SAInI's Lab

The SAInI lab, a clever acronym that stands for Signalling in Aging, Inflammation and Infection, the three paradigms that our group works on.

Signalling in Aging Inflammation Infection

Saini's Lab turns 11 on 19th February 2021 !!


Signalling programs regulating cellular senescence


Spatio-temporal regulation of GPCRs during inflammation


Different modes by which cross-talk can be introduced in the two component system landscape

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  • Congratulations to Uchenna U. Waturuocha and Athira P.J for the new publication!!

  • Congratulations to Parul Yadav for the new publication !!

  • Congratulations to Athira P.J ,Krishna Kumar Singh, Uchenna U. Watson and Devendra Pratap Singh for the new publication !!