Roque Chess Engine


  • 29/07/2014. MiniRoque 2.0. released. Bugs fix and optimizations. 
  • 08/06/2014. MiniRoque 2.0. released. Bugs fix and updates. 
  • 12/09/2012. Roque 2.1 released. Uptades and opening book v.1.1.
  • 12/09/2012. Opening book v.1.1 released.
  • 11/09/2012. MiniRoque 1.2 released. Improved time management in the different game modes controlled by time.
  • 02/09/2012. Roque 2.0 released. Opening book v.1.0 and other improvements are included.
  • 02/09/2012. Opening book v.1.0 released.
  • 02/09/2012. MiniRoque 1.1 released. It fix some bugs in previous version.
  • 07/08/2012. MiniRoque 1.0 released, a small version of Roque.


Roque is a chess engine based on the xboard protocol.

Technical features:

  • Xboard protocol, version 1.
  • Board representation: array of 64 integers.
  • Move generation: simple, based on board of 8x8 and with move shorting by MVV/LVA technique and heuristic history.
  • Search function: Alfa-Beta algorithm based with Principal Variation Search (PVS) and quiescent search.
  • Aspiration window.
  • Transposition tables (hash).
  • Futility pruning.
  • Evaluation function: material, position bonus tables, pawns structure, king's safety and others bonus.
  • Lazy evaluation.
  • Pondering and analysis modes.
  • Fast move based in the principal variation (experimental).
  • Opening book. 
  • End of game detection based on FIDE rules (three-fold repetition and fifty-moves rule).
  • Game modes: time control (classical, incremental and fixed time per move) and fixed depth.
  • Estimated Elo: ~1825.


Download the lastest version from Download section.