Tanja huge respects to your surfing Bavarian  way cool !!! may we get a few words we must ask .

RSM:What type of surf board do you use in the river the one you are surfing looks way cool ? ,do you have any sponsors?Tanja:A small one 5.11 / 18 / my grandpa is my "sponsor",- he bought me my new board when my last one was totally broken I wrote it on the board flitzefritz (name of my grandpa is fritz) "sponsored by grandpa"

No seriously I am not a pro I just have fun and no sponsors.

RSM:What is your favorite wave in Munich ? how long and what got you into river surfing ?

Tanja :I do river surfing for ten years, I started it when i came back to Munich from a three months climbing and surfing trip (we traveled the Atlantic coast France, Spain, Portugal)

i started on the small wave at floßlände

three years ago i came to the Eisbach ( the first year in helmet and protecting vest, I looked like the ( Michelin-guy). we have also some nice waves in the open river when there is high water ,- but that's dangerous and I am scared of it if you surf there you really have to be an excellent surfer (so not me)!!! RSM: You would shred those big waves up in our opinion  Tanja much respect !!! The surf scene in Munich competitive and way fun have you competed in river surf contests ? Tanja:In the beginning i was at some small fun contests at floßlände,- but i m not a great fan of contests and all that circus RSM:You all are, shredding it up stoked on the coed river surfing tribes of Germany . from a Video I saw You got great carves on the waves ,what other river surf tricks are you working on? powerful style big respects!

Tanja:I am not working on tricks

I just have fun and try to surf...

Nacho Clown: No tricks ?...Tanja huge fan , I saw you working on   Bavarian river back flips and walking the thin line... I heard you eat rocks for breakfast and rock the Dance night owl style we are stoked to meet you Bavarian cheers !!!.

RSM: Nacho don't you need to go take out the trash  or something ...sorry Tanja  the winter for us is winter ...cabin fever for Nacho Clown... Fashion in Munich the Dress pic for "Keep Surfing" way cool, was that way hard to swim in can you tell us one sentence to sum up and about that day? way cool ? Tanja:Björn asked me to do that because of his DVD release,- so he s a friend and I did it but i wished it could have been a release in summer it was in September (very cold water and air) RSM:Do you snowboard? or skateboard? and if we may ask ?Tanja:No I am not so cool ;-) I do the ski

My dad is a ski teacher and i started it when i was 2 and a half year old

RSM:What is life like by the river in Munich?

Tanja:I like living in Munich,- we have no ocean, but we have the river and the mountains.

RSM:Do you see yourself traveling to other world river surf waves ?

Tanja:Jep why not,but

I prefer the ocean when I go t

raveling RSM:Do you surf in the ocean as well ,and if ,How do you think river surfing differs from ocean surfing any river surfing for those getting into river surfing you can give advice .Tanja:Yes I do its completely different RSM:What is your favorite thing about river surfing ? Tanja:I can get my head clear RSM:I agree me too truly for the roots you are Tanja many ocean ,river waves to you  and  would you like to say anything to world

Wheres Aloha for you ?  

Tanja: Cheer's form Munich!

Nacho Clown :Tanja thank you for your river surfing time... can we get your autograph  and a kiss please .

RSM:Nice try Nacho haa watch it buddy you maybe get smacked over the head with a surfboard !Peace and waves Tanja  River Surfer magazine Tanja: See you !!!