. The Barkley main will be graded prior to Maggie road closure.  

July 8, 2019


The Salmon Beach Committee would like to remind community members of the importance of making sure that they do not put any of the following in the community burn pile.

No Creosote Wood

No Wood Furniture

No Recyclables

No Garbage

No new or used building material

No pallets

Unfortunately items from the list above are being left in the pile. If this abuse continues we could lose this service.This pile is meant to help residents dispose of trees like Alders, bushes and other burnable yard waste only!

Mark your calendars! Thanks to the Social Committee for hosting these events!

May 30, 2019


Coastal Fire Centre

To report a widfire, unattended campfire or open burning vioations, call 1 800 663-5555 tollfree or *5555 on a cellphone.

For the latest information on current wildfire activity, burning restrictions, road closures and air quality advisories , go to: http://www.bcwildfire.ca

May 26, 2019

Salmon Beach Committee Meeting Minutes from May 19, 2019

May 12, 2019

Information from the Salmon Beach Committee regarding the porta potties, which will be available as of Thursday, May 16th.

"The intent of the porta potties is for guest and emergency use only. They are not in place for lot owners to use as their primary toilet. It is not the responsibility of taxpayers (Salmon Beach owners) to pay for you to have a toilet to use. The gross misuse of the porta potties by some community members has been an ongoing problem since their installation at the beach. A large amount of money and time is spent every year to empty the sewage, clean and maintain them. All property owners should install a sewage holding tank in the ground ASAP to enjoy quality time on your lot at Salmon Beach, or at least acquire a "blue boy" that you can use for your sewage and then empty it when the sani-field is open for residents to do so."

April 28, 2019

Salmon Beach Owners & Committee Meeting Agenda

Sunday, May  19th  2019 – 10:00 am at the Tennis Court 


·        Welcome

·        SBC Committee & Guests

·        Statement of Conduct – limit questions and time allotment

·        Adoption of the Minutes from the  Sept. 3rd  2018 SBC meeting

·        Approval of agenda as handed out

Chairman’s report

·        Holding tanks

·        Stairs 4th and Saratoga

·        Septic field upgrade

·        Toquaht meeting Oct 3rd

·        Ditching

Area C Director / Staff - reports

New Business:

·        2020 Salmon Beach proposed budget* 

·        Future capital expenditures

Information Updates and Discussion:

·        2nd container purchased

·        Community survey

·        Fibre optics

·        Silt trap on 3rd

·        Land survey contact info

·        General vote for 2020 Salmon Beach proposed budget

General vote for 2020 Salmon Beach Candidates - for consideration by ACRD Board of Directors

Volunteer recognition



·        Agenda

·        2019 Budget Year To Date

·        2020 Proposed Budget - Draft

·        Community Survey

*Proposed 2020   Budget is posted on www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo 

Drafted  April 5th 2019

Draft Budget Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1keIJgPjgLxFgnIKXd2su6ZhXW0Qzn7pp/view   (Edited and reposted May 19/19

April 22, 2019

April 5, 2019

Important Information!

For Immediate Release BC Wildfire Service

April 5, 2019

Changes to Coastal Fog Zone

PARKSVILLE – When putting on open fire prohibitions, the Coastal Fire Centre has commonly excluded a 2 km strip of land along the extreme outer coast of Vancouver Island from Port Renfrew to Port Hardy. This area has become known as the “Fog Zone” and persons recreating within this zone were allowed to have campfires and local residents could conduct Category 2 open burns. This decision to exclude this area was made because of the lower risk of a wildfire spreading due to the presence of fog and a general lack of community bylaws and campfire procedures in Provincial and Federal Parks in the Fog Zone.

Following the 2018 forest fire season a review of the effectiveness of this procedure was conducted with Federal and Provincial Park staff and local governments in the area including other partners such as First Nations. The review concluded that many of the reasons the “Fog Zone” was implemented had been resolved. The communities of Bamfield, Ucluelet and Tofino all have open burning bylaws to manage their own local situation and the Pacific Rim National Park has built a system of designated camping sites in its remote areas and campfires are managed through an effective permit system. 

As a result the Coastal Fire Centre has decided that for the 2019 forest fire season it will discontinue use of the Fog Zone concept. The Wildfire Act and Wildfire Regulation will administer open burning and prohibited activity restrictions on Crown Lands including Provincial Parks while areas covered by local government bylaws and Federal Parks with their own open burning rules will govern themselves. The Coastal Fire Centre will work with our partners including BC Parks to ensure a smooth transition into the new process. This change in administration will be implemented when the forest fire danger rating reaches levels where open burning activities become a risk of causing forest fires.

The Wildfire Act and Regulation can be viewed on our website at BCWildfire.ca.


Contact: Alan Berry, Senior Wildfire Officer-Prevention or

Doug Walker, Prevention Specialist

250 951-4222.

April 4, 2019

A message from Gina and the Social Committee!

"Hi all!!

Here we go into 2019-2020 Events Season Wowzer !!

We will need to prepare the Events Flyer for our May meeting ASAP!!

We already have the commitment, of several event leaders, to carry on our anchor events, again this year!!

We all need to Thank them for adding their energy to these great social events!!

Now is the time for you to add an Event !! 

If you and a group of friends are willing to start up an exciting new event please let me know by April 12

so it can be included in our Flyer!!

Put your thinking caps on folks ........ add some new energy! new thoughts! to our community of Events 2019!!!

Our email is:


Cheers to all!


Hopping to see you with Kids at our EASTER EGG HUNT, APRIL 21, 2019 located BOTTOM OF SIXTH

11 - 11:30 AM ..."

Feb. 25, 2019

"Dust off your board games West Coast, BC Hydro is planning a day-long power outage next month.

Hydro will be turning off power to the entire peninsula on Sunday, March 3 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m."


Feb. 7, 2019

Salmon Beach Boat Ramp Closure

It's that time of year again...already! Please be respectful of the closure. Salmon Beach boat ramp will be closed from Feb. 15th to April 15th

Jan. 20, 2019

An important message from Ryan about Pump and Haul!

"Ryan will be unavailable Feb. 15th to Feb 27th. Pump and haul orders must be placed before and after these dates. A visual check of your septic tanks should be made to ensure booking of service if needed." Thank you from Ryan"

Dec. 2, 2018

Unfortunately due to a lack of contestants, the Chilli Cook off is cancelled this New Years Eve BUT.....

we are working on :

"Hot Chocolate and a big dessert table !!"

If anyone can help with this please email sb.communityevents15@gmail.com

Oct. 29, 2018

Ryan will be on vacation from Thursday, Nov.8th until Wednesday, Nov. 21st. Pump and haul orders must be placed before and after these dates. A visual check of your septic tanks should be made to ensure booking of service if needed." Thank you from Ryan

September 26, 2018

Notice of Election by Voting Document

The candidates and where and when you can vote.

September 25, 2018

2018 Local Government Elections

Application to Vote by Mail

Get your Application by clicking on the link!


Information About Application

The Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District is holding elections on October 20, 2018 for the Office of Electoral Area

Director(s) and School District #70 Trustee(s).

Eligible voters can apply to vote by mail if any of the following conditions apply:

1. You expect to be absent from the regional district electoral area or trustee electoral area at the times of all Advance Voting Opportunities (October 10 and 16) and on General Voting Day (October 20), or

2. You have a physical disability, illness or injury that affects your ability to vote at another voting opportunity for this election.

3. Reside in Electoral Areas: “A” (Bamfield), "B" (Beaufort), "C” (Long Beach), "D" (Sproat Lake), "E" (Beaver Creek), "F" (Cherry Creek) or Maa-nulth First Nations: Toquaht, Huu-ay-aht, Uchucklesaht, Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ that are remote from the voting places at which they are entitled to vote where their only access to their residence is by boat or aircraft, or their travel time by road from their residence to the nearest voting place at which the person is entitled to vote is greater than thirty (30) minutes.

Eligible voters applying to vote by mail must be:

1. 18 years of age or older on October 20, 2018; AND

2. a Canadian citizen; AND

3. a resident of the regional district electoral area or trustee electoral area for at least the past 30 days OR a non-resident owner of real property in the regional district electoral area or trustee electoral area for at least the past 30 days; AND

4. a resident of BC for at least the past 6 months; AND

5. not disqualified by law from voting in an election.

2018 Local Government Election Information from the ACRD


September 18, 2018

An Important Notice from BC Hydro

Sorry for the inconvenience. We've scheduled a power outage in your area and your electricity will be switched off temporarily.

The work we're doing is necessary to provide the most reliable service possible and we'll restore your power as soon as we can.

Scheduled power outage details (TM0169 1630 A00U)


From: Sunday, September 30, 2018 09:00 AM

To: Sunday, September 30, 2018 05:00 PM

Reason: System Upgrade

Reminder of upcoming outage taking place Sunday, September 30th, from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Unplug your electrical devices

Protect electrical devices from damage. Turn off items such as lights, heaters and major appliances and unplug all electrical equipment during this time.

Don't forget that elevators and garage doors may not work during the outage.

Be prepared and stay safe

To ensure you and our work crews are kept safe while we work in your area, we need to switch off power during the times noted above. Please be aware that the start and end times are estimated.

Also note this scheduled power outage may be cancelled without notice due to adverse weather conditions or availability of crews during an emergency.

Get the latest information on the status of your scheduled outage online or give us a call at 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376).

Thank you.

BC Hydro Customer Service

September 18, 2018


SEPTEMBER 2, 201810:00 AM at the tennis court 



SB COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT:   Ellen Peet (EP), Terry Graff (TG), Jill Maibach (JM), Kel Roberts (KR), Ken Lunde (KL)- Chair)

ACRD Director, Tony Bennett (TB)

Salmon Beach lot owners -  53 lot owners


Welcome:  Ken Lunde welcomed all to the meeting acknowledged that we are on the traditional lands of the Toquaht Nation (TN), all attendees were welcomed.

SBC  members were introduced.

A Statement of Conduct was read


M/Ellen Peet S/Kel Roberts :  That the Agenda for the Sept 2, 2018 Salmon Beach meeting be approved.  Carried


Chairman’s Report:


M/Ken Lunde S/Kel Roberts : That the minutes of the May 21, 2018 SBC be approved as circulated.  Carried.

2.  Road work update:

KR reported that the gravel roads will be graded every 3 weeks, this results in 17 times this year, an increase from 11 or 12 from previous years. 

Beginning in September, the first 4.5 kms of the Maggie Main will be upgraded with gravel.  The hill at the turn off  from Hwy 4 is not included but improvements will be made to this.  It is hoped that when paving the Kennedy Hill project, the Toquaht Rd hill can be included.  There may be culvert replacements which would need to consider the fish window.  Watch the SB Facebook page and website for intermittent closures.  https://www.facebook.com/salmonbeachvillage/ https://www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo/

3.  Holding tanks:

KL addressed that holding tanks on every lot as mandatory is still being reviewed.  A motion in this regard has been submitted to the ACRD.

4.  Stairs at Saratoga and 4th:

KL reported that Randy Fraser of the ACRD spoke to the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) manager from Nanaimo who stated the SB roads are public roads and the stairs were on the right of way and had to be removed.  This came about b/c the ACRD was notified by a SB lot owner questioning the condition of the stairs rather than first consulting with the SBC, and the ACRD was required to take action and contact the MOT.

5.  Portable toilets in Phase III

KL reported there is no public or private land to install a public toilet in Phase III.

Portable toilets already existing in other phases have been abused with inappropriate use.  One was pumped out at 10:00 am and full by 4:00 pm.   Blue Boys were being dumped in the toilet and not the sani-field at the appointed times.

It is viewed that installing a new one would be going backwards.  The previous one was installed on TN land and SBC was asked to remove it.

Discussion came up with regard to Big Beach, which is located on the TN, they have requested respectful conduct while on Big Beach.  There should be no camping, fires, or construction of shelters of any type.

SBC has all intentions of being good neighbours with the TN and asks SBRV residents to be respectful while enjoying the beach.

Area C Director’s ACRD Report:

Area C Director, Tony Bennett (TB) reported it has been a good year for SB and thanked Randy Fraser, staff member of the ACRD for his work.  The roads are being maintained well now b/c of the active logging in the area.  The community forests companies are interested in looking at sharing costs of maintenance with SB and this will be discussed in an upcoming meeting with the TN, scheduled for Oct. 3rd. How the TN sees the two communities of SB and the TN growing together with services, capacity etc. will be discussed.  SBC recognizes the sewage issue is more important to SB than the TN.   The ACRD will look at the needs of the community and discuss possibilities for the future either with SB on its own or in partnership with the TN.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is stating all coastal communities are under consideration for protection of the “Southern Resident Killer Whale” population.  IDENTIFICATION OF HABITATS OF SPECIAL IMPORTANCE TO RESIDENT KILLER WHALES (ORCINUS ORCA) OFF THE

WEST COAST OF CANADA" declaration includes the area of Salmon Beach, Barkley Sound and out to the banks for possible closures to sports fishing in order to ensure adequate food supplies to the whale populations.  DFO will be consulting with communities and the extent of the consultation is not known.   Check for additional information:   http://waves-vagues.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/Library/40600385.pdf    The closure could happen as early as next year.

Area Director, TB, is chair of the West Coast Aquatic Committee and believes a comprehensive plan is needed that looks into predator competition, rehabilitation of fish habitat, stream habitat and other factors as well as food supply.

SB homeowner Four Arrows (FA) stated that by 2048 there would be no sustainable fisheries and no take zones can bring back the fish even though it may be disappointing to not fish now.

There was discussion about the importance of the fisheries industry and the definition of “resident whales”.


2019 Salmon Beach Proposed Budget:

KL reported:   at the May meeting it was voted to go ahead with the recommendations to our sani-field proposed by H20 Environmental Ltd. to the cost of $141,000 +/- 25-40%.  SBC would like to re-visit the decision as the E field is failing.  SBC is suggesting we repair the East field in the spring of 2019 and the result will most likely double our capacity for $69-$70,000. Then continue with plans to upgrade the W. field in a year or so, including a “bio-nest”.  This topic is also being discussed with the TN at the Oct 3rd       meeting.

Much discussion ensued regarding working with the TN, having our own sewer system within the SB area, or the possibility of SB purchasing the existing sani-field from the TN, and also the additional costs of a sanitation system within SB.

Q:  Is the H20 report that was done in 2017 available?

A:  The report was handed out at the May meeting and it is on-line at the SB website.

Q:   Would use of mandatory holding tanks make a difference? 

A:  It would be the same amount of waste.

Q: Does having 2 or 3 trailers on a property over tax the system?

A:  Not sure it is at this point, assuming they all go into the holding tank.  It is an addition yes, but an inconvenience at this time.

KL states there are contractual obligations for the sani-field in place as per the lease we currently have with the TN.

TB states a long-term vision will be discussed at the Oct 3rd meeting to present at the May 2019 SBC meeting.

M/Ken Lunde  S/Dawn Sanders: That the SBC proceed with repair to the E field (not expansion) and adjust the 2019 budget to use the capital reserve to complete the project.  Carried

Q:  Can homeowners have notification of the results of the Oct 3rd meeting prior to May 2019?

A: Yes, results will be posted on the website and on the facebook page.

Community events update:

Gina Skippen (GS) provided a handout and reported that the playground walkabout revealed a need for repairs to much of the equipment and facilities, which would exceed the $2,500 allocated.  She requested an increase to $5,000.

Q: Could additional weed whacking be covered under the maintenance budget?

A:  No, any additional work over and above the current maintenance contract would be an additional cost.

Ellen Peet stated the allocation included the boat launch as well, and most of the money goes there.  The boat launch has been allocated $5,000 for 2019 only.

M/Ellen Peet  S/Cheryl Galloway : That the 2019 budget be amended and the amount allocated for playground maintenance and repairs be increased to $7000.                Carried.

Q:  From capital?

A:  From SB parcel tax

TB clarified the money cannot be used for anything else and if there are funds leftover, it will roll over into next year.

GS presented recommendations to upgrade and improve the existing tennis court and apply line painting for multi-use, which would include tennis, pickle ball courts and ball/street hockey.  She has received a quote for $27,000 for resurfacing, and a quote of $15,000 for repairs and seal coating.  A quote for line painting has not yet been obtained.

Q:  Would this increase the cost of maintenance?

A:  No

Q:  Any indication how many people use it now?

A:  It is not usable, and the repair is considered a crucial spend.

Q: Can the surface be guaranteed in the west coast weather?

A: The existing court has lasted 25 years.

Q:  Would the surrounding area be cleared as well?

A: Yes.

It was clarified that the ACRD staff would look at quotes, review the materials and confirm what can be provided for the money spent prior to commencing work. 

It was suggested to increase the amount to $30,000 as the quotes are not firm and to take it from capital.

Q: How much do we have in the capital budged?

A:  $64,000.

M/Gina Skippen S/ Mike Shorthouse:  That the SBC spend up to $30,000 in refurbishing the tennis court for multi-purpose use and that the funds come from the capital reserve.  Carried


Ken Lunde reported that a container has replaced the administration building and the SBC would like to purchase a second container and put a roof over the two containers that could house the pump and haul truck.   One container would be used for storage and the other for a pressurized water system (there is a $100,000 grant previously allocated) for potable water.  The container would cost up to  $8,000 and should be taken from the water budget.

Q:  Would this water be for firefighting?

A: No, it is for drinking water.  SB does not have a source of water for fire protection.    It is possible the water could be pumped and stored in the water tote trailer which is stored in the compound. 

It was suggested that the water tote trailer be left full at all times.

Q: What is the potable water to be used for?

A: Filling 5-gallon jugs for drinking, like at the grocery stores.  NOT to be used for filling large water tanks or totes.

Q:  User pay?

A: It could be, in order to maintain the system.

JM added we are not ready for a community centre.  The source of water needs to be protected; the container is a step forward to potable water for the community.

M/Ken Lunde S/Dave Schofield:  That we amend our 2019 budget to allocate $8,000 from the water budget for the purchase of another storage container.  Carried

Richard Chambers noted that the 2019 budget allocates $5,000 for the boat ramp and it is usually $10,000.  He explained annual maintenance and licensing costs.  Floats are 15 years old now.  He requested that the budget be increased.

Q:  What do you anticipate for maintenance over the coming year?  Will $10,000 cover it?

A: It is looking pretty good right now.  A good bumper system was half installed as a test and we’d like to do the other half.   $2,000 will finish that.  Things are aging.  Last year was a good catch up year.  $10,000 would do it.  (For 2019)

M/Ken Lunde S/Dawn Sanders: That the 2019 proposed budget be amended to increase the amount to the boat ramp from 5,000 to $10,000.  Carried.

Roof over the two containers:

KL again explained the need for a roof over the two containers to house the pump & haul truck.

Some discussion ensued regarding suppliers  (Roof Styles in Coombs), and materials, assembly, transport etc.  These options will have to be investigated. 

M/Ellen Peet  S/Kevin Middlemiss:  That SB set aside $15,000 in the capital reserve from the sewer envelope to put a roof over the containers in order to cover the pump and haul  truck.  Carried.

Paving Short Street:

Kel Roberts reported on a discussion with Port Alberni Paving to pave Short St. from the top of the hill to the boat ramp for water drainage.  ACRD staff suggested curbing to direct water properly.  There is $29,000 set aside for paving sensitive areas.   Paving this stretch was quoted to be about $20,000.  Kel asked for ideas and thoughts about this.

Q:  Will track machines be driving on it?    They chew up existing dirt roads.  i.e. excavators

A:  Good point.   Only rubber tracked equipment should be used in paved areas.

Q: Why does it need paving?

A:  It is the worst stretch of road.  It has been brought up many times and it just gets worse.

Q. Could ditches be dug on 5th St. first?

A.  The issue of ditching is being addressed by the ACRD.  There are many on-going issues in this regard.

Q:  Is there a priority list?

A:  Not at this point, SBC is working within the budget for what we have and what comes up.  The ACRD does come out and review issues and makes recommendations so there is some priorities set in this manner.

Q:  Anything in the budget for sandblasting and painting the Sani truck?

A:  Recently discussed.  We have 2 gallons of paint, but may be too late this year.  We need to find a proper primer for galvanized metal and then paint it.

Brush pile:

KL reported:  The brush pile is working well.  Applause.  As of July 13th SB paid $3850 to haul away the brush pile.  No inappropriate materials in the pile.   SBC considers this money well spent.

Q:  Is there a height restriction on trees at Salmon Beach?

A:  No, there is no bylaw in place for tree height.

C0mmunity Events Updates (cont.)

Gina Skippen

Gina reviewed the current flyer of community events,  and called for photographers to submit their photos to her so she can put them onto the next brochure.   Please email sb.communityevents15@gmail.com with your photos in jpeg format, and identify the event, date, and participants (by first name) if possible.

Q:  Can we get an excavator on the beach to prepare the beach for the New Year’s Eve bon fire?  We have lost a lot of the beach.

A:  The beach is the jurisdiction of DFO, and any heavy equipment is not permitted.

KR suggested we all welcome new people to Salmon Beach and asked new people to introduce themselves as well.  The Casinha’s, new lot owners who were present at the meeting, were introduced.

Q:  Kayakers from outside SB are using the boat ramp and leaving cars for multiple days.  How can we address this?

A:  We cannot legally stop them or tow b/c  it is public roads.

M/Cliff Bauer S/Rachel O’Callahan: That the SBC be directed to work with the ACRD staff  to investigate SB ownership and responsibility of the internal roads of Salmon Beach with the Ministry of Transportation.  Carried.

Q:  If the TN is concerned about Big Beach, perhaps they could assist our efforts?

A:  This will be part of the Oct 3rd meeting.  Note:  The TN owns the road from Wendy Creek to the gate and we have a right of way to access SB.

There was much discussion on the history and status of SB roads, signs outside the gate, guest passes, and security.   It was noted that we were zoned, up until recently, Salmon Beach Marine Recreational and we are now zoned Salmon Beach Recreational.  Different Govt. departments recognize this differently.  The removal of water access only zoning may impact who is responsible for road maintenance.  SBC is working away at this.  A letter received from MOT states there are “unresolved issues” and SBC will look into this.

Q:  What are the repercussions? Pros/cons of SB owning the roads?

A:  The motion is about investigating only.

KR  reported a new Marina might be built at the site of the Ice Plant in Port Albion.  The Area Planning Commission recommended research be done.

Q:  BC Land Surveyors have recently been noticed at SB.  What are they doing in SB?

A:  The report is due Sept 6 in the BC Land Surveyors office.  The report will most likely be mailed to the 80 affected property owners.  When received by the SBC this report will be posted on the website .

TB introduced Rachel O’Callahan who also sits on the Area Planning Commission and is a property owner at Salmon Beach.

Q:  Is it still a restriction that we can only stay on our properties for 6 mos./yr.?

A: Yes. This is based on the infrastructure currently in place at SB.  Recreational properties do not have the same standards as residential.  It is SBC’s intention to meet the standards of residential occupancy at some point.

Discussion ensued on the status of Salmon Beach as a recognized community and not recreational.  Govt. gives grants to full time residential communities for infrastructure and not to recreational areas.  ACRD needs to be involved if decision comes from Salmon Beach to become a residential community.  The community may choose to stay recreational.

2018 Municipal Elections: – Electoral Area C – Long Beach

Information is on SB website, and ACRD website for absentee non-resident voting, voting by mail, early voting and all relevant voting information.  SBC encourages everyone at SB to vote.

Owner’s Manual:

This manual covers everything you want to know about owning property at Salmon Beach.  Everyone in attendance at the May 2018 received one of these, and 283 were mailed to those who did not.  Many thanks to Karen Bennett and Cindy Lunde for their work on this!

Community Survey:

JM spoke to the topic of what we want SB to look like in the future.  There are many people who do not attend meetings.  What will we look like in 5 – 10 – 15 to 20 years?   Jill is looking for people to brainstorm about what questions need to be asked.  ACRD could assist with a survey based on the results of a SB questionnaire obtained from SB owners.

TB commends this action.  This is a SB survey.  Many people signed up on the flip chart to support this initiative.   If you are interested contact Jill:  jmaibach57@gmail.com

Q:  Do we have an owner’s e-mail list that could be circulated?

A:  No, this is a privacy issue.

A suggestion was made that we could have an opt-in list.

Cardboard left at bottle depot:

The landfill does not accept cardboard.  It must be taken to Sun Bird recycling in Ucluelet, burned, or taken home with you.  Cardboard is NOT to be left at the SB containers or recycle shed. 

Clinton E. reported we could be fined.

Q: Is there a sign at the bins that says “No Cardboard”?

A:  That’s a good idea and it will be put up. 

SBC does not want to loose our garbage pick up contract b/c of inappropriate items put in the bins.  There are BBQ’s, couches, drywall, vacuums, building materials, and other weird and large items in the garbage bins that do not belong there.  The bins are for household garbage only!

Dogs on leash:

Please keep your dogs on a leash within SB Village.  There was a dogfight on Little Beach on the August long weekend when the beach was full of children.

Volunteer Appreciation:

KL acknowledged the work of the social committee, the boat ramp committee, the SB committee, and the 5 men who helped clear out the admin building.  Volunteers are a huge cog that makes SB work well.  Please jump in and participate!  Encourage people to come to the SB meetings twice a year.  Read the Westerly, check the website and facebook pages.

Dawn Sanders made mention of the starfish that children painted which hang near the boat ramp.  More to come next year!

M/Ken Lunde  S/Four Arrows: That we approve the 2019 proposed budget as presented and amended.   Carried.

Total budget for 2019 including both operating and capital input:

$367,900/380 lots = $968.16/lot parcel tax for 2019 as calculated on May 3, 2018.

M/Ellen Peet S/ Terry Graff: That the meeting be adjourned at 12:30 pm.  Carried.


Salmon Beach Sewage Income Statement as of August 17, 2018

Salmon Beach Security Income Statement as of August 16, 2018

Salmon Beach Garbage Income Statement as of August 17, 2018

Salmon Beach Recreation Income Statement as of August 17, 2018

Salmon Beach Transportation Income Statement as of August 17, 2018

Salmon Beach Water Income Statement as of August 17, 2018

DRAFT Budget/Workplan as of May 3, 2018 (Proposed 2019 budget)

Documentation and photos of the condition of playground equipment

Aug. 30, 2018


FYI - The Maggie FSR Road upgrades and resurfacing project from 0km to 4.5km is set to Start Wed. Or Thrs. , September 5th or 6th. Please be aware there may be short delays on the road through construction zones. Please send word to all users of the FSR may have possible delays and crews working along the Road. I thank you for your patience as we work towards continuous improvements to the Maggie FSR.

Thank You,

Walter Dagenais

Sr. Engineering Tech.

South Island District.

Aug. 20, 2018

The Toquaht Nation’s representative for the Ucluelet Emergency Team has contacted us to let our community know that on Aug 28th, 11:30am to 12:30pm, they will be conducting a test of an emergency siren alarm at the Macoah village open field. If you hear this alarm, it is only a test...No need for panic or concern!

Aug. 14, 2018

Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners


Sunday, September 3, 2018 – 10:00 am at the Tennis Court 


·         Welcome

·         SBC Committee & Guests

·         Statement of Conduct – limit questions and time allotment

·         Approval of agenda as handed out


·         Chairman’s report

1.    Approval of the Minutes from the May 21, 2018 SBC meeting

2.    Road work update Kel Roberts to address

3.    Holding Tanks

4.    Stairs/ Saratoga and 4th Ave.

5.    Portable toilets 3rd phase

·         Area C Director – ACRD report

·         ACRD Staff– may or may not attend

New Business:

·         2019 Salmon Beach proposed budget

·         Future capital expenditures and projects 

Information Updates and Discussion:

·         Septic update

·         Brush pile

·         Community events update

·         October 2018 Municipal Elections

·         Owner's  manual

·         Community Survey

·         Volunteer Recognition

General vote for 2019 Salmon Beach proposed budget


*Proposed 2019 Budget is posted on www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo

Drafted August 9th , 2019

July 13, 2018

Don't forget to be bear aware! Click on the link to  print off a PDF document to share with your friends and family at the beach!

Please be bear aware!

June 23, 2018

An important notice...

The two existing portable toilets at Salmon Beach, at the boat ramp and playground, have been placed for the convenience of the lot owners using these public areas. There has been an ongoing problem of abuse by some lot owners, who use these toilets as an alternative to either not having proper facilities on their own properties, or for those who do have a holding tank but want to simply avoid the cost of having their own tank pumped out. There is a cost to maintain and service these toilets that is paid for by all of the community members at Salmon Beach. Unfortunately, items that have a negative impact on the operation of our pumper truck and septic field are often found in the portable toilets and present a potential cost for repairs. Additional portable toilets would likely only increase these problems.

To date we have spent a substantial amount of money on repairs to our septic field and are currently in the process of paying for even more costly repairs and updates. The efficient operation of our septic field is paramount to the existence of Salmon Beach.

For that reason, the Salmon Beach Committee has decided to stay with the current installations of one toilet at the boat ramp and one at the playground for part of the year.

Regarding a toilet installation in Phase 3 near Big Beach, there is no public space to accommodate another portable toilet in this area. As well, our current maintenance contract stipulates that there will only be 2 portable toilets that will require pumping and cleaning.

Thank you,

The Salmon Beach Committee

June 5, 2018

June 3, 2018

Minutes of Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with Salmon Beach Owners May 20, 2018

Jun 3, 2018 

Salmon Beach Waste Water Options from H2O Environmental Ltd.

May 25, 2018

View or Download the new Salmon Beach Owners Manual. A big thanks to Karen, Cindy and Gina!

May 20, 2018



ACRD 250-720-2700


Local Government Elections

Local government elections in British Columbia are held every four years. 

The next election will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2018

with advance voting opportunities on October 10th and 16th. 

Cheif Election Officer - Wendy Thomson


Firewood Harvesting

MCF - www.for.gov.bc.ca/dsi


May 3, 2018

Download the Draft Salmon Beach 2019 Budget/Workplan or View it online

April 28, 2018

Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners Agenda

Sunday, May 20th 2018 – 10:00am at the Tennis Court 



SBC Committee & Guests

Statement of Conduct – limit questions and time allotment


Chairman’s report

1.   Adoption of the Minutes from the  Sept. 3rd  2017 SBC meeting

       Approval of agenda as handed out

2.    Business arising from  Sept 3rd AGM

·        Admin bldg demo

·        owner's manual

·        blue boy access

·        gate closure / codes

·        septic report

3.  Area C Director / Staff - reports

New Business:

·        2019 Salmon Beach proposed budget*

·        Debris pile

·        Contracts recently awarded

·        Municipal Election for Area C Director

Information Updates and Discussion:

·        Maintenance  contractor  statement

·        Community events update

·        Logging update

·        Stairs 4th & Saratoga

·        General vote for 2019 Salmon Beach proposed budget

General vote for 2018 Salmon Beach Candidates-for consideration by ACRD

Board of Directors

Volunteer recognition


*Proposed 2019   Budget will be posted soon on www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo

Agenda drafted  April 21st 2018

April 17, 2018


Some repairs to the rock slide will be done in April.

A new culvert and road repairs at the 5.5km of the Maggie FSR will be done May or June

The culvert will be extended and widening of the road at 1.5 km Maggie FSR will be done May or June.

Resurfacing of the first 5kms of the Maggie FSR will be done after September long weekend.

April 6, 2018 - Road closure schedule for Kennedy Lake project can be found at Ministry of Transportation web site


April 6, 2018 - Updated 2018 Salmon Beach Budget/Workplan 

April 6, 2018

We have recently come to an agreement with the Ministry of Forests which will include Salmon Beach road grading into their

Forest Service Road Grading contract. This will be a one year contract with option for two additional one year terms.

The start date of this contract is April 10th and the road will be graded every three weeks for a total of 17 times per year. This is still a budget item for Salmon Beach as we will still be responsible for the cost of grading our road. We have entered into this agreement as it gives Salmon Beach 17 grades per year rather than ten/twelve per year and still stays within budget.

This contract has been awarded to Deer Bay Contracting.

There will also be work done on the Maggie lake road over the summer months by the Ministry of Forests. Information we receive regarding this work will be published.

FYI...December 17, 2017 

Oct. 24, 2017 - A message from Ryan to the community...

"Ryan will be on vacation from Nov.10th to the Nov. 26th. Pump and haul orders must be placed before and after these dates. A visual check of your septic tanks should be made to ensure booking of service if needed. Thank you from Ryan"

Oct. 24, 2017 - An important message from Walter Dagenais....

FYI - We will be doing some routine road maintenance located at 1.2km Maggie FSR on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. On Thursday, We will be required to do some blasting in order to install a 1000mm culvert, this will result in the Maggie FSR having temporary road closures during this time. All traffic can be re-routed through the Barkley FSR (Maggie Branch 04) / Port Albion Hwy. I will be posting signs today of the works to come and temp road closure. Sorry for this inconvenience and we will do our best to have the Maggie open and operational as soon as possible.

Oct. 18, 2017 - A message from Walter Dagenais at the Ministry of Forests...

"I regret to inform you that we received NO bids on the contract I posted to BC bid for the rock slide and road surfacing repair works. In talks with some of our local contractors on reasons why they never bid, they mentioned they are too busy to take on the workload at this time. Moving forward, I plan to re Post this contract in the Spring when we should get substantial more interest in the project and have better weather and time lines to work with. Again, I am sorry this project is delayed for the time being but I will keep on it and hopefully be able to award this spring."

Sept. 30, 2017 - Thank you so much to Cheryl G. for recording the minutes of our community meeting!

Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners



Sunday, September 3, 2017 – 10:00 am at the Tennis Court


Present:  Salmon Beach Committee (SBC) Terry Graff, Ellen Peet, Jill Maibach, Kel Roberts, Ken Lunde (Chair) 

ACRD Tony Bennett, Regional Director

57 lot owner’s representing 44 lots.

Regrets:  Douglas Holmes, ACRD Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)


The meeting began with the Chair acknowledging the Toquat Nation and expressing a desire to cooperate and have a good working relationship with them.

The new ACRD CAO for Salmon Beach is Douglas Holmes.

M/S: Ken Lunde/Ellen Peet”-  “that the Agenda be approved as presented.”  Carried.


·       Chairman’s report

1.     Approval of the Minutes from the May 21, 2017 SBC meeting

M/S: Ken Lunde/Terry Graff- “that the Minutes of the May 21st meeting be approved as presented.”  Carried.


2.     Road work update (culvert, slide area & dust control)

Ken Lunde (KL) reported some improvements will continue to be made; the culvert area will be cleaned up more, the slide area work is scheduled for September.  Permission has been granted to deposit some rock into the lake; some will remain for a buffer, a scaling of the cliff above to determine stabilization will be undertaken and most of the rock will be taken out and the road widened in the future.

Dust Control:  Although the dust control was done late into the season, it has been effective.  Tony Bennett stated that the product, Blue Chip, comes from Mexico and the contractor cannot control arrival date.  KL suggested the next steps could be a seal coating along Short Street to the boat ramp, which would stop divots and control water.  This would involve an oil base and gravel on top, creating a pavement.  Tony Williams questioned oil on the roads.  He was assured it would follow environmental approvals and protocols. It would require more consultation and voting.


3.     Admin Building - demo contract

KL reported all quotes received were in the $25,000-$30,000 range and budget for the project was $10,000-$15,000.  The high bids were due to electrical and well head requirements and the remoteness of Salmon Beach.  There are non-sufficient funds in the 2017 budget.  There is $25,000 added to the 2018 budget for this project.  Ann Wodock suggested the building could be built with containers for $2-3,000.  KL reported that the ACRD is looking into cheaper methods and that to get containers to Salmon Beach was $5-6,000


4.     Logging update

KL reported there has been logging in 12-13 areas, hauling has begun and will continue until December.  Areas logged behind Salmon Beach will be hauled on the Barkley Main to Pt. Albion Rd; areas near Maggie Lake will be hauled on the Maggie Main to highway 4.   Consequently, there will be no direct hauling near Salmon Beach.  Expect more road closures on Maggie Main and more access from Barkley Main, which will be monitored and graded in areas. Beware of logging trucks!


·       Area C Director – Tony Bennett (TB)

Maggie Main Maintenance:  The BC Govt. has a new Minister of Forests and the Toquat Nation will be meeting with the Minister in October to discuss road maintenance.  TB states it is unlikely the road will be paved entirely but we could see ”enhanced maintenance” and paving of selective problem areas i.e. approaches to the bridges, around the lake, culverts, flood areas etc. ACRD staff will also be attending this meeting.

Barkley Main:  TB also reported that when taking the back road into Ucluelet expect seal coating on Port Albion Rd, with loose gravel and the possibility of poor traction and sliding of your vehicle.


·       ACRD Environmental Manager, Andrew McGifford, not in attendance. No report.


·       ACRD Chief Administrative Officer, Douglas Holmes, toured Salmon Beach last week.  He was not in attendance. No report.


New Business:

·       2018 Salmon Beach proposed budget* – current status& detail of expenses

KL presented the proposed 2018 budget.  It includes additions of $4,000 to recreation; $4,000 to sewage and storage; $25,000 for demolition of the Admin building, $10,000 for replacement of the stairs at 4th & Saratoga and stabilization of the common gazebos.  There will be a garbage disposal increase


·       Conduct of owners re: Maintenance Contractor

Ryan, our maintenance contractor reported that he had a busy summer and thanked people for the work that they have done on behalf of Salmon Beach.  He stated the best way to communicate with him is in person M/W/F as he goes about his work.  He requested that owners and guests not approach him at home, phone or e-mail as this often goes beyond ordinary courtesy and late into the night.

KL addressed harassment to the Ryan re: pump outs and owners are the check their holding tanks themselves and be aware of when your tank needs pumping.  The process is to contact the ACRD at 250 723-2700 and request a pump out.  There was a request to owners to please follow the appropriate procedures, call the ACRD and get on the list.  You will be taken in priority sequence.  Plan ahead 3 weeks to a month.

Joanne Ingram suggested this information go in the Salmon Beach Owner’s Manual.

TB re-iterated Ryan is not to deal with the public on issues, he is our maintenance contractor only. 

Kathy asked about Blue Boys being restricted to Sat & Sun for emptying, stating there are not enough dumping days.  KR stated this is being reviewed for environmental and insurance purposes the Blue Boy dumping will likely change to Mon, Wed, Fri when Ryan is available to assist.   Kathy expressed her gratitude to Ryan.  Kel Roberts (KR) referred this issue to the May meeting.  ACTION:  KR

Ryan on holidays Nov.10th to Nov. 27th  

Ryan provided an update that the pump truck will get a new pump

It was brought up that there is a holding tank on the right of way on 2nd Ave in Phase 3 for sale, that could be purchased by someone wanting to upgrade their lot and should be moved off the road.

Dawn Sanders asked if grey water could be used in the garden.  KR. Stated grey water issues are recognized across Canada.  It must run underground and not exposed to the air.  Nanaimo is introducing ways of recirculating water though the toilet.  The Vancouver Island Health Authority must approve any grey water use and it is the individual owners responsibility to get necessary approvals.


Information Updates and Discussion:

·       Current detail of remaining 2017 budget

Not discusssed


·       By Law change:  SBC requested the wording be changed from Marine Recreational to Recreation Residential

The by-law change has been recommended by ACRD Area Planning Commission (APC) to not include the word “residential” but will state “Salmon Beach Recreational” and eliminate the word “marine” from the by-law, which implies water access only. The clause would also include “access by road”.   “Residential” was not included as it confuses the 180-day occupancy limit.

Price Carson (PC) asked if the removal of “marine” resolves the issue.  TB states there are issues:  two accesses to SB, both which are active logging mains; the logging company has responsibilities for road maintenance and access; maintenance of roads for emergency vehicles, etc.  TB states that the Toquat Nation is also interested in this issue and sits on the ACRD Board and will be meeting with Minister Fraser, the new Forestry Minister.  The previous Minister has said that SB is boat access only.   ACRD Staff , TB and Kel Roberts (KR) and Toquat representatives will meet with the Minister in October and the change will be the Minister’s decision.  TB assured all present that he understands the issue and the need for road access.

PC asks at what level are the changes approved?  TB  answers at the Provincial level

PC asks if letters to the Minister would be useful

TB states that Mike Irg will make sure this item is on the agenda for the Minister’s meeting.  Once the request has been made a letter to the Minister outlining the by-law change and requesting more upkeep to the Toquat Nation and the circle route would be helpful.  ACTION: TB-Mike

KR mentioned that the first 1.4 km off Highway 4 is the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, not Forestry, and MOT will be making improvements to the hill in 2018.

TB mentioned traffic will be difficult next year.

PC requests that the SBC ensures our wishes are expressed to the ACRD Board and information gets out to owners to write to the Minister.  ACTION:  SBC

Dave Ingram (DI) questioned the 1893 approval for a township.  This status was changed when the developer applied for the current zoning. TB stated the current zoning stands. 


·       Salmon Beach Owner’s Manual

KL put out a request for a volunteer/s to put together a Salmon Beach Owner’s Manual with phone numbers; emergency numbers; do’s and don’ts of how we operate at SB etc.  Ann Wodock and Wayne Skippens agreed to put the manual together.  KL suggested to owners that they let these two know of anything they think should be included.  ACTION:  Wayne Skippens and Ann Wodock. This will be done before the next meeting, scheduled for May 2018.

PC suggests a mail out rather than relying on electronic media that not all SB owners utilize facebook, web, e-mail, bulletins etc.

SBC clarified the fb site belongs to Terry Graff, the bulletin is not sanctioned by the SBC, and the Google site is the official site for SB communication and information.  www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo


·       Well - pump test...next steps

KL reported: Arrowsmith Water conducted a 12 hr. pump test.  The pump at the admin building fills 15 US gallons/hr with a recovery rate of 84%.  The McElhannie Report site study states that well #10 is the best option for a water supply for Salmon Beach drinking water, not fill ups for 300 gallon containers.  However, the priority for the SBC is sewage and not water at this time.  The $100,000 set aside by the ACRD was returned and is still set aside for Salmon Beach. We have to deal with the Admin building, power, and protecting our water source issues first. ACRD staff are being consulted.


·       Gate Closure

KL reported he contacted the Ministry and got a firm “No” on more than one occasion regarding closing the gate during the day b/c SB roads are public roads, even though SB maintains the roads.

Tom Duke (TD) requested clarification on the ACRD maintenance, laws etc.  Can they approve closure of the gate?  Who is responsible for enforcements? 

TB stated ACRD not responsible for enforcements.

KR stated the RCMP is responsible for enforcement.

PC stated there is a disconnect of logic: we can lock gates at night but not during the day. 

It was suggested that SB could close the gate during the day and see if we get complaints.

TB stated if we did get complaints, we would need to change.

PC suggested 24/7

Kevin Middlemass (KM) stated the problem is with people coming in and using the facilities, the gate solves that problem.

Much discussion ensued.

TB states the province of BC is firm that the roads are public and this would require lobbying the Minister for change.

AW stated service trucks and emergency vehicles might have difficulty entering.  It was clarified that police and ambulance have codes.

TD questioned if a petition to the government to have the roads given to SB was a good idea.

TB stated again to lobby the Minister.

Mike Shorthouse stated that if the gate were closed 24/7 they would all end up on his doorstep as he is the closest house to the gate and this would affect him greatly.

Questions arose Re: how gated communities worked.  They are “Bare land stratas” There was much discussion regarding if SB was public or private.

KR will bring up this issue to the new Minister.  ACTION KL

DI stated that the SB homeowners want the SBC to do more about this for security reasons.

Wayne Archer suggested a gateman could be posted and volunteers scheduled.

Jill Maibach (JM) asked for a show of hands to follow DI’s suggestion.

M/S  Jill Maibach/Ann Wodock- That the Salmon Beach Committee looks into the issue of the gate closure, security, and private road status further.   Carried.

TB reminded attendees that we can report suspicious activity to the police but cannot block public roads.

Hans Heringa asked if we could apply for a permit to close the roads.

TB stated it would need the Minister’s approval to close the road.


·       West Coast Assistant update-

KL reported the Assistant is scheduled 12 hrs. per wk. at SB as needed or at the request of Ryan, our maintenance contractor.

AW stated her roof blew off and questioned the ACRD’s response.  It was suggested by JM that all SB owners set up a “block watch” with neighbours. Have contacts phone numbers and notify each other if you see something amiss.

TB stated there is no money in the budget to provide this kind of service.


·       Sani-field proposal (Septic Committee report)

DI reported: There are several options,

Cascara Consulting works in the area, we could request a proposal to repair the existing field, do what we can do inside SB, Write a letter to the Toquat Nation to purchase the land,

          KR reads a letter from John Jack of the Toquat Nation dated Aug 28th.  The letter

states there will be an increase from $1./00 yr. to $500./yr.  It also says the Toquat does not currently have any plans where the septic field is located...any reports of the capacity of the existing system to be shared with the Toquat Nation.  Dennis Francoeur is the person to call when something needs to be done with the sanifield, originally SB had permission to install a 5,000 that was not installed.  The ACRD will ask Dennis to clean out the old field.  The current license is 5,000 gallons/day, the ACRD will look at the complete license.

Clinton Eggum requested that the burn pile be considered as well when the Toquat Nation meets with the ACRD.  He informed attendees that people are still dumping outside the SB gates.  This is subject to fines.  This request was submitted and turned down.

Discussion ensued re: hauling alders out or bringing in a chipper truck.

TB assured the attendees that the committee was looking at all options and that Deer Bay was also involved.  We have received permission from the Toquat Nation to do needed repairs, maintenance and install a 5,000 gallon tank.

The subcommittee was thanked for the recommendations to SBC.  Legally, it will be the SBC to make the recommendations, determine the scope of the work.  There is no crown land available for Salmon Beach to use and at this time, there may be no need for SB to go outside of Salmon Beach.  It needs to be studied whether there are any options within the footprint of SB.

KL suggested DI go back to Cascara. to ask Cascara for an estimate to repair the field as their original proposal needs to be amended.

M/S Dawn Sanders/Dave Ingraham- That the ACRD approaches the Toquat Nation the land where the sani-field is currently located at an appraised value.  Carried.  ACTION:  ACRD Staff

TB clarified there are 20 years left on the lease.  The Toquat Nation has expressed they want the land, if in the 20 years the Nation wants SB to move the sani-field they are responsible for helping us.

Much discussion took place that it might not be the best time to purchase and possible use of the new Toquat Nation treatment centre.  TB stated that the Nation cannot comment on use of the treatment centre as they have strict guidelines with the funders of the project.  Once the agreement with the funders is complete, they may be more willing to share information.

Tom Duke suggested the owners may not have to carry all the costs, there may be other options for grants etc.

TB stated the province reminds us that we are recreational and our needs are different than other communities.  He also stated that the ACRD staff would also look for grants.


·       New Community structure - Daron Clark-   No Report.


·       Salmon Beach community events update (Gina)

Gina Skippen:  Everyone supported 2017 events.  She thanked the many volunteers and stated there were still two events coming up, 16 teams in the Ladder Ball Tournament later today and the Chilli Cook off on New Year’s Eve.  This year the cook off will have 5 cooks, 3 judges and a People’s Choice Award. You can register at sb.communityevents15@gmail.com .


·       Volunteer Recognition 

Boat ramp:   Richard Chambers reported the need for a boat ramp committee that would report to the Salmon Beach Committee.  He would be willing to head the new committee.  Paul Smood, Brian Heard, Mike Williams, Kevin Middlemass and Steve Haywood agreed to be on the committee.

KL thanked all those that have done so much on the boat ramp.


General vote for 2018 Salmon Beach proposed budget

M/S Ellen Peet/Terry Graff  - That the Salmon Beach 2018 proposed budged be accepted as presented with the four additions.  Carried.   Additions include: $4,000 to recreation; $4,000 to sewage and storage; $25,000 for demolition of the Admin building, $10,000 for replacement of the stairs at 4th & Saratoga and stabilization of the common gazebos.  There will be a garbage disposal increase.


Questions arose regarding the ACRD labour and benefits and TB explained these line items.


M: Ellen Peet

*Proposed 2018 Budget is posted on www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo

 Drafted August 14, 2017

Sept. 28, 2017 - This message was received by Kel Roberts this morning from Walter C. Dagenais, South Island Natural Resource District Sr. Engineering Tech. Kel has asked that it be shared with the community. Walter writes...

I thought I would update you on some upcoming road works (Hopefully) to happen on the Maggie FSR starting Mid October. It just so happens some funding came available which allows us to move ahead with a contract to re surface the first +/- 4.5km’s of the Maggie FSR which includes tearing up the subgrade to remove large rocks and repair to a proper state, capping the road surface for the width of the road for roughly approx. 4.5kms, or when funding is used up. We will also look to widen a section of Maggie FSR at 1.5km by blasting a rock section to create better line of sight, widen the road and control water drainage. Furthermore, we will be doing some repair works to the 8.8km Rock slide, widening this section of the FSR to make it a little safer from falling rock and debris to all users of the Road.

The proposed works will greatly improve the conditions of the FSR benefiting Macoah Village, Salmon Beach, Secret Beach, and Toquaht Operating area, however this MAY result in road closures throughout certain periods of the winter Months. Our hopes are we can keep one lane open at all times during the road works but there will be delays and short closures. (Definite closure for blasting operations) As the contract is currently posted on BC Bid , we do not know exact dates of road works to commence but will be sure to inform you as soon as we know. 

Sept. 20, 2017 - FYI...The boat ramp docks were removed today in anticipation of the stormy season.

Sept. 6, 2017 - A message from Gina about the ladder ball tournament....

Weather was hot & the competition hotter!!

16 teams played with heart and humour!

Winners are:

For Best costume

Amber Valli and Megan Saum 

" The Twirly Wirily Girls"

2nd year these young ladies have won this competition!

B division 

Dave & Chris Taylor

A Division 

Jen Reinhard

Sarah Culham

Big thank you to Event organizers:

Dave & Wendy Taylor

Chris & Muriel McGregor

Dave and Joanne Ingram

Thank you for donations go out to;

Kevin & Sue Middlemiss

Ucluelet Co op 

Coast Capital , Jen Reinhard

August 15, 2017 -

Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners


Sunday, September 3, 2017 – 10:00 am at the Tennis Court 


·       Welcome

·       SBC Committee & Guests

·       Statement of Conduct – limit questions and time allotment



·       Chairman’s report

1.     Approval of the Minutes from the May 21, 2017 SBC meeting

2.     Road work update (culvert, slide area & dust control)

3.     Admin Building - demo contract

4.     Logging update

·       Area C Director – ACRD

·       ACRD Environmental Manager

·       ACRD Chief Administrative Officer – may or may not attend


New Business:

·       2018 Salmon Beach proposed budget* – current status& detail of expenses

·       Future capital expenditures and projects - stairs and gazebos

·       Garbage disposal increase

·       Conduct of owners re: Maintenance Contractor


Information Updates and Discussion:

·       Current detail of remaining 2017 budget

·       By Law change...from Marine Recreational to Recreation Residential

·       Well - pump test...next steps

·       Gate Closure

·       West Coast Assistant update

·       Sani-field proposal (Septic Committee report)

·       New Community structure - Daron Clark

·       Salmon Beach community events update (Gina)

·       Volunteer Recognition


General vote for 2018Salmon Beach proposed budget


*Proposed 2018 Budget is posted on www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo

Drafted August 14, 2017

August 4, 2017 - It has been brought to the attention of the Salmon Beach Committee that Ryan (our maintenance contractor) is being aggressively approached by some community members to provide emergency pump outs. Please remember to direct all pump and haul requests to the ACRD at 250-720-2700. Emergency pump out is available through Ucluelet Rent-It Center Ltd at 250-726-7368.

Please monitor your tank and be aware that there could be an extended wait for service during the summer months, due to increased demand.


As per discussion at the May 21st, 2017 AGM, the pump and haul rate will increase by $20.00.

This increase will help offset the cost for an off site contractor to perform pump and haul should our truck be out of service. This increase will take effect August 1, 2017.

July 6, 2017 - An important notice from Walter C. Dagenais, RFT # 1356 - South Island Natural Resource District Sr. Engineering Tech

 "The Maggie FSR branch 04 FSR will be closed roughly between July 17th  to the 21st for the 3000mm embedded culvert installation at 1.5km.  The Residence of Salmon Beach will have to use the Barkley FSR for access during this period of time.  I apologize for the closure however we are legally obligated to do any instream works within the fish window time frame.  I will do my best to keep you up to date and informed for this install."

July 4, 2017 - The SBC would like to remind the community that we DO have a speed limit of 15 km at Salmon Beach. It is important to adhere to this restriction to make sure that everyone stays safe at the beach. Apparently there were several instances of reckless driving of motorized vehicles over the busy Canada Day weekend, and several near misses. Our roads are "M.O.T." roads, so technically ATV's are only licensed to cross these roads. The RCMP were at Toquart this past weekend checking ATV's (All ATV's must have a license, the driver must be over the age of 16 and also have a driver's license. All operators must be wearing a helmet) FYI....RCMP have said they would be out our way often this summer. 

Off-Road Vehicle Act and Regulations - Frequently Asked Questions

May 28, 2017

Salmon Beach Committee (SBC) Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners

May 21, 2017 – 10 am, Tennis Court, Salmon Beach Recreational Village




Present:        The Salmon Beach Committee (Terry Graff, Ken Lunde, Ellen Peet, Jill Maibach and Kel Roberts)       

                    Tony Bennett- Area C Director

                    Total attendance approximately 110 lot owners, representing 71 lots.

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by Chairman Kel Roberts.

Introductions and Announcements:

Kel acknowledged our neighbors the Toquaht Nation.

Kel introduced the Salmon Beach Committee (SBC) and guest.

Kel asked Area C Director, Tony Bennett, to describe his role as it relates to Salmon Beach.

He also reviewed the Statement of Conduct for the meeting and asked people to identify themselves when asking questions, and to limit their time.


·       Chairman’s report – Kel Roberts

1.     Kel asked for approval of the minutes of the SBC meeting held September 4, 2016.                               Carried by show of hands.

2.     The Salmon Beach Zoning Bylaw change from marine recreational to recreational residential is still in process. 

-Tom Duke asked what the difference will be with new zoning.  Answer:  road access will be recognized.

3.     Toquart and Barkley Main Roads

a.     A new culvert will be installed during the fish window later this summer.  Date still to be determined.  Road closures resulting from this road work will be announced and signs posted.

b.     The other budgeted project is the repair/improvement of the Toquart Main slide area along Maggie Lake.  Timing to be announced.

c.     Also, grading of the Port Albion Road to where the current Community Forests logging activity is ongoing.  That logging entails 800 trucks at 12-15/day. Please use caution and be aware that you are driving on an active logging road.

d.     Improvement to the hill at Highway 4 turnoff may be scheduled for 2018.

4.     Salmon Beach road – dust control will be applied this year in mid-June to all streets in Salmon Beach.

5.     Burn piles

a.     Yard waste has been dropped on Toquaht lands during the last year, which we have paid to have removed.  Please deal with your own waste.

b.     Many of you are aware that we used to have a burn area at the sani-field site, where we would have a controlled and supervised burn once or twice per year.  A letter has been written to the Toquaht Nation for permission to re-activate that location and practice.  The response has been that they will work with the ACRD, etc. to evaluate the possibility.

6.     Sanitation –

a.     A letter has been written to the Toquaht Nation for permission to install a 5000 gallon tank (this tank was approved in the original sani-field plot plan) and to conduct repairs at the sani-field as needed.  The response has been that they are having an assembly in June and our request is on the agenda.  We expect they will get back to us following that assembly.  Tony Bennett reminded us that should the Toquaht wish to reclaim that land they are required to contribute funds toward finding an alternate location.  Kel said we are not asking to expand the field, just make repairs.

b.     An audience member asked who owned the land prior to the Toquaht.  Kel responded that it was owned by the province.  Tony added that the treaty land was allocated during the land claim and the 30 year lease for the sani-field was put in place at that time.

c.     Dave Ingram asked about the funds that were set aside to evaluate the future of the sani-field.  He stated that if we don’t treat the field correctly, we may have huge problems.  He suggests we be pro-active and conduct a study on this topic.

d.     Jill Maibach asked for a show of interest to strike a sub-committee for the purpose of researching possible options and plans for the future of our septic system.  The following people volunteered:  Dave Ingram, Daron Clark, Darryl Furey, Jan Versendaal, Jack Anderson, Jill Maibach, Merle Graff and Terry Graff. This committee will have a report for the September meeting.

e.     Four Arrows Jacobs stated that a gray water treatment option should be included in the sani discussion. 

f.       Tom Duke suggested that the province had been very unresponsible in the treatment of Salmon Beach and that a proper septic system should long ago have been in place prior to our current construction and population growth.

g.     An audience member suggested that the province should be forced to come up with a solution.

7.     Maintenance Contractor – Ryan Smith

a.     Is concerned about the sani-field and what is being deposited.

b.     Dawn Sanders asked about screens on the truck and at the field.  We do have screens at the field but wipes, condoms and plastic wrappers still go through.

c.     Pump & Haul – REMINDER; lot owners are not to approach Ryan Smith when they require a pump out.  Please contact the ACRD by phone 250-720-2700, with your civic address and payment arrangements, when you need a pump out.  Also, it is important to monitor your tank and try to plan ahead for pump outs, especially from mid-May through September.  The sani-field is a very sensitive system.  NO condoms, baby wipes, diapers, or garbage should be flushed or placed in your sewer holding tank.

8.     SBC Committee recommendation

a.     Kel reported that there have been problems with the pump & haul truck and breakdowns.  We have no contingency funds set aside for such occurrences, and bringing in outside help is expensive.  The SBC recommends that the pump & haul fee be increased to $120/pump + PST for a total of $126/pump.   Jill M. stated that the ACRD has agreed to the return of the additional funds if they are not used.  

b.     In preparation for breakdowns, a new pump has been acquired for the truck and is set aside.  The pump truck is a 2008.

·       Area C Director – Tony Bennett

1.     Thanks to the SBC for their hard work.

2.     Reported on a bike trail from Ucluelet to Tofino for which they are looking for funds to complete the portion going through the parks.

3.     He stated that Salmon Beach has been looking for greater autonomy in operating and administering our services (transportation, garbage, security, sanitation, water, etc.) for some time, and that the ACRD has explored an alternative via a “Local Community Commission”.   A provincial government  report was presented at our meeting.  

·       2017 Salmon Beach Budget status –

1.     A handout of the 2017 budget vs actual report as of May 18, 2017 was provided for our meeting. If owners have questions regarding the budget you may contact Andrew McGifford at 250-720-2700, or email andrewmcgifford@acrd.bc.ca

·       Salmon Beach Community Events Committee

-Gina Skippen reviewed the 2017 – 2018 Community Events for Salmon Beach.  A pamphlet listing all the planned events for this season was available at our meeting.  One change to the July 2nd Picnic in the Park is that, due to legalities, the committee will not be starting the 50/50 draw with $100 seed money.  She thanked all volunteers who have helped so far and encourages everyone to enjoy the festivities this year.  Any questions, or if you would like to volunteer your time and talents, please email sb.communityevents15@gmail.com.  

 -If you incur small expenses for a sanctioned community event, please see Ellen Peet, with a copy of your receipt, who has a float and will be able to reimburse you in a timely manner. 

New Business:

·       A handout of the 2018 Salmon Beach Workplan Draft was provided for our meeting.  The total proposed budget for 2018 including both operating and capital input is $353,430. With a total capital reserve fund yet to be determined.  At 380 lots that equals $930.08 parcel tax/parcel as calculated on April 15, 2017.  (The 2017 budget was $368,250.)

·       Future capital expenditures and projects

1.     Administration building – a R.F.P. for demolition of the existing building has been published for tender.

2.     New building -Kel reminded us that a couple of years ago he obtained a quote for a new steel building, 60’ X 80’, to provide shelter for the truck and a meeting area at a cost of approximately $200,000. 

     -The zoning at the existing building site is appropriate for such construction.

     -Daron Clark volunteered to pursue plans regarding a new community structure. 

Information Updates and Discussion:

·       Boat ramp - The floating dock system at the boat ramp was installed on May 12th. There is one more post to install at low tide in June and that will allow for additional floating sections to be installed.

·       Beach access – has been improved

·       ACRD Site Manager for Salmon Beach – the position is under review per ACRD, with a possible update in June.  Once hired, the person will be available on an as needed basis, up to 12 hours/week.

·       Pressured well update – Arrowsmith Water has been hired to conduct a 12 hour pump test on well #10 on June 1, 2017.  The intent is for a potable water site.  Richard Chambers commented that he has concerns about the site based on what has been stored and deposited there over the years.  Kel responded that whatever system is installed will provide filtered and treated potable water.

·       Gas tax $100,000 – Is still available to provide potable water for the community.

·       Biffy reinstatement – At this time biffies are put in place for a maximum of 2 days for sanctioned events.  There have been requests to reinstate them.

a.     Kim McQueen stated as a senior she can’t walk as far as she wants and requests the biffies be reinstated.

b.     An audience member says she has two small children and needs the biffies

c.     There was general audience applause for the reinstatement idea.

d.     Jill M. reminds us we are fee simple and it’s our own responsibility to deal with our sanitation needs.  The problems with the biffies are created within our community.  We are partners with 1st nations at the sani-field and we are obliged to abide by the lease agreement we have with them. It’s a fragile system.

e.     Tony reminded us that we voted to remove the biffies last year.

f.       Dave I. suggested we shouldn’t be here unless we have a plan for our sewage.

g.     Bea Jacobs suggested that a proper outhouse might cause people to be more respectful.

h.     Kim McQueen suggested owners get a key that requires a $50 deposit.

i.       Ryan Smith said people break locks.

j.       Tony pointed out that we already have unregulated access to the sani-field via people dumping their blue boxes.

k.     Dave I. suggested there be a blue box dumping schedule with Ryan Smith being present.

l.       Price Carson agreed that the biffies are an ongoing problem.

m.   Terry Graff reminded us that every year they are abused.

n.     France Chapeau suggested a pay-as-you-go plan.

Motion #1 – Moved by Kim McQueen and seconded by Greg Palmer that biffies be reinstalled – 1 at the boat launch and 1 at the community park – for the period June through September 2017.           Carried by show of hands – 37 For (24 Against.) 

·       Volunteers working at Salmon Beach – Tony stated that discussion and review should happen for each project.

·       There was an audience question regarding what do we have for security?  Kel responded that we have the front gate, and Ryan does occasionally drive the area.

a.     It was suggested that we close the gate 24/7.

b.     Daron Clark stated there are public roads that are gated.

Motion #2 – Moved by Daron Clark and seconded by Bob Murray that the SBC investigate, in a timely manner, the viability of closing the gate 24/7.  

Carried by show of hands.

·       Kel asked if anyone would volunteer to be the Secretary for the SBC.  Cheryl Galloway volunteered, and will start her duties as of the September 2017 meeting.

·       Salmon Beach Owners communication – Kel reiterated the importance of checking the authorized Salmon Beach website for accurate and timely information regarding your community.  The address is www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo.

·       Volunteer Recognition – Kel

-Kel thanked the SBC for their hard work.

-He also thanked all those owners who come forward to help out.  It is most appreciated.

General Vote for 2017 SBC Candidates:

Tony took over the Chair of the meeting and thanked the existing committee. In accordance with procedure Tony asked for nominations from the floor three times. After nominations, he then stated that the existing SBC of Jill Maibach, Ken Lunde, Terry Graff, Ellen Peet and Kel Roberts will stand for next year.  With no others coming forward, Tony proclaimed the current SBC elected by acclimation.  Ratification to be scheduled with the ACRD Board of Directors at their next meeting.

Kel thanked everyone for coming

Meeting adjourned at 12:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Bennett

Acting Secretary



          2017 Budget vs. actual as of May 18, 2017

          2018 Draft Budget

          2017-2018 Community Events pamphlet

          ACRD Staff Report on Local Community Commission

          Salmon Beach Pump & Haul Analysis


May 11, 2017

Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners 


Sunday, May 21, 2017 – 10:00 am at the Tennis Court


·       Welcome

·       SBC Committee & Guests

·       Statement of Conduct – limit questions and time allotment


·       Chairman’s report

-       Approval of minutes from SBC community meeting held September 4, 2016

-       Salmon Beach status

o   Salmon Beach Zoning Bylaw change – marine recreational change to recreational residential

o   Status of Toquaht and Barkley Main road maintenance and future upgrade by MOF

o   The hill at Hwy 4 turnoff  - future road upgrade by MOH

o   Maintenance of Salmon Beach Road – information and dust control

o   Sanitation update – reports and letters to Toquaht Nation regarding possible burn site and improvements to sani-field

-       SBC Committee recommendations

o   Proposed increase to pump and haul fee – to cover emergency pump outs, in case our truck is out of commission

·       Area C Director – ACRD

·       Maintenance Contractor

·       2017 Salmon Beach Budget status

·       Salmon Beach Community Events Committee

New Business:

·       2018 Salmon Beach proposed Budget – discussion and vote to approve the proposed budget

·       Future capital expenditures and projects

-       Administration building – R.F.P. for demolition of existing building

-       Review consideration for proposal for new administration building

-       Consider the purchase of new pump and haul truck

Information Updates and Discussion:

·       Boat ramp

·       Beach access

·       ACRD Site Manager for Salmon Beach – under review per ACRD, possible update in June

·       Pressurized well update for well #10 – 12 hour flow test scheduled June 1st

·       Gas tax $100,000 grant – status from ACRD

·       Discussion regarding biffy reinstatement

·       Volunteers working at Salmon Beach - Documentation and supervision of volunteers is to be provided by the ACRD

·       Volunteer Recognition

General vote for 2018 Salmon Beach Committee Candidates - for consideration by the ACRD Board of Directors.


*Proposed 2018 Budget is posted on www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo

April 27, 2017 - Salmon Beach 2018 Draft Budget/Workplan or all Budget Documents from previous years

Feb. 14, 2017 - Please be respectful of the closure

Feb 7, 2017 - Illegal Dumping!

Several piles of brush that had been dumped along roads leading out of Salmon Beach have now been removed. Please be aware that these areas are the private property of the Toquaht Nation, our neighbours. Any dumping on private property is illegal and poses a significant fire hazards as well as being subject to substantial fines.

The Salmon Beach Committee has agreed to absorb the cost of removing the brush piles based on their close proximity to Salmon Beach, and eye witness accounts of the dumping.

Other options for appropriate brush disposal will be discussed at the May 2017 meeting.

Dec. 25, 2016 - Gina has asked me to post the following....

Chilli Bake off!

Tasting : 5-6:00PM at the Boat Ramp ,

New Years eve Dec 31, 2016!

5 contestants meet the challenge  for Salmon Beach bragging rights....

 Best Chili in town!!

Come on down have a taste and vote for your favourite!!

See you there!!

Cheer and Thank you


Dec. 3, 2016 - Highway 4 Update from Drive BC...

Events for Highway 4 - Parksville to Tofino

Highway 4 Both directions 

Wash Out 5 km east of Ucluelet Junction. The road is reduced to single lane alternating traffic. Updated on Sat Dec 3 at 10:32 pm PST. (ID# 227284)


Dec. 2, 2016 Hwy. 4 closed in both directions between the turn off to the Barkley Main and the Tofino/Ucluelet junction due to a road washout.


Nov. 3, 2016 - This is from Walter Dagenais, RFT #1356 regarding the Maggie FSR.

He writes:

"I thought I would update everyone on the current conditions of the Maggie FSR. I do realize the Road is in pretty rough shape at this time, however due to the significant amount of rainfall, it was decided to wait until mid-next week once the next large rain event passes and conditions are more favourable to grade. Sorry for the inconvenience."


Ryan will be on vacation from Nov 18th to the Dec. 2. Pump and haul orders must be placed before and after these dates. A visual check of your septic tanks should be made to ensure booking of service is needed. Thank you from Ryan


Slide Update

Maggie Main FSR is completely closed until further notice. Deer Bay will be fixing the Barkley Main FSR today which includes both grading and backhoe works so it should be in decent shape by tomorrow. The Maggie FSR will remain closed until it stops raining and has a day to dry out and its deemed safe to fix the slide area. Unfortunately it appears this weather is here until next week so the Maggie FSR will be closed until next week some time. Updates will be made when available. .

Oct. 4, 2016 - Large slide on the Barkley Main...at Maggie Lake. The road is closed. Access is now by the road through Port Albion. Tamara Plonka says the back road will be graded tomorrow! Thanks for the picture Ellen!

Sept. 30, 2016 - FYI...

"The Wendy creek bridge is now in place! Looks good, so the rest of the Barkley Main is now open!"

Sept. 22, 2016 - GREAT NEWS about the Wendy Creek Bridge!


Walter C Dagenais, RFT #1356

District South Island, Engineering Specialist

Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations

"Good Morning All. I am sure you are aware but thought I would give you a heads up anyway that the replacement bridge for Wendy Creek is hopefully going ahead on Tuesday, September 27th. Please let as many users of the Barkley FSR (Maggie Br 04) know the construction is to take place on this date and the FSR will be closed for a period of time. The main route through Maggie Br 01 will remain open. The install will take a Possible 2 to 3 days."


"Boat ramp floats and biffys will be removed on Thursday Sept. 29th. Also, I (Ryan), will be away Thanksgiving weekend: from Oct.5th til Oct.10th.

Pump and haul orders must be placed before and after these dates. A visual check of your septic tanks should be made to ensure booking of service is needed.

Thanks from Ryan"

Sept. 16, 2016- The ACRD has asked that a link to information about the Wendy Creek bridge be shared with the Salmon Beach community. They mentioned there is a typo on the notice...

Instead of;

“….vehicles or equipment requiring access to the east side of the creek will need to use the internal….”

it should read;

“….vehicles or equipment requiring access to the West side of the creek will need to use the internal….”

We’ll fix the typo as soon as we can.


Sept. 14, 2016 - Salmon Beach Committee Fall 2016 General Meeting – Budget Discussion and Approval Minutes

Sept. 12, 2016 - FYI....Tamara, who lives in Macoah said she spoke to the conservation officer Steve Ackles about the wolf who tried to attack the dog on Big Beach, and possibley the same wolf killed a small dog at Macoah. 

He is the conservation officer for this area. He said any wolf sightings please report to him! His phone number is 1-877-952-7277

Sept. 7, 2016 Two important notices from Gina...

Gina has asked that I post the following...

Notice number 1...

"This year we have Fire in the form of a "Chilli Bake off" and a Bon Fire!!

Ice in the form of the ever popular growing "Polar Bear Swim"!!

The Plan:

We need 5 Cooks with their pots of Chilli, we have 4

Thank you to:

1) Gisele

2) Jo ann

3) Janice

4) Karen

5) ??

Cindy has volunteered to scope out the small paper taster cups ,spoons and ballots..

Need Volunteer to pick up and deliver small fresh buns & butter,for each table

Tasting time:

5-6:30 Dec 31,2016

At the Boat Ramp

We need a Piper to play Auld Lang Syne at midnight ! Anyone ?? SH you interested?

Polar Bear Swim 12 noon January 1 2017!!!

Come and enjoy the Fun, New Years, Salmon Beach Style !

Cheers to all


Notice number 2...

"What Fun! 20 Teams went at it on a sunny Sept 3 2016

the competition was keen and focused!

Congratulations go out to

Winner of the B division 

Liz and Steve Hayward!

Winner of Best creative costume a Tie

Raining Leis

Hey Lady Leis

Grand Champions of 2016 Ladderball Tournament!!

and full bragging rights !!

Joanne and Dave Ingram

Big applause to the organizing team

Wendy and Dave 

Chris & Muriel

Jo & Dave

Thank you letters for Donations went out to:

Nanaimo Mazda

Shady rest

Stan & Shirley Yates

Irene Burak

Wayne Skippen"


Aug. 27, 2016 - Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners


Sunday, September 4, 2016 – 10:00 am at the Tennis Court 


·       Welcome

·       SBC Committee & Guests

·       Statement of Conduct – limit questions and time allotment


·       Chairman’s report

·       Area C Director – ACRD

·       ACRD Environmental Manager

-       Onsite ACRD West Coast Assistant trial period personnel review

-       Salmon Beach maintenance contractor report

·       ACRD Chief Administrative Officer – attendance pending

·       Road maintenance and improvement info

New Business:

·       2017 Salmon Beach proposed budget* – current status & detail of expenses

·       Future capital expenditures and projects

·       Memorial benches

·       Administration Building proposals

·       Discussion regarding the two remaining SB biffies

·       Infrastructure assessment update

Information Updates and Discussion:

·       Current detail of remaining 2016 budget

·       Salmon Beach zoning and bylaw status

·       Gas tax $100,000 grant for community pressurized well

·       Sanitation options including increase of capacity of existing field

·       Infill of north side of Short Street

·       Community gathering place

·       Dust control

·       Liability insurance coverage for volunteers.  And a list of SB volunteer jobs

·       Salmon Beach community events update

·       Wendy Creek Bridge replacement

·       Volunteer Recognition

General vote for 2017 Salmon Beach proposed budget


*Proposed 2017 Budget is posted on www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo

Drafted August 27, 2016

Aug. 27, 2016

FYI - Alex is unable to be at Salmon Beach today due to illness. He will postpone his visit to Monday. 

Aug. 19, 2016

Gina has asked me to post the following info...

"Our Second annual Ladderball Tournament

will be held after our SBC meeting Sept 4 TH at 2:00pm at our park on 7th. There will be a prize for the most creative costume again this year so get your creative juices going!!

Please register your 2 Team members , your team name with Gina (bottom of Sixth) by Sept 3 ... Organizers need time to get organized!!

All are welcome to share in the fun! Bring your chairs and support your favourite team!!

Cheers & Enjoy


Aug. 12, 2016 - FYI

Alex, the "West Coast Assistant" wants the community to know that he will be at the Administration office from 1100-200, next Friday August 19th? He will not be able to make it to the regular Saturday time.

Aug. 5, 2016 - Important Notice!

FYI...Ryan has asked me to post that the pumper truck is out of service until Wednesday for necessary repairs.

June 28, 2016 - Community Update on Bridge Replacement 

The ACRD was invited to a meeting with the Barkley Community Forest Board, June 22nd, to discuss the progress of the Wendy Creek Bridge rebuild. All confirmed and potential contributions were discussed. Ministry of Forests have agreed to provide an environmental monitor during the re-build, Salmon Beach is willing to contribute up to $10,000 pending final approval from the ACRD board of directors on July 27th, and the Barkley Community Forest Board is investigating how to proceed with the remaining requirements. Currently two options are being looked at, either finding a steel bridge for sale or building a wood bridge. Both involve significantly more money than currently provided. The market value of the standing timber identified as suitable for the bridge is upwards of $50,000, there would be additional labour and machine time required to remove these trees. A steel bridge might be of a similar value to a wood bridge with everything factored in, with an added advantage of being more permanent. Timeline is another consideration, the hope was to have the bridge completed this year, however, there is a “fish” window that needs to be worked within that closes September 15th. There may be a small possibility to work around this. Another consideration for the Barkley Community Forest is the fact they will not be generating any income until they are able to start logging. Regardless of whether the bridge is rebuilt in time or not, the Barkley Community Forest intends on starting logging operations in the fall of 2016. They have stated that log sorts exist on either side of the bridge, and not much, if any transport will be required to go through the community of Salmon Beach. The ultimate intention is to have the bridge rebuilt as soon as reasonable considering the factors involved. The contribution from Salmon Beach is appreciated, yet it needs to be understood that there is still a significant amount remaining. Thank you for your understanding and we will keep you posted.


June 28, 2016 - Notice to Salmon Beach Community

Toquaht Nation have respectfully requested, for efficiency and clarity, that any residents please go through the ACRD should they have any communications relating to the Wendy Creek bridge rebuild. Efforts from residents to help move this project forward is appreciated, however, all that remains is due process that needs to be followed by both the Toquaht Nation and the ACRD. The ACRD will provide any new information and updates coming from Toquaht Nation and the Barkley Community Forest to Salmon Beach residents. ACRD staff are currently working with all the stakeholders for this project and will update as this project progresses. Please email the West Coast Assistant at wcassistant@acrd.bc.ca if you wish to ask questions regarding this project.


June 14, 2016 - A "Celebration of Life" will be held at 1:00pm on June 25th, 2016 for friends and family of Mr. Gerry Rumold.

Location: The fire rescue building that is right behind the Co-op gas bar in Port Alberni, off Johnson Rd.

June 12, 2016 - The Salmon Beach Committee would like to express our sadness on learning that Gerry Rumold has passed away.

Our deepest condolenses on behalf of Salmon Beach to Gerry's family. Any service has yet to be announced.


I just recieved a message from a lot owner, she writes, "I was informed by a lot owner that one of those floating burning lanterns came down on a cabin on Friday which they extinguished, they requested a notice be put on the website as to the danger these lanterns pose to our community as it looks like we are going to be dryer this year and our predominant wind normally blow towards land not out to sea." Another community member writes, " I just found one sitting on my wicker patio furniture. I was not impressed...." This was posted about last summer ....almost exactly the same scenerio. It should be pretty easy to figure out who's letting them off in case someone needs to be charged or sued for starting a fire at the beach. Apparently they haven't read the previous posts on this topic. PLEASE tell your neighbours how dangerous these are. They should be banned!!! 


May 30, 2016 Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners

May 22, 2016 – 10 am, Tennis Court, Salmon Beach Recreational Village 


Present:        The Salmon Beach Committee (Terry Graff, Ken Lunde, Ellen Peet, Jill Maibach and Kel Roberts)         

                     Tony Bennett- Area C Director

                     Andrew McGifford – ACRD Manager of Environmental Services

                     Chantel Gemmel – ACRD site manager

                     Alex Reaburn – ACRD onsite staff temporary replacement

                     Total attendance approximately 65 lot owners, representing 54 lots.

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 am by Chairman Kel Roberts.

Introductions and Announcements:

Kel introduced the Salmon Beach Committee (SBC) and guests.

He also reviewed the Statement of Conduct for the meeting and asked people to identify themselves when asking questions, and to limit their time.


·       Chairman’s report – Kel Roberts

1.    The Salmon Beach Zoning Bylaw change from marine recreational to recreational residential is still in process, but may be implemented in June following public consultation and confirmation by the ACRD Board.

2.    The SBC met with the ACRD on May 10, 2016 and the following new items were discussed and are hereby recommended for implementation by the SBC:

a.    A new pump is needed for the pump and haul truck.

b.    Storage for the pump and haul truck.  Note: There is a well head beneath the existing storage area which may impact the vehicle storage location.

c.     Sani-field cutting is needed at this time.  This is a job which will go to tender.

3.    Pump & Haul – lot owners are not to approach Ryan Smith when they require a pump out.  Please contact the ACRD by phone 250-720-2700, with your civic address and payment arrangements, when you need a pump out.  Also, it is important to monitor your tank and try to plan ahead for pump outs, especially from mid-May through September.  The sani-field is a very sensitive system.  NO condoms, baby wipes, diapers, or garbage should be flushed or placed in your sewer holding tank.  If the sani-field gets plugged it presents a huge problem for the entire community.

·       Area C Director – Tony Bennett

1.    Thanks to the SBC for their hard work.

2.    Thanks to Russell Dyson.  Tony believes Salmon Beach receives good service.

3.    Thanks to Andrew McGifford for filling in on the budget for Salmon Beach, and congratulations on transitioning to Manager, Environmental Services.

4.    Thanks to Chantel Gemmel.

·       2016 Salmon Beach Budget status – Andrew McGifford

1.    Thanks to the SBC and to Chantel.

2.    He looks forward to working with Alex Reaburn, who will be filling in for Chantel during maternity leave.

3.    Garbage: A new garbage bin was purchased and a decision was also made to pay for rinsing the bin.  Each year $2000 is put aside for replacement bin(s).

The wooden step up to the new bin is not satisfactory at this time and will be fixed shortly.  Please pack out what you pack in.

4.    Recreation:  Thanks to Paul Smood, Richard Chambers, Chris McGregor, Greg Palmer, Ross Styles, Rommie Zboyovsky, and all other volunteers who came out on May 7, 2016 to assist with the installation of the floating dock system.

5.    Administration Building – the proposal received to bring the Admin. Bldg. up to repair status is $30,000.  As we need shelter for the pump and haul truck and other amenities, Andrew recommends studying whether construction of a new building should be undertaken.  A proposal will be available at the Sept. meeting.

6.    Transportation: There has been repair to several bridge approaches.  Two road gradings were missed this year.  Randy Fraser has provided information on interior roads and drainage.  More information on improvements to roads will be forthcoming at the September 2016 meeting. 

7.    The Well Report has been published on the Salmon Beach website.  There will be a letter to come next week from the ACRD/VIHA regarding accessing well heads on private property. Please check with Land Titles for your own lot to see if there is a well easement on your lot.  It is up to individuals to research the status of their own lot with regard to wells.

8.    The only well that the ACRD has an interest in is the one located at the Admin. Building.  The Electoral Directors have access to gas tax funds.  Russell Dyson has been successful with his application on our behalf for a grant of $100,000 from these funds, to be utilized toward a potable water source for the SB Community.  It will not be a large source of water.  The well site will not necessarily remain where it currently is.  Recreational properties are not as likely as other types of properties to receive this type of funding, so this is a fortunate and positive decision for Salmon Beach.

9.    An audience member voiced his concern about the notion of “paying as you go” for the potable water and the costs to Salmon Beach, including the operating costs moving forward.

10. Road Maintenance Update –

-Dust control to be completed in June as per Randy Fraser.

-Other road infrastructure, ditching and culvert pipes to be standardized, following an engineering report, in the near future.

11. Andrew indicated that if owners have questions about the 2016 Budget to please contact him at 250-720-2700, or email andrewmcgifford@acrd.bc.ca.  


New Business:

·       Review of the 2017 Salmon Beach proposed Budget and Workplan.  Kel reviewed the draft budget, a copy of which was presented at the meeting, and asked for questions or comments.

1.    Andrew indicated that the way funds are allocated has changed this year, but not much has changed as far as the amount of the budget. 

2.    Ellen Peet pointed out that the cost of the in-fill for the North side of Short Street is not included in this 2017 draft budget.

3.    Andrew will have detail of expenses for review at the September 2016 meeting, and pointed out that there is surplus that is carried forward each year which is not reflected in this draft.

4.    Wynna Jorgensen asked about the $1500 beach access line item under the Recreation envelope, and wishes to request that the ramp to Sandy Beach be cleared each Spring to facilitate kayak access, and also easier access for families and older folks.

5.    Andrew reviewed out of the ordinary expenses:

a.    $2000 truck repair.  The condition of the truck is not good due to exposure to the elements.

b.    The front gate is not operating properly.  Ron McKinlay, an electrician, is willing to have a look at it.  It may be a capacitator problem.  The gate was damaged recently by someone jacking it open and bending it.  Chantel has had discussion with the electronics supplier trying to find a fix. The security camera does not show who is responsible for the vandalism.  (Deer Bay also experienced vandalism to two of their machines recently which has delayed a lot of their jobs.  They now have a security camera.)


The total 2017 proposed budget is $368,250, with a total capital reserve fund yet to be determined.  Kel reported that the parcel tax for 2017 is expected to be approximately $969.08/lot based on 380 lots.  (This represents approximately a 6% increase over the 2016 budget which was $346,250.)


·       Future capital expenditures and projects

1.    The Boat Ramp - The floating dock system at the boat ramp was installed on May 7.  There is one more post to install at low tide in June and that will allow for two additional floating sections to be installed which have already been paid for.

2.    Dave Ingram asked about volunteerism.  How can it be implemented to everyone’s satisfaction and who can be included?  The SBC will research this.

3.    An audience member suggested reimbursing Paul Smood for expenses he incurred for flagging the large rocks in the shallow access channel to our boat ramp.  The crowd applauded.  Paul declined any reimbursement.

4.    Deer Bay’s grading contract ends March 2017.  A new contract will go to tender.

5.    Jill Maibach suggested that we create a list of Salmon Beach volunteer roles, when and what type of work they will perform, who is interacting, if it’s a WCB issue, and if there are other things we want to volunteer for, and request a quote for liability insurance to cover volunteers.

·       The Administration Building:  there was one quote of $30,000 for its repair.

-Merle Graff pointed out that the floor is rotten as well as the subfloor, and has been for several years. 

-Kel reminded us that a couple of years ago he obtained a quote for a new steel building, 60’ X 80’, with a bathroom, kitchen, meeting room, storage, and shelter for the truck at a cost of approximately $200,000. 

-Andrew pointed out that the zoning at the existing building site is appropriate for such construction. 

-Tony Bennett said we need to create a budget for a proposed new building.

-Andrew reported that there is $25,000 allocated to the Admin. Bldg. repair, and those funds could be reallocated towards a plan for a new building. 

Colleen Zdan is concerned that there has been no access to our Community Building for two years, and wants to know how much longer, and believes that because of this, timing for construction is important.

-Dave Ingram asked if the Department of Highways currently owns the land.  It is currently on “highways road allowance”. 

-Richards Chambers questioned the legality of the proposal due to site ownership.  The Department of Highways will have to be contacted for direction.

Motion #1:  It was moved by Ellen Peet and seconded by Jill Maibach that the $25,000 currently allocated for repair of the Admin. Bldg. be reallocated and utilized towards coming up with a plan for a new building.  It was emphasized that the cost for removal of the existing Admin. Bldg. be included in this initial $25,000.

Carried by show of hands.     (Note: Such an expense would go to referendum)


·       Salmon Beach Events Committee – Gina Skippen, Cindy and Ken Lunde

-Ken reviewed the 2016 Events Committee pamphlet that was handed out at the meeting.  It is not as packed with events this year.  The committee recommends that due to the large amount of work involved, the fishing derby should occur in alternate years.  He reminded us that volunteers are needed, and that these events give us a good sense of community. 

-If you incur small expenses for a sanctioned community event, please see Ellen Peet, with a copy of your receipt, who has a float and will be able to reimburse you in a timely manner.

·       Pump and Haul fee increase – Andrew

-A pump and haul fee increase to $150/pump for 2016 had been recommended by the ACRD at a recent SBC/ACRD meeting, with a proposed increase to $200 for 2017.  Andrew reported that, after review, the actual cost is $140 to operate each pump and haul, and suggests that the fee be increased to $140.  He pointed out the limited capacity of our sani-field.

-Dave Ingram suggested that if we keep increasing the cost, people may do other things with their sewage than act appropriately.

-Colleen Zdan suggested that the haul-your-own people should pay a fee instead of pumping for free.

-Jill Maibach suggested that Salmon Beach is our community and we must have a voice in what happens here.

Motion #2:  It was moved by Dave Ingram and seconded by Price Carson that the fee for pump and haul remain as it is.          Carried by show of hands.

·       Highway sign proposal from the Toquaht Nation – Kel

The Toquaht Nation is installing signage at the base of the hill as you turn off Highway 4, and has invited us to have a “Salmon Beach” sign added to one of the sign posts.  The cost would be $3000, with an additional $200 annual maintenance fee.  Kel asked for a show of hands of those in favor of participating.  2 people were in favor.

·       Proposal to fund improvements to Wendy Creek Bridge – Richard Chambers

-Kel pointed out that Macoah Village is constructing a sewage treatment plant and that they are already hauling through Salmon Beach.

-Richard reported that the Wendy Creek Bridge needs a capacity upgrade.  In order to facilitate the upgrade, and reduce gravel truck traffic through Salmon Beach, he has spoken with Macoah Village who will contribute $15,000 towards logs, BC Hydro who will contribute no funds at this time, and Ministry of Forests who will cover the engineering, environmental and signage costs for the project.  The upgrade is estimated to cost $130,000.  New stringers are necessary, etc. It is estimated that the new life of the bridge would be 20-25 years.

-After review and discussion with all the appropriate government parties, Richard reports that the cost to Salmon Beach for our portion of the Wendy Creek Bridge upgrade is estimated at $8,000-$10,000, ($10,000 divided by 380 lots = $26.32/lot.), and recommends that we contribute funds toward the upgrade.  Timing is of the essence.

-The bridge is located outside of Salmon Beach property, however its status impacts us; from both an access, and from truck traffic going through our community point of view.

-Chantel spoke with Rick Shafer about this issue, and the Toquaht Nation has requested a meeting with the ACRD in the near future.  Plus she mentioned there is not $10,000 in the 2016 Budget for such an expense. 

-Terry Smith has spoken with Noah Mack at Macoah regarding log supply, which is available now.   And he suggests that we fix the Bridge before the trucks start hauling regularly on the back road.  We need to act as quickly as possible.

-Andrew admits that the Transportation envelope of the Budget contains a capital reserve. 

-Price Carson supports the reallocation of funds to cover Salmon Beach’s portion of the Bridge upgrade because of the opportunity we have here.

-Tony Bennett brought up the need to follow “process”, and do we have the funds to reallocate?

-Jill Maibach suggests a show of hands from the owners present at the meeting whether there is support for such an expense.  Do we have the desire to fund an outside asset to an outside agency?

-Andrew suggested that the Bylaws may not allow for a shift in how funds are spent.

-Kel reiterated the significant impact the current state of the Bridge has on our internal roads and community.

-Hans Heringa queried why Salmon Beach would get involved when the Bridge is out of our jurisdiction, and that there must be alternatives.

-Richard Chambers reiterated that Forestry will not participate in the actual construction, but will oversee the engineering, etc.  He also stated that the hauling is scheduled to occur through October and that there will most likely be additional hauling beyond that.

Motion #3:  It was moved by Richard Chambers and seconded by Jill Maibach that Andrew McGifford consult with the ACRD to investigate whether we can adjust and access funds up to the amount of $10,000 for the Salmon Beach portion of the Wendy Creek Bridge upgrade, and report back to us.  Timing is of the essence for this action.

Carried by shows of hands 

·       Proposed infill on North side of Short Street for parking – This issue will be addressed at the Sept. meeting.

Information Updates and Discussion:

·       Salmon Beach Owners communication – Kel reiterated the importance of checking the authorized Salmon Beach website for accurate and timely information regarding your community.  The address is www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo.  Also, if you have questions or concerns please put them in writing and send to Kel Roberts, P O Box 132, Errington, BC   V0R1V0.

·       Pressurized Well update – See Item 8 under Review of 2016 Budget above.

·       Volunteer Recognition – Kel

-Gina Skippen has been a great advocate for our community and we thank her.

-Thank you to all the folks who come out on a regular basis and contribute to our community on a volunteer basis. 

-Kel also thanked the SBC for their hard work.

If anyone would like to help out with the community events please contact anyone on the Social Committee.  They are listed on the pamphlet handed out.

-One of the pioneers of Salmon Beach, Flo Larson has passed away.  She was instrumental, feisty, and participated in all things Salmon Beach.  Price Carson suggested naming a street after her.

·       The Gathering Place – The stern/transom of the old boat is to be moved from its current location by June 18.  Kevin Middlemiss was given this time line by the ACRD. 

-Dave Ingram reported that a fund-raising took place and, of the funds raised, $1800 was spent on the new gravel pad, culvert pipe, etc. There are still funds available to complete the job. 

-Chantel reported that the current location is a safety issue from the ACRD point of view.  She suggests that any new plan will need new approval from ACRD.

-Jill Maibach asked what the significance of June 18 is.  It is an arbitrary date set by the ACRD, but coincides with coming into the Summer season.

-Tony Bennett suggested that we could ask the ACRD Board for an extension if the timing of the move is an issue, and suggested that an extension shouldn’t be a huge hurdle.

·       New Year’s Eve celebrations – People have built fires on the point and fires on Big Beach and left them unattended.  This is a dangerous activity.  It has been suggested that the New Year’s Eve festivities be moved to the playground area where there is a fire pit, etc.

·       Trees – there has been an inquiry by a resident about trees blocking views.  The trees in question are on Highway Right of Way.  Andrew will package up tree removal to make it cost effective.

·       Jo-ann Ingram reminded us that last Sept. it was agreed that Chantel would provide a record of her hours and what her time was spent on.  Andrew agreed to have that report at the September 2016 meeting.

·       Jill Maibach requested that the SBC receive Chantel’s log and the position review prior to the Sept. meeting.

·       Patience Conley asked who checks people’s property after storms.  And also wants to know if the fees for the onsite manager have gone down since the departure of Kathleen Holland.  The fees have reduced by $35,000.        

General Vote for 2017 SBC Candidates:

Tony took over the Chair of the meeting and thanked the existing committee.  He stated that the existing SBC of Jill Maibach, Ken Lunde, Terry Graff, Ellen Peet and Kel Roberts will stand for next year.  In accordance with procedure Tony asked for further nominations from the floor three times.  With no one coming forward, Tony proclaimed the current SBC elected by acclimation.  Ratification to be scheduled with the ACRD Board of Directors at their next meeting.

Kel thanked everyone for coming, including our guests Tony, Andrew, Chantel and Alex, and encouraged people to think about participating in the SBC next year.

Meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Bennett

Acting Secretary

Meeting handouts:


          2017 Draft Budget

          2016 Community Events pamphlet

May 21, 2016 Salmon Beach Water Well Inventory - Please note, the information contained in this report may not be accurate. Lot owners should refer to their property title to determine actual easement ownership.

May 19, 2016  The Salmon Beach tax handout on the ACRD website:


May 18, 2016  Salmon Beach Committee Agenda and Meeting, May 10/2016

May 14, 2016

View or download the draft workplan and budget for 2017.

Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners



Sunday, May 22, 2016 – 10:00 am at the Tennis Court 


·       SBC Committee & Guests

·       Statement of Conduct – limit questions and time allotment


·       Chairman’s report

-       Salmon Beach status

o   Salmon Beach Zoning Bylaw change – marine recreational change to recreational residential

-       Committee recommendations

o   New pump on pump and haul truck

o   Cover/shed for pump and haul truck

o   Sani field cutting

·       Area C Director – ACRD

·       ACRD Representative

·       ACRD Site Manager for Salmon Beach

·       Road maintenance information and dust control

·       Maintenance Contractor

-       Sanitation update

·       2016 Salmon Beach Budget status

New Business:

·       2017 Salmon Beach proposed Budget and Workplan* – current status and review, discussion and vote

·       Future capital expenditures and projects

·       Administration building - status

·       Salmon Beach Events Committee

·       Pump and haul fee increase discussion

·       Highway sign proposal from Toquaht Nation

·       Proposal to fund improvements to Wendy Creek Bridge

·       Proposed infill on North side of Short Street for parking

Information Updates and Discussion:

·       Boat ramp

·       Pressurized well update

·       Volunteer Recognition

·       Gathering place

General vote for 2017 Salmon Beach Committee Candidates - for consideration by the ACRD Board of Directors.


*Proposed 2017 Budget is posted on www.sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo

May 11, 2016

Thanks to Cindy and Gina for putting together the "Social Event" brochure for 2016! Copies of the brochure will be available at the May 22nd community meeting. You can download a copy of the brochure at the following link... https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxzYWxtb25iZWFjaGluZm98Z3g6NTBiNjE3OTVlYjE4Njg2Ng

April 15, 2016 - GOOD NEWS!

At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District on Wednesday April 13, 2016, $100,000 was allocated from the regional districts gas tax funds for the purpose of developing a potable water supply at Salmon Beach.  The funds will pay for the capital costs for a well which will include exploration, drilling, development and treatment works. The intention would be to make available potable water for the operations and maintenance requirements of the community and possibly a common source for residents in modest amounts on a pay as you go basis.  The new well may be the development of the well at the Administration building or a replacement – whichever best satisfies the regulatory requirements.  It is not the intention of the Board of Directors to develop a water distribution system within the community.  The regional district will work with the Salmon Beach Committee on this project and will share more details as they are developed.  A report will be presented at the May Community meeting.  

March 18, 2016


FYI....The Toquaht , through Rick Schafer have agreed in principle to maintain the SBC roads and be 

respectful of the residents of Salmon Beach. Please read the following notice.

Feb. 9, 2016

A new message from Gina...she writes...

Please place notice calling for volunteers to make 2016 a great event filled year. ask those interested to contact sbcommunityevents15@gmail.com.

Thanks & cheers


Hey all,

Are you ready to blast into the 2016 Event season!!

Well hang on gang because here we go!!🌋

Please let me know ASAP (at latest Feb 21/16) what events teams you would like to add your energy, talents and vision !!

It is the event team that make the decisions on how , when and where for that event.!!! important stuff!!

Here are the dates of Holidays for BC, 2016 for events of past years including team proposals.

Date: Event

Victoria Day Monday May 23,2016 Salmon Beach Committee Meeting (SBC) Sunday May 22/2016

Canada Day Friday July 1,2016 Parade & proposed Hot dog picnic style event (date?)

B.C Day Monday Aug 1,2016 Sand Castle Building on Saturday , proposed

Fish Derby, BBQ, Sing along on Sunday proposed

Labour Day Monday September 5, 2016 SBC Meeting Sunday Sept 4 2016

Proposed Craft Fair (Date?)

😁Any added events you would like? let me know...

We need to have all info into Cindy for our flyer of events by the first week of April!!

We are at the starting block so lets go!!!

Spring has Sprung at Salmon Beach 🌷🌻

Cheers to all


Jan 16, 2016 - A new message from Chantell (see image)

Jan. 9, 2016 - Chantell Gemmill asked that the following message be posted.

"A SB resident approached me today with a set of keys she found by the fire-pit where the SB New Year party was held. Please contact me with a description of the missing keys to claim them. Contact: chantel.gemmell@acrd.bc.ca or leave a message at (250) 726-6106."