PI: Dr. Rabibrata Mukherjee

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Lab Pics

Research at the Instability and Soft Patterning Laboratory, IIT Kharagpur includes nano scale patterning and ordering of polymer systems, by controlling the self organization and evolution of unstable ultra thin films in various settings. The broad areas interest includes Thin Film Dewetting, Polymer blends, Soft lithography, Evaporation induced patterning, E-field instability, Colloidal assembly, Liquid Crystal thin films, Spin coating, Nano particles in thin films, Opto-electronic device applications, Super Hydrophobic surfaces etc.

We have a state of art laboratory with facilities like AFM, Optical Microscope, Spin and Dip coaters, Ellipsometer, Goniometer and UV Ozone Chamber. We are funded by DST and several other organizations. We also have several international colaborations with universities at Akron, Freiburg etc. and several other groups in India.