Plant Databases

Plant trait databases

  • TRY-DB - plant traits database
  • Kew SID - Kew seed information database
Fossil databases

Ecological Datasets

Spatial Datasets

- Climate
  • Global climatologies for bioclimatic modelling: CliMod
  • Global potential evapotranspiration (Global-PET) and aridity index (Global-Aridity)
  • Bioclimatic variables for mapping species distributions: Bioclim
  • Global climate change scenarios 10 minute grid: 1901-2000
- Soil
  • FAO Spatial Geonetwork
  • Harmonized World Soil Database IIASA
  • Global Soil Regions Map: FAO-UNESCO
  • Global Soil Carbon, Nitrogen, Water profile: IGBP-DIS
  • Global Soil Organic Carbon, Moisture, pH, Potential Evapo-transpiration: SAGE
  • Soil and Terrain Database for Latin America and the Caribbean: SOTERLAC
  • Global soil, climate, carbon, vegetation, canopy, wetland, geochemistry: ORLN DAAC
  • Global soil water balance (GSWB)
  • SoilGrids

- Topographic maps

Rainfall and flooding

  • Global rainfall and flooding: TRMM

Landcover map

Satellite imagery


  • Global scale mapping of canopy height and biomass in 3D: Lidar       

- Basemaps

- Online tools
  • Taxonomic Name Resolution Service(TNRS): Standardizing plant names taxonomy datasets
- Python-related

Online datasets

- Bibliography manager


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