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News of Note!

This web collection has been identified for inclusion at the Library of Congress. Pretty cool. While that copy will contain pretty much what is there anyway, the honor is mine and it will not go away in its most recent form should something unfortunate happen to me. Click here to get to that copy. And my thanks to all who contributed to it.

Note: Updates happen occasionally. I'm probably a bit behind on some of it.

I now store my entire collection in a publicly accessible folder on my Google Drive: Click here and then make sure to "Read Me First".

I began the collection offered here in 1982 when Roger Noll hired me as a graduate student to work on Selig v. US. To the best of my knowledge and ability, they are the most complete data on the economics and business of U.S. pro sports leagues in existence. I say that so that everybody will feel challenged to prove me wrong and add to the data (as many of you already have!).

Please notify me if you find errors or know of sources that would complete anything that is missing. I'm glad to credit you when you do so.

Some have suggested that I'm missing a profit opportunity by simply posting these data. To them, I paraphrase: The truth shall set you free, but only if you can get the data to judge the truth. And here they are. (Besides, some of these data may be proprietary and their presence here is simply tolerated by their originators).

You’ll have to find stuff yourself. I used to lay it all out in webpage point and click/download formats but that has now proven too time consuming for me. So I’m taking the easiest route for me that still should make it approachable for you.

The organization is the same as before, but you’ll have to shuffle through some folders to get to the files you want. I still do put them all in Word or Excel or PDF for you.

Good luck. And you can always email me if you have questions.

You are welcome.