This is a list of the textbooks that I have used for teaching, some good reads in economics, and some of the journals that I refer to for research.


At the University of Oklahoma (Fall 2015 - Present), I have used the following textbooks in my classes:

At the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (Fall 2010 - Spring 2015), I used the following textbooks in my classes:

Some Good Reads:

These are some of my favorite books in economics, organized in alphabetical order:


In what follows, I list some of the field (and general interest) journals that I refer to for my research. These journals are particularly useful for research in international economics and the economics of innovation. There are also some survey journals:

  • International Economics:

Journal of International Economics, Review of International Economics, Journal of International Money and Finance, The World Economy, Review of World Economics, Open Economies Review, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, International Journal of Finance and Economics, World Trade Review, and International Review of Economics and Finance. Also, American Economic Review, The Economic Journal, Canadian Journal of Economics, and International Economic Review. Lastly, Journal of Development Economics, Review of Development Economics, and World Development.

  • The Economics of Innovation:

Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Research Policy, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Technovation, and Industry and Innovation.

  • Survey Journals:

Journal of Economic Literature, Journal of Economic Perspective, Annual Review of Economics, Journal of Economic Survey, and Brooking Papers on Economic Activities.