This website is heavily under construction!  Minor details may change at any time.  Items will always be added to this, as I go along.  But the major things I am working on now, will be more or less settled when this text no longer exists here. 

Why "Hardy Violets"? ---  

I wanted a name that was the opposite of a, "shrinking violet".  Wikipedia says the phrase, "shrinking violet," means a "shy person".  When I hear the phrase, I think of the Victorian woman, embodying, "the weaker sex". A fainting woman, who isn't thought of as, "strong".  In reality Victorian woman had to be strong.  Wearing whale bone corsets all day couldn't have been easy.  There weren't as many labor saving devices in those days.  Imagine carrying heavy cast iron cooking pots full of food.  Imagine carrying them if you were petite sized.  Imagine carrying the food to men working in, "the fields".  I don't know if those farmer's wives wore corsets as they did all that cooking and lifting.

I originally wanted, "blooming violets". Someone had that domain already.  It would have cost a lot to try and buy it. 

Other reasons for, "Hardy Violets":

I like violets.

I like the concept of, "bloom where you're planted".  ("Brighten the corner where you are".)  


Some goals that I have.  What I would like to accomplish with this site eventually.

Theatre Collecting

I am seeking help in researching a book on theatre / theater collecting. 


Other websites, blogs etc. that we have on the Internet.  Robyn is doing some writing.  You can find her writing website via this page as well.


I will probably be contacting, "you," first to let you know about this site. (In other words, you should have my E-mail address already.)  But if you run across this site on your own some how, and you want to contact me, there is contact information at the top of the page.  If you can't reach me that way, then go to: That is the feedback form on our main website.  You can follow the directions on the page in order to contact us. (Which is pretty much the same as above, now that I think about it. Had to disable the form because of excessive spam.)