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This site started as a One Name Study (ONS) of the Saint family name and it was intended to include information about multiple Saint families who originated in different places. Currently it mostly contains information about the Dorset/Somerset Saint family and their descendants, some of whom emigrated to Australia, Canada and the USA. If you have information on a Saint family that you would like added to this site please use the Contacts page to contact me. For more information on the "Guild of One Name Studies" please consult

The Saint Coat of Arms

This is an illustration of the Saint family coats of arms. This is documented in Burke's General Armory as

This version was drawn by Dr. Margery E. Carter a descendant of Job Studley Saint; she was born in Weymouth, Dorset, England and worked as a veterinary professor at universities in Ireland, USA, and Zimbabwe before retiring to New Zealand.

The Roger Saint family from Somerset, England

This family originated in Somerset and migrated to Dorset; they lived in that area for many generations. The original Roger Saint family in that area is described on the page Misterton Saints . More information for the Saint family in Dorset and Somerset is available on the page Dorset/Somerset Saints

Please refer to the WorldConnect Project and enter database="dorsetsaints" for the family tree

The following descendent families of Roger Saint emigrated from England over the years:

The Isaac Saint family from South Petherton (USA 1833)

This family attended the Roundwell Street Chapel in South Petherton, Somerset but actually lived in Merriott and Crewkerne (also in Somerset).
The family moved from Crewkerne, Somerset to the USA in 1833.

Isaac Saint (b. 27 Jun 1796) is listed in the main Dorset Saint family tree, background research is available on the page South Pertherton Saints .

The descendants of this family maintain a web page at .

The John Saint family from Sherborne (Australia 1839)

This family moved from Sherborne, Dorset to Australia, leaving aboard the fully rigged ship "Baboo" on 24 Nov 1839 and arriving 10 Mar 1840.

John Saint (b.3 May 1796) is listed in the main Dorset Saint family tree, background research is available on the page Sherborne Saints.

The descendants of this family maintain a web page at  which includes this branch of the family tree.
Additional information on this family is available on the WorldConnect Project database="grahampeters" and database="gregoryjohn".

The Robert/Samuel Saint families from Sherborne (Australia 1849)

These two families moved from Sherborne, Dorset to Port Adelaide, South Australia, leaving aboard the barque "Himalaya" on 1 Aug 1849 and arriving 17 Nov 1849. The voyage must have been a difficult one since several children died at sea, including the youngest child of both the Robert Saint family and the Samuel Saint family.

Robert Saint (b.8 Apr 1798) and Samuel Saint(b.7 Jul 1801) are listed in the main Dorset Saint family tree, background research is available on the page Sherborne Saints.

The Thomas Roach Saint family from Lopen (USA 1856)

This family moved from Lopen, Somerset, England to Boston, Massachusetts, USA about 1856. They lived in Brewster (Cape Cod) where a beach "Saints Landing Beach" was named after them. There is also a book published in 1996 and entitled "The Saints of Brewster 1856-1996" by Paul F.Saint (the grandson of Thomas Roach Saint).

The John Saint family from Misterton (Australia 1859)

This family moved from Misterton, Somerset to Bundaberg, Queensland leaving aboard the barque "British Empire" on 13 Oct 1858 and arriving 5 Feb 1859.

John Saint (b.1827) is listed in the main Dorset Saint family tree.

John's wife Sophia Hurford of Queen Camel, Somerset, England and their son John Saint (b.1858) are listed on the "British Empire" passenger list in the Queensland immigration records. The ship ran into some trouble with customs after it arrived as described in the article The Moreton Bay Courier 23 Feb 1859

The Elias Saint family from Piddletrenthide (Wales 1872)

This family moved from Piddletrenthide, Dorset to North Wales after Elias (Eli) lost his job at Doles Ash Farm and the family lost all their possessions in  house fire.

Elias Saint (b.1835) is listed in the main Dorset Saint family tree.

Henry Saint from South Petherton (New  Zealand 1877)

Henry Saint (b.1859) moved from South Petherton, Somerset to Wellington, New Zealand aboard the iron full-rigged ship "Hurunui" which left England on 16 September 1877 and arrived in New  Zealand on 12 December 1877. On the passenger list Henry's occupation is listed as a carpenter.

Henry's future wife Leah Ambrose (b.1860) had moved from England to New Zealand aboard the ship "Waipa" which left 17 December 1875 and arrived 2 April 1876. Henry and Leah were married in Wellington, New Zealand on 13 August 1879.

Information on their descendants is available at and for their son Stanley Saint (b.1890) at  - Stanley was killed in action during WWI.

The Henry Saint family from Wales (Australia 1899)

Henry Saint (b.1844) was a coal miner who passed away in Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales in 1897, but after his death his wife and children emigrated to Australia aboard the ship "Oroya". They left Plymouth, Devon on 18 Aug 1899 and arrived at Albany, Western Australia on 21 Sep 1899. Henry and his wife Mary A. "Annie" had children Henry (b.1892), Iona Ethel Gertrude (b.1884) and William Percy (b.1888). In the 1891 UK census William P. is listed as being born in the USA, so the family may have attempted to emigrate once before.

The William Charles Saint family from Piddletrenthide (Australia 1911)

This family moved from Piddletrenthide, Dorset to Australia, leaving aboard the "S.S. Kaikoura" on 9 Aug 1911.

William Charles Saint (b.1889) is listed in the main Dorset Saint family tree.

The descendants of this family maintain a web page at which include this branch of the family tree.

The Sidney Thomas Saint family from Hardington Mandeville (Canada 1915)

This family moved from Hardington Mandeville, Somerset to Alberta, Canada. The father Sidney had arrived in Canada earlier (about 1911), but his wife Beatrice and three sons left from the Liverpool port on 19 November 1915 and arrived at the Saint John, New Brunswick port on 29 November 1915 aboard the ship "S. S. Corsican".

The Harry Nigel Saint family from Weymouth (Canada 1963)

Nigel Saint was born in Croydon, London and lived in several places (including Weymouth, Dorset where his father was born) before moving with his family from Derby, Derbyshire to Toronto, Canada in 1963 aboard a ship called the RMS "Carinthia". This family temporarily moved back to England in 1970, then returned to Canada in 1978.

The Newfoundland Saint family from Dorset, England

It appears that two Charles Saint's emigrated to Newfoundland at around the same time. Researchers often merge the two together, which can make things confusing. It is uncertain if these two were father and son, or if it was just coincidence that they both appeared in Bonavista, Newfoundland at around the same time.
  • The older Charles Saint (b.1764 d.1840) was believed to have been from Child Okeford, Dorset, England. He emigrated to Canada before 1788. In 1795 he was befriended by Rev. George Smith and was led to become a Methodist lay pastor.
    His parents names were James Saint (b.1720) and Eleanor Brickle; they were married 6 Feb 1742 in Melbury Abbas, Dorset and lived in Child Okeford, Dorset.
    His wife's name was Hannah (?); they had a daughter named Mary born about 1788 in Bonavista, Newfoundland.
  • The younger Charles Saint (b.about 1785 d.about 1841) was apprenticed by the parish of Wimborne Minster, Dorset to a fisherman Thomas Bass of Bonavista, Newfoundland. The apprenticeship was registered 11 Apr 1803 in Wimborne Minster. Charles was a parish apprentice, which indicates he had been orphaned or abandoned by his parents. It appears he emigrated to Canada at the time of his apprenticeship in early 1803, and by 1806 he owned a fishing hut in Bonavista.
    He was married to Mary Hannah Abbott (b.about 1787) on 15 Mar 1803 in Bonavista at an Anglican church and had children Charles Bass (b.1804 d.1867), James, Elizabeth, Mary Elizabeth, Hannah, Amy, William Ellis, Thomas.
    Many of the Saints in Canada are descended from this Charles Saint; a transcript of his will is available here Will of Charles Saint
Note 1 - Apprentice fishermen were supposed to be between 14 and 18 years of age, which suggests Charles Saint the fisherman's apprentice would have been born around 1785.
Note 2 - Unable to find any births in Wimborne Minster with the surname Saint; which suggests Charles' surname registered at birth (about 1785) may have been his Mother's surname.
Note 3 - Wimborne Minster is 16 miles south of Child Okeford, and the sea is another 7 miles south of Wimborne Minster.

The Saint families from Northumberland, England

Several Saint families appears to have originated in Northumberland county in England, and now many branches of the family exist throughout North England.
More information is available on the page Northumberland Saints

The Harry Tipler Saint family from Huntingdon (Australia 1920)

This family moved from Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England and arrived in Sydney, Australia on 19 August 1920. More information on this family is available on the page Huntingdon Saints

The Daniel Saint family from Ireland

This family had been living in Ireland but it was believed they were originally from France, perhaps forced out of France at the same time as the Huguenots were made to leave. Some early members of this family are: Daniel Saint (b. about 1700, d.1771 in North Carolina), his son Hercules Saint (b.1747 in North Carolina), Thomas Wesley Saint, Sr. (b.1735, died in Tennessee, USA), and Thomas Wesley Saint Jr (b.1792, died in Alabama, USA).
The following notable people are believed to be descendants of Daniel Saint:
  • the actress Eva Marie Saint (b. 4 July 1924 in Newark, New Jersey, USA).
  • The four-star general Crosbie Edgerton Saint (b. September 29, 1936 in West Point, New York, USA).
Descendents of this family now live in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee in the USA. This family represents about 95% of the Saints living in the USA today.

The Jacob Saint family from Saint-Lô, Normandy, France

Jacob Saint (m.February 5, 1607, d. March 31, 1636 in Saint-Lô) was goldsmith in Saint-Lô, and was part of the Saint family that were active as goldsmiths in this area from 1600-1800. His son Pierre Saint (m.1638) worked at the Saint-Lô mint but, as a Huguenot, Pierre was forced to leave France for Jersey in 1687.  He also had a son named Jacques.

The following information is available at
  • SAINT, John James. London. Recorded in 1687-1724, he was Jean- Jacques Saint, son of Pierre Saint, qv, and grandson of Jacob Saint, goldsmith of Saint-Lô, 1630-1636. A Philippe Saint or Sainct, known in London in 1714-1730, may be a son, but he does not appear in the French genealogy of the family.
  • SAINT, Pierre. Jersey. A moneyer at the Saint-Lô mint in 1638, when he married Sarah Lesoudain, he was the son of Jacob Saint, goldsmith of Saint-Lô, who had preceded him as monneyer, and Anne Brunoy. The Saints were an extensive family of goldsmiths of Bayeux and Saint-Lô, working circa 1600-1800. A Huguenot, Pierre abjured at St Helier in 1687, having brought with him his wife, and their sons Jean, Jean-Pierre, and Jean-Jacques. Whether he remained in Jersey or continued to England is unknown, but his son Jean-Jacques became the London goldsmith John James Saint, qv.
If you are a member of this family please contact - Mark Saint

The Pierre Saint family from Saint-Lô, Normandy, France (Jersey 1687)

Pierre was the son of Jacob Saint and believed to be a Huguenot refugee from France.

The Jacques Saint family from Saint-Lô, Normandy, France (Jersey)

Jacques Saint (buried 21 Mar 1724/25 in Jersey) was the son of Jacob Saint and believed to be a Huguenot refugee from France

Jacques's descendant The Reverend John James Saint (b.1800 d.1889) the Rector of Speldhurst from 1830-1889, inherited the Groombridge Place estate in the village of Groombridge near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. His family lived at Groombridge Place from about 1860 until 1919.
His daughter Charlotte Saint Streatfield (b.1829) wrote hymns including Hymns and Verses on the Collects, 1865 and Meditations on the Last Seven Words, 1874.
Hi grandson Henry Saint eventually inherited the estate, then sold it and moved to Australia.
This family can trace its ancestry back to Jacques Saint, the Huguenot who left France in the early 1600s.
More information on this family is available at

The Saint brothers from Beauval, Somme, France

Three Saint brothers owned a factory in Beauval, France and there is large Saint family mausoleum in the Beauval Communal Cemetery. Some information on this family is available here Beauval wiki and the factory

More information is available on the page Beauval Saints