We are seeking parents/guardians who are excited to help our children make the great transition to Kindergarten. We hope that at the end of your RTK experience, you enjoyed your experience so much that you would be interested in joining the RTK Class of 2032 committee. If you would like to volunteer please email us at

If you would like the opportunity to help out either in the classroom or on field trips, three things must happen:
1) You must complete a new CORI form for the School District EVERY SEPTEMBER.  It is processed by the state and returned to Mitchell assuring that you are in good standing to be working with children.  Please know that you must photocopy both the front and the back of your MA drivers license. Mitchell typically sends home a blank CORI form to each family. (GMSPA typically provides blank CORI forms at the Open House in September, be sure to bring your license with you.)
2) You must complete a new CONFIDENTIALITY form EVERY SEPTEMBER where you must agree to be discreet and respect the privacy of the each student and all personal student/family matters. 
3) You must attend a Volunteer Training Session ONCE in your Mitchell tenure so that you can be briefed on what is and is not your role as a volunteer. General session dates will be announced and individual training sessions are carried on an "as needed" basis. Once dates are released we will be sure to update them here.

For additional volunteering opportunities, click here. To help with any of GMSPA's fundraising initiatives, click here for more information.