Lastest versions

Roque 2.1 (12/09/2012)


  • Improved time management in the different game modes controlled by time.
  • Adjust hash table size in configuration file.


Opening book v.1.1 included.

MiniRoque 2.1 (29/07/2014)


  • Bugs fix.
  • Moves genetarion, evaluation and sorting functions optimized.


Opening book 1.1 (12/09/2012)


  • Compatible with Roque 2.0 and Roque 2.1.
  • Structured in favorable openings white and black.
  • Includes major openings of the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO).
  • Includes a couple simple classical games.

ECO codes of openings included:

  • A. Flank openings, English and other: A00-A12, A43-A44, A51-A52, A80-A99.
  • B. Sicilian and other semi-open games: B00-B99.
  • C. French and open games: C00-C43, C45-C50, C60-C99.
  • D. Queen's pawn game, Queen's Gambit, Grunfeld and other: D00, D06-D19, D70-D99.
  • E. Indian defenses and other: E00-E09, E11, E20-E60.

Download the book.