Roosevelt García-Villacorta

   E-mail: roosevelt.garcia(at)
   Cell and Molecular Plant Biology
   Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences,
   School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh
  Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh

  20a Inverleith Row
  EH3 5LR



  Peruvian Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (PCB & C)


Research Interests:
Ecology and plant diversity patterns in the Amazon; Niche evolution and habitat specialization; Plant traits and their links to ecology and plant evolution; Vegetation mapping, soil, and carbon dynamics; Biogeography, phylogeography and the origin and evolution of the Neotropical flora; Conservation of biodiversity processes in the Andes-Amazon region.

Previous Host Institutions:
University of Missouri, Saint Louis, (UMSL), USA
Nature & Culture International,(NCI), Peru
Universidad Nacional de la Amazonia Peruana, (UNAP), Peru