Our Programs include:

  • Distanced Dancing via 10'x10' student boxes or Online Only.

  • All dance classes streamed through our Private Facebook group.

  • New! YOGA Pneuma "Yoga of the Spirit"

  • Individual Lessons: Piano, Guitar, Double Bass, Brass, Woodwinds, Voice

Door Helpers

Parents/Guardians, SIGN UP here to assist with the Canopy Door entrance for our Dance studio.

Please read our General Policies and Procedures

For Safety Check-IN:

  • Click HERE or scan the posted QR code when arriving at the church.

All individuals, students as well as any parents or siblings must check in upon arrival at STJNUMC.

All participants must sanitize hands prior to entry and must be able to answer "no" to all of the safety questions included in the form. Thank you!

Now more than ever is the time for Faith and the ARTS. Consider our affordable, creative offerings now available any time ONLINE!

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Nutcracker Ballet photos provided by Bob Barrett Photography... Thank You Bob!