Instability and Soft Patterning Laboratory
PI: Dr. Rabibrata Mukherjee, Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering 
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


04-02: Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Nandini Bhandaru for receiving DST INSPIRE Fellowship for the year 2016-17. Congratulations and best wishes from all!

30-01 Recent media coverage of our group research activities on polymer blend nano patterned surfaces and self cleaning applications and interviews of Dr. Rabibrata Mukherjee and Nandini Bhandaru

07-01 Nandini has been awarded 'Young Scientist Award' in 'Engineering Sciences' section in 104th Indian Science Congress. Congratulations Dr. Nandini Bhandaru !!

04-01 Dr. Rabibrata Mukherjee invited to be Editorial Board member, Advanced Powder Technology (Elsevier) Congratulations Sir!!
20-12 Dr. Rabibrata Mukherjee is being  awarded the Kaushal Kishore Memorial Award 2016 by the Society for Polymer Science (India). Congratulations Sir!!

17-12 Shah Schulman Award of IIChE, for the Best Ph.D Thesis in Colloid and Interfaces Science, 2016 awarded to Nandini. Congratulation Dr. Nandini Bhandaru!!

16-12 Dr. Rabibrata Mukherjee invited to be Associate Editor of Bulletin of Materials Science (2017-2019).

01-12 A novel collaborative effort by our lab and Prof. J. Chatterjee of School of Medical Science on "Patterned membranens of Silk and Honey as Therapeutic patch for treatment of Oral Cancer" gets major media coverage across India! Some links: Business-standard,DeccanchronicleHindustantimes

12-11 "Programmable Nanopatterns by Controlled Debonding of Soft Elastic Films" published in ACS Applied Materails and Interfaces.

10-11 Collaborative work with Dr. Rahul Banerjee of NCL Pune on COF membranes and nano sheets published in Advanced Materials and Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 

05-09 Happy Teachers Day Sir! Thank you for making Instability Lab a place of vast knowledge, creativity and innovation.
We thank all the teachers whose encouragement and inspiration drives us! 

20-08 Anuja recieves DST SERB funding for attending RheoSAS 2016, In-situ rheology for neutron and X-ray scattering techniques at Grenoble France.

02-08 "Differential Behavior of Normal and Fibrotic Fibroblasts under the Synergistic Influence of Micropillar Topography and the Rigidity of Honey/Silk-Fibroin Substrates", a work combining concepts of surface engineering and therapeutics gets published in ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering

30-07 Nandini recieves her PhD during the 62nd convocation at IIT Kharagpur. Congratulations Dr. Nandini Bhandaru! 

28-07 Meneka Banik presents her extension seminar.

27-07 Anuja Das sucessfully presents her Enhancement seminar and Palsh dhara presents his Extension seminar. Congratulations!!

25-07 Poulomi Chakraborty presents her Registration cum Enhancement Seminar.
22-07 Hearty Congratulations to Dr. Nandini Bhandaru for successfully defending her thesis!! 

13-07 "Instability and Soft Patterning of Polymer Thin Films" a course by Dr. Rabibrata Mukherjee continuous to be one of the top feedback course in the Institute! 
06-07 Meneka Banik will be attending ECIS 2016 at Rome, Italy.

04-05 Congratulations to Nandini on wining the EMRS Graduate student award at EMRS spring meeting 2016 for the symposium "Advanced materials for printing"!!

28-04 Nandini presents her synopsis seminar successfully.

03-02     Anuja, Aditya and Nandini will be presenting their research works at EMRS 2016 Spring Meeting at Lille France.


19-12    "Thermally amendable and thermally stable thin film of POSS tethered Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) synthesized by ATRP" Collaborative work with Prof Nikhil Singha in European Polymer Journal

06-12    Anuja Das, Meneka Banik and Nandini win joint second best oral presentation award at Chemference 2015 IIT Hyderabad. Congartulations!!

20-11    "Confinement Induced Ordering in Dewetting of Ultra Thin Polymer Bilayers on Nano Patterned Substrates" published in Nanoscale.

10-09    Nandini Bhandaru gets first prize for Poster Presentation at the Departmental Research Scholars Day 2015

11-09    Nandini Bhandaru wins the MRS Young Scientist Award at CSIR-CGCRI.  

07-09    Collaborative review paper on Polyelectrolyte Brushes published in Soft Mater

03-09    Meneka Banik presents her Enhancement Seminar.

02-09    Nandini's Work on polymer blend selected for presentation at MRS fall meeting 2015 at Boston.

01-09    Nandini presented her Extension seminar.

22-07    Palash Dhara completes his registration seminar successfully. 

20-07    Congratulations to  Anuja Das for successfully presenting her registration seminar.

15-07    Congratulations to Meneka Banik for successfully completing her registration seminar.    

06-07     "Instability and Soft Patterning of Polymer Thin Films" a course by Dr. Rabibrata Mukherjee is one of the best taught course in the Institute this year!! 
27-06    Congratulations to Nandini for best presentation award at IIMR 2015 CGCRI.

23-06    Anuja recieves ESONN 2015 CEFIPRA Fellowship! Heartiest Congratulations
  • Nandini successfully presented her paper titled "Alternate Multi-Polymer Nano Droplet Array on Topographically Structured Surfaces" at DPG Spring meeting 2015, Berlin
  • Congratulations to Aditya and Nikita for winning the first prize at the Asian Paints Paper Contest!!
  • Another ACS Publication from ISPL : Langmuir- Solvent-Vapor-Assisted Dewetting of Prepatterned Thin Polymer Films: Control of Morphology, Order, and Pattern Miniaturization 
  • Nandini and Anuja wins best poster award for ADA at NANO INDIA 2015 (Sastra University Thanjavur)
We at the Instability and Soft Patterning Lab, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur are looking at issues related to nano scale patterning and ordering of polymer systems, by controlling the self organization and evolution of unstable ultra thin films in various settings. The broad areas interest includes Dewetting, Polymer blends, Soft lithography, Evaporation induced patterning, E-field instability, Colloidal assembly, Liquid Crystal thin films, Spin coating, Nano particles in thin films, Opto-electronic device applications, Super Hydrophobic surfaces etc.
We have a state of art laboratory with facilities like AFM, Optical Microscope, Spin and Dip coaters, Ellipsometer, Goniometer and UV Ozone Chamber. We are funded by DST - Nano Mission, DST - Solar Energy Research Initiative as well as Samsung Electronics, Korea under its GRO program. We also have several international colaborations with universities at Akron, Freiburg etc. and also with several other groups at IIT Kharagpur.