Robert B. Talisse

W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy

Vanderbilt University

Philosophy Department

2301 Vanderbilt Place, PMB 406319

Nashville, Tennessee 37240-6319

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Robert B. Talisse is W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. A native of New Jersey, Talisse earned his PhD in Philosophy at the City University of New York Graduate School. His academic work focuses on democracy. More specifically, Talisse writes about how a democratic political order can assist and complicate our efforts to acquire knowledge, share ideas, understand what is of value, and address our disagreements. His research engages questions about public discourse, popular political ignorance, partisan polarization, and the ethics of citizenship.

Talisse has lectured throughout the world. He is the author of over one hundred scholarly articles and twelve books.

Talisse is also co-host of the podcast New Books in Philosophy, host of the podcast Why We Argue, and collaborator with Scott Aikin on the Philosophy15 Video Series.

Talisse can be found on Twitter at @RobertTalisse.