Economist at Dublin City University Business School

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Dublin City University Business School. I am also a Docent (adjunct professor) at Hanken School of Economics. My main research interests are in Development, Political Economy and Public Economics, with a particular focus on corruption and governance. My IDEAS page can be found here. My CV can be viewed here.

I am interested in supervising and working with graduate students in my specific research areas and in the fields of Development, Political Economy, and Public Economics more generally.

Published Papers

Adhikari, Tamanna, Michael Breen, and Robert Gillanders (Forthcoming), "Are New States More Corrupt? Expert Opinions vs. Firms’ Experiences", Applied Economics Letters, available online February 22nd 2018 (Working Paper)

Gillanders, Robert and Olga Neselevska (Forthcoming), "Public Sector Corruption and Trust in the Private Sector", Journal of International Development, available online August 21st 2017 (Working Paper)

Gillanders, Robert and Sinikka Parviainen (2018), "Experts’ Perceptions versus Firms’ Experiences of Corruption and Foreign Direct Investment", The Manchester School, Volume 86, Issue 2, Pages 195–218 (Working Paper)

Breen, Michael, Robert Gillanders, Gemma McNulty, and Akisato Suzuki (2017), "Gender and Corruption in Business", Journal of Development Studies, Volume 53, Issue 9, Pages 1486-1501 (Working Paper)

Billon, Steve and Robert Gillanders (2016), "State Ownership and Corruption", International Tax and Public Finance, Volume 23, Issue 6, pp 1074–1092 (Working Paper)

Gillanders, Robert (2016), "The Effects of Foreign Aid in Sub-Saharan Africa", The Economic and Social Review, Volume 47, Issue 3, Pages 339-360 (Working Paper)

Gillanders, Robert (2016), "Corruption and Anxiety in Sub-Saharan Africa", Economics of Governance, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp 47-69 (Differently Titled Working Paper)

Breen, Michael and Robert Gillanders (2015), "Political Trust, Corruption and Ratings of the IMF and the World Bank", International Interactions, Volume 41, Issue 2, Pages 337-364 (Working Paper)

Corcoran, Adrian and Robert Gillanders (2015), "Foreign Direct Investment and The Ease of Doing Business", Review of World Economics, Volume 151, Issue 1, Pages 103-126 (Working Paper)

Gillanders, Robert and Karl Whelan (2014), "Open For Business? Institutions, Business Environment and Economic Development", Kyklos, Volume 67, Issue 4, Pages 535–558 (Working Paper)

Gillanders, Robert (2014), "Corruption and Infrastructure at the Country and Regional Level", Journal of Development Studies, Volume 50,
Issue 6, Pages 803-819 (Working Paper)

Breen, Michael and Robert Gillanders (2012), "Corruption, Institutions and Regulation", Economics of Governance, Volume 13,
Issue 3, Pages 263-285 (Working Paper)

Working Papers

Breen, Michael and Robert Gillanders, "Does Corruption Ease the Burden of Regulation? National and Subnational Evidence", MPRA Paper No. 82088 (Under Review)

Boly, Amadou and Robert Gillanders, and Topi Miettinen, "Deterrence, Peer-Effect and Legitimacy in Anti-Corruption Policy-making: An Experimental Analysis", WIDER Working Paper 2016/137 (Revise and Resubmit)

Boly, Amadou and Robert Gillanders, "Anti-Corruption Policy Making, Discretionary Power and Institutional Quality: An Experimental Analysis", WIDER Working Paper 2016/88 (Revise and Resubmit)

Gillanders, Robert and Sinikka Parviainen, "Corruption and the Shadow Economy at the Regional Level", HECER Discussion Paper No. 392 (Revise and Resubmit)

Other Writing

"Power, corruption and lies", a short piece for RTE on the costs and causes of corruption, December 2017

Boly, Amadou and Robert Gillanders (2017),  "Effective anti-corruption policy-making: What can we learn from experimental economics?", PEGNet Policy Brief 9/2017

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