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I'm a strong leader of people, with 25 years of experience building high-performance teams that get things done in IT.  20 years with Financial Services firms, built on 5 years prior experience architecting and delivering products to market for disruptive startups.  

I'm best at building centers of excellence for IT service delivery and production management, as well as operational technology risk management and business continuity. I'm known for turning ambiguity into vision, keeping changing priorities aligned with strategy, and building process improvements into everything we do.  My biggest successes have been crossing siloed verticals in IT to realize savings of scale and labour arbitrage, without losing the value of close relationships to the businesses.

I've been successful because I'm driven to get things done, passionate about continuous process improvement, and I'm motivated by the successes of my teams. I work best in companies that are fiercely competitive with their external competitors, and collaborative within their internal structure.

I'm currently heading up some operational process management and improvement initiatives with Kyndryl's Securities Industry Services.