Life After The RN

Having shared chunks of our careers and membership of the great RN social club many are now spread far and wide and getting a critical mass in a room is a less frequent event. So here is a chance to identify reasons to gather, at the pub/heritage center or somewhere special outdoors.

How many times have we said/thought "wonder what so and so are doing now, "well I never/wish I knew they were into?" So we hope to make a space to share clipped highlights in a few words, with a photo, a link to U Tube, a website, Facebook or even LinkedIn. Send your input to Paddy at

If this proves popular we may move it to a separate Topic in the forum (Link to RATCO Group bottom of home page)

There is already a link to "Roundown" issues in the Forum.

Got the T shirt?

Geoff Bowker has shared an insight to his new venture as a traditional wooden boat builder, follow this link to Bowker Marine:

Bowker Marine - Building a Gartside Pram Dingy