History Review



Knowledge of the following will help with test:

·         Roots of Rock and Roll - i.e. where did it come from (Blues, Jazz, Country etc)

·         Two independent Record producers - eg. Chess, Atlantic, King, etc.

·         How did they out maneuver the big companies (RCA, Warner Bros.)sold records where ever they could (flea markets, trucks of cars,) offered 2 for 1 deals, paid disc jockeys to play there music.

·         The role of Elvis - Attitudes towards “colored” music before Elvis

- His abilities as a performer

- How he changed the attitude of main stream culture


·         Name two “Cronners”, (Neil Sedaka, Franky Valley). How did they become popular (rock and roll “cools down” with death of Buddy Holly, Elvis joins the army, Little Richard become a minister)


·         Explain the impact of the Beatles on American Music - The Beatles took early rock and roll and gave it added musical merit.  Harmonies and chord structures became more sophisticated.  Their wild popularity and move into America threaten the livelihood of American musician.  As a result Americans, be necessity, had to increase their own musical level.  The Beatles were instrumental in the growth of Rock and Roll as an art form.  


·         What happened at the Newport Folk Festival of 1965 that changed music forever. Before-Greenwich village scene (New York City) - acoustic instruments, socially conscience lyrics, Dylan the star of that scene, most folk artisted hated rock and roll because it was commercial and did not "say" anything. During- Newport Folk Festival was a "feel good" folk environment. No history with rock and roll.  Dylan plugged in and played his music with a rock group. Folkies reacted badly. After -  The subject matter for rock and roll opened up to include anything.  Groups like the Beatles started writing about current social issues.  Dylan and other folk artists starting incorporating new electric sound and the energy of rock and roll into there music.  Rock and Roll was now a mature art form.   


·         Trace the evolution of young people on the following time line:

World War 11 1940-50


No real gap between child and adult. Many babies born after the war.

Rock and Roll Develops


Young people embraced “race music” and attitudes become different then their parents. Term “teenager” is born.

Elvis brings black music to white audience.

The Beatles


Gives even more identity and style to teenagers. Takes music to a new level of quality. Helps to make Rock and Roll a legitimate art form.

Bob Dylan


Dylan goes electric

at Newport in 1965, brings “integrity” to the rock sound. Young people become aware of ability to change society.








60's 70's and Punk 

 The 60’s


Compare and contrast Festivals at “Woodstock” and the “Isle of Wight”. 

Woodstock- No concern for financial gain

- Participants wanted to change the world-establish peace and love

-Performer only one part of "new culture"

Isle of Wight -Goal was to make money

- Audience were disillusioned by "sell out"

-Performer became separate and "above" the audience (they were now "stars")

How did the role of the performer change during this time and what effect did it have

Performers began as part of a community that supported each other and had a common goal (new world of love).  As they became "stars" they were separated from their community and lost there support and "family”, this lead to drug use and death for some.


Would you say that the “experiment” of the sixties was a success or failure? Explain.

Success- peace, love and equality

Failure - drugs, sexual experimentation, authority (hippies thought that they could live together without leaders, they were wrong).


The 70's


Name 3 different acts from the 70's -Elton John, Kiss, Pink Floyd 


Explain the approach that record companies took with new artists in the 70's.

-Willing to take risks with experimental music. Liked originality.


How did this change of the “mega hits” of Rumors and Frampton Comes Alive?

-These records outsold the Beatles. Recording companies realized that recording companies could make great money by sticking to one type of artist.  They stopped signing experimental bands and focused on major artists only.  Corporate rock was born.



Name 3 pioneers of early “Punk”     - Iggy Pop

                                                            -New York Dolls

                                                            -Velvet Underground



Explain how the Ramon's influenced the British Punk scene - Ramon’s first album contained short, rock and roll structured songs that the British youth (who could not relate to or play the music of artists like Clapton or Pink Floyd) took as their own.  The pulsating eight notes of the guitar were used by many British punks to lean how to play   The Ramon's sound then became to sound of Punk.


What were the causes of Punk short-lived popularity.       

- Violence

-Completely negative attitude 

-Fans became uncontrollable and extreme