How To File An IPR?

There are 2 ways by which you can file for IPRs.


    1. Decide what kind of Property Right you want to go for. (Patents/Trademarks/Industrial Design Rights/Copyrights/Geographical Indication)

    2. Document every files nicely and maintain all the lab records with signatures at the required places, if needed.

    3. Fill this document → Click Here.

    4. Submit all the documents by hardcopy or by an E-mail to the IPR Cell of IIT Ropar.

    5. The IPR Cell of IIT Ropar is going to send these documents for International Patent Search to PSCST along with a fees of 2,500 ₹.

  1. Within 2-3 months, you'd receive the results of Internation Patent Search with some forms. Based on the reports, decide whether your invention is patentable or not.

    1. If you find your invention patentable, fill the forms which you received from the International Patent Search, with every detailed specification.

    2. Send those forms to IPR Cell, which will further send them to PSCST (further being forwarded to TIFAC).

    3. TIFAC scrutinizes your application and if they find it genuine, and if it satisfies all the conditions, then it further sends it to the Patent Attorney.

    4. After 2-4 months, you'll receive a letter confirming your Intellectual Property Rights.


    1. Follow the first three steps of Normal Process.

    2. Request your IPR Cell to scrutinize your application, your departmental representative(the member of IPR Cell which handles that department) of IPR Cell will scrutinize your application.

    3. In addition, you need to take approval from the Director to apply directly to the Patent Attorney.

    4. If everything works out perfectly, you'll receive your rights in about a month.