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Research interests

Quantum phases of trapped cold atoms / ions 
  • Superlattice/disorder effects
  • Atomic mixtures
  • Long-range (dipolar, Coulomb) interactions
  • Geometric frustration and topological phases
Quantum phases of strongly fluctuating magnets  
  • Disorder effects: magnetic Bose glass, magnetic Mott glass, etc.
  • Frustration effects 
  • Low-dimensionality and anisotropy (spatial anisotropy, interaction anisotropy)
Quantum phase transitions
  • Disorder effects and novel universality classes
  • Entanglement signatures of quantum criticality
Simulations of quantum many-body systems
  • Quantum Monte Carlo, classical Monte Carlo 
  • Mean-field methods (Gutzwiller Ansatz)
  • Exact diagonalization