Group A

#1- Video - Power Chords


#2 -Video - Chords for the Chorus


 I played these  two sections too fast (to fit into 10mb)

Play in a slow 4 as per song



     Second Verse (better scan)



Part 1 - video

Part 2 - video




Chorus Fills


#1 - After "Welcome to the Hotel California....-Video


#2 - After "Plenty of Room at the Hotel Claifornia..."



#3 - After "Welcome to the Hotel California..(second time)  -you must use a rake at the beginning and a pinch harmonic at the end 

- Video


#4 - After Plenty of Room.... second time -Video  


TAB for all 4 sections


Verse 2

 Second Verse (better scan)



 Group C - Brian, Nate (solo)

         Part 1

         Part 2

         Part 3 - Divide the two harmony notes between you



 Tab for Solo (last part)


 Chords for Duet