About Ron

In May 2011 I graduated from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design NSCAD in Halifax Nova Scotia with a Bachelor of Fine Art, with a Major in Painting. It was the realization of a lifelong dream! It is only the first step in the process of being an 'artist'.

After a successful career as a scientist and manager (with bachelor and PhD degrees in the applied sciences), I am enjoying the transition from science to the world of fine art.

Throughout my life I dreamed of spending my time drawing, painting, and sculpting. During extensive travels I have visited many of the major art galleries and devoted time to sketching and drawing. I feel fortunate to having this new life come true.

Themes based on landscapes and the human form have particular appeal. I also have a high regard for the structure of the natural world and I enjoy discovering geometric and random patterns, textures, and shapes in natural objects, landscape and organic materials. One of my interests is to create patterns and forms in paint and sculpture.

Beyond the technical training NSCAD has taught me that artistic intention, meaningful communication, and contribution to society are the larger motivations for creating art.

Studio 21 stART Show, 2011

NSCAD 4th year art studio

Home art studio, 2014

Plein Air painting, Autumn 2014