I am Gerry Higgins Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Melbourne. Prior to moving to Melbourne in 2014, I was Visiting Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University at Albany, State University of New York, and full time Visiting Instructor at Bowling Green State University.

In January 2017 I will join the School of Philosophy at University College Dublin and start a permanent position as lecturer. 

I wrote my PhD dissertation on John Locke on Persons and Personal Identity, because I was interested in understanding how Locke links questions of accountability to his account of personal identity. I received my PhD in 2013 from the University of St Andrews. During my PhD I was visiting researcher at Yale and Rutgers Universities.

Most of my academic work focuses on early modern philosophy and lies at the intersection between metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and ethics. My other philosophical interests include history of ethics, philosophy of religion, epistemology and social epistemology.

My work has been published in History of Philosophy Quarterly, British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Oxford Bibliographies and I have forthcoming journal articles in Journal of the History of Philosophy and Locke Studies

You can also find information about my work on Academia or PhilPapers.