This is a french entry door on a house in Milton, MA.

It was insulated glass (double pane) and just one lite was broken.  It was replaced, new moulding, sanded, and painted to match.  You'd never know which panel was replaced!






This is also in Milton, different home though.  We rehabed this old and very beautiful, ornate window.  The sash cords and pulleys were replaced to make it operational again.









This is a picture of a screen porch on a home in Braintree.  The screens were installed and it was repainted by the homeowner.  Looks great!











This is a brand new building built in South Boston.  IT is going to be sold as condos.  The openings on the screen porch were made to accomadate very large screens.  Rock Island built and installed custom screens that were about 8 by 8 feet in size.








A screen porch in Hingham that was old, tattered, and ripped.  All screens were taken down and re-screened, and re-installed same day.  Gave this house an extra room again on those hot summer nights!

This is a picture of Rock Island's mobile screen setup that can be anywhere at anytime!


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