Dr. Jonathan Rogers

New York University Abu Dhabi

Office: A5 1176C

Office hours: by appointment

Email: jonathan.rogers@nyu.edu

Welcome to my homepage. I am part of the Division of Social Science at NYU Abu Dhabi and a member of the Social Science Experimental Laboratory (SSEL).

I work primarily in American Politics, with a focus on voting behavior and collective action. With respect to the latter, I am interested in the nastier side of other-regarding behavior: cheating, spite, discrimination, and changing rules to target opposition groups. While much of my published work uses observational and survey data, I also run experiments and am developing tools to adapt experiments to meet the challenges of new technologies and subject pools. I teach a variety of courses from introductory politics and policy to research methods and advanced math for social scientists. Less formally, I mentor advanced undergraduates (like those below) in independent research, experimental design, and programming. In my spare time, I rescue, train, and re-home stray cats/dogs, funded via proceeds from pet photography sessions.