Misterton Saints

The family of Roger Saint first appear in Misterton, Somerset church records around the year 1600, but where they lived before that is uncertain. Perhaps they were Huguenots fleeing the religious wars in France? The fact that Roger Saint (senior) was a carpenter suggests that as a possibility since many of the Huguenots who came to England were artisans.

Roger Saint (b.1601)

Roger Saint (junior) was born in Misterton in 1601; his parents were named Roger and Margeria. His birth record at Misterton reads as follows:

Birth registration of Roger Saint (junior)
A transcription of this record is as follows:

Anno Domini 1601
Baptizat: 10th day of Mai was christened saint Roger Sainte ye sonne of Roger Sainte.

Roger Saint (b. about 1580)

Roger Saint (senior) was a carpenter who left his tools to his son Roger (junior) as described in his will below:

My attempt at a transcript of his will (with some added punctuation) is as follows:

In the name of God Amen. I Roger Saint
of Misterton in the countie of Somersett Carpenter, the elder, being of good
perfect memorie, I doe will and ordaine this my last will and testament. I doe
committing soule to Almightie God my Creator and my bodie to be buried in the
Church yard of Crewkerne. Item: I give to my now wife the ffive pounde att
Misterton which Roger Edgar doe owe me and the bedd which I doe lye in and that
which doe belong to her; Item: I give to my daughter Joane Mason twentie
shillinges. Item: I give to my daughter Margerie FFrench twentie shillinges
one whole year after my decease, if they canne recover it. Item: I give to my
sonne Henry twelve pence; Item: I give to my sonne Roger Saint all my
tooles. Item: I give to William Mason the sonne of Robert Mason twelve
pence, Item: I make my sonne William Saint my full and whole Executor
of all the rest of my goods. Roger Saint. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence
of me, Richard Norris, John FFrench.

This will was proved at Westminster before the judges
for probate of will and granting administratione appointment by an Act of Parliament
entitled an Act for probate of wills and granting administratione this nineteenth
day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred ffiftie three by the
oath of William Saint his naturall and lawfull sonne of the deceased, and sole
Executor named in his said will, to whome administration of all and singular the said
Deceased goods chattels and debts was committed he beinge first sworne by virtue of
a commission issued out in that behalfe well and truely to administer the same.