Kindergarten is a BIG DEAL and it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Read on to hear from other Bridgewater families who were in your place not too long ago.

This past fall, I put my second child on the bus to Kindergarten. Kindergarten had gone superb for my first child but this time was different. My second son was ready, but I was not. I was so hesitant about his start because I was concerned about the teacher he had been matched with. I heard from other parents that she had a strong personality and very clear expectations for students and here I was sending my quiet, shy, reserved son to spend the day with her. All I did was worry that his teacher would not be the best match for his personality. Friends reminded me over and over that I should not worry about a relationship that had not even formed yet. They said to be sure not to let on that I had reservations or he may also. Although hard, I waited and watched and of course my son is quite happy and delighted in Kindergarten! He loves and respects his teacher. I learned that what a mom "hears" about a teacher's teaching style might be quite perfect for any child, even mine! Take it from a two-time Kindergarten mom, Kindergarten happens and all is well.
~Kristin, mom of John and Jeffery


I was concerned for my son, not coming from the Bridgewater preschool that he would worry about making new friends and entering a new school. The teachers had organized activities that would allow the children to explore the school surroundings. Also, the social time that the teachers have put in place enables the children to develop friendships and become individuals.
~Jennifer, mom of Kiefer 

Beginning with the Road to Kindergarten 4th of July Parade, my son was so proud to be marching alongside his dad. It made him feel special and introduced him to the idea of how “cool” it is to be a Kindergartner. Throughout the summer, he made so many new friends, as did my husband and I. My son was able to meet some of his new classmates and we even scheduled a few summer play dates prior to the start of school. There is nothing better than seeing a familiar face on that first day of school. With all of the exciting activities that Road to Kindergarten offered the kids, they were able to realize that going to school was going to be a FUN experience!
~Patty, mom of Ryan 

My son had been in OT for a year before Kindergarten started and I was worried about him being able to keep up with his classmates. By mid-fall, he was placed on an IEP (Early Intervention Plan) and began working with the Special Education team. I CANNOT say enough amazing things about the hard work that they do for the children. They have worked so well with my son that not only is he keeping up with his classmates; he has exceeded many of his goals early! If you will be working with the Special Ed team, you are in for a treat.
~Kara, mom of Ethan

Preschool was such a delight for our family. My son Brendan loved his preschool and we both loved his teachers. What I came to treasure most in our three year experience at preschool was the daily interaction with his teachers as I dropped off and picked up my son. When Brendan entered Kindergarten, I wondered how I would be able to communicate with his teacher. What a huge change! It took a little getting used to, but I learned quickly that the best way to communicate was by sending little notes to school in Brendan's folder when I had a question or concern. That afternoon or the next day, I'd receive a response from his teacher. It's a great little system. I also started volunteering in the classroom a couple of hours each Friday and that gave me the opportunity to see what really goes on in class. I developed a whole new appreciation for what his Kindergarten teacher deals with each day. If you ever have the opportunity to volunteer, I highly recommend you give it a try.
~Donna, mom of Brendan

As a former Kindergarten teacher myself, I believe that self-esteem and confidence are the fundamental keys which lead to success in all other areas of the curriculum and also in life. The RTK program offers opportunities to foster both and I think that every school district in this country should adopt this program to assist children with this important step of making connections and taking ownership of their new environment.
~Lisa, mom of Patrick