Most jobs are priced by a given quote for that specific job.
Also, the more, the cheaper! Quantity discount will save you money.
A couple guidelines to go by if you are looking for an average estimate:
Window Screen- New Screen material - About $20
Door size/Patio Slider - New Screen material - $40
Storm Window - Repair broken glass - $60
Wood framed Window, glazed in glass, repair glass - $60-100
Vinyl Framed Window, double paned, (insulated unit) - $20/ square foot
Balance Replacement - $20-30 per side
Sash Cord Replacement - $60-100 per window sash
We also build custom screens to size! Call for a price as they range from size, color, thickness, attachments, and much more.
This pricing gives you a general idea, but remember every window and every screen is different.
There are many different manufacturers out there so be sure to call and get a free estimate for your job!