Vocal Lessons

Lessons with Megan or Ellen will be held via Zoom or Facetime at the discretion of the instructor. In-person lessons may be possible post-pandemic, TBA.

Instructor: Dr. Ellen Davis

Lessons with Dr. Davis may focus on Classical art songs (including English, Italian, Spanish, and German languages), oratorio/opera arias, and solos from Broadway musicals. She enjoys helping students prepare to sing solos, whether for a church activity, school choral event or competition, or for a college music audition.

Instructor: Megan Havrilla

Lessons with Megan will spend time each lesson reviewing and teaching the basic mechanics of singing, i.e. stretches, proper breathing techniques, and vocal warm ups that expand and strengthen the vocalist's range. These mechanics give a solid foundation for each style of singing. I believe that each person learns and communicates differently, so I seek to approach teaching music in a way that is most conducive to their learning style and age. The repertoire I specialize in is Broadway/songs from movies as well as more classical works such as Bach, Handel, Mozart, etc. I have some background in singing in Italian, Latin, and German and am comfortable working with a beginner on those languages. I am willing to teach from age 8 up including adults.