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This web site is run by the RMC Class of 1975.
Our mission:
To provide an on-line presence for the members of the “RMC" graduating class of 1975,
to exchange information about our class, the RMC Club, the RMC Alumni & RMC Foundation regarding reunions, status of classmates, fund-raising, class projects, etc.

** Please bring any errors or omissions to the attention of the class Web Master.**

ANNOUNCEMENTS - [this page last updated: February 28, 2018 ]
 CLASS WEB SITEAs you can see, our web site layout, format and URL have changed significantly. 
The reason for the change at this juncture is that the RMC Club’s website service provider
decided to stop hosting all of the class web sites and detach them from the Club site.
A one month notice of this decision was given the RMC Club in January.

The problem stemmed from the fact that some of the Branch and Class websites, although hosted at no additional cost to the Club, or the Branch / Class, were managed directly by individual Branch and Class Webmasters. Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts, many of those sites were insecure, which then led to the Club site being hacked.

A decision on moving forward with our Class of 75 web site could not be made until a decision was received from the RMC Club. That occurred on April 12, 2017.

Each Branch and Class will now be expected to develop their own website (or Facebook page) and find/fund their own service provider. For those Branches and Classes who may still prefer to have the RMC Club website service provider host their site, it would be at the expense of the class, not the Club.

The decision your Class Secretary and I have made at this time is to try the free service hosted by Google. Ergo, the reason for the strange URL  <https://sites.google.com/site/rmcclassof75>
Should this option prove to be inadequate, we'll pursue the alternative option that involves funding.

In the mean time, please spend some time on our new site, navigating the sections and the new features including our class Google Group, and fill out the reunion attendance questionnaire.

Your feedback, comments, suggestions are welcome and encouraged by emailing either:
                 Class Secretary (Cam Carbert) @ <cam.carbert.rmc75@gmail.com>

                 Web Master (Rick McCarthy) @ <10716mccarthy@gmail.com> 

Thank you,
 Rick McCarthy, RMC Class of 75 Web Master
 OP RECONNECT project to track down all classmates prior to our 2020 Reunion
*** Please visit the "OP RECONNECT" page, if not already done so.
*** It's located under the Class Muster Sheets tab.

REUNION 2020 and BEYOND** A note from our RMC Club Executive Director regarding future reunion weekends **
"The new Commandants of RMC Kingston and CMR Saint-Jean, in coordination with the Club and other key stakeholders, have schedule future Reunion Weekend (RWE) dates to coincide with the end of their respective First Year Orientation Programs (FYOP).
This means that all College events such as obstacle course and badging ceremonies will still occur during Reunion Weekends, but those weekends will now take place approximately 2 weeks after Labour Day ( mid-September, not end-September). 
Near-term future dates for RWE just released are as follows:
2018: 14-16 Sept (Class of 73)
2019: 13-15
 Sept (Class of 74)
2020: 18-20
 Sept (Class of 75)
2021: 17-19
 Sept (Class of 76)
2022: 16-18 
Sept (Class of 77)

The Class of 75 Governance Committee for the Wall of Honour is please to announce the following additions to the team:

Dr Huebert is an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, Calgary Centre for Military and Strategic Studies and brings to the team a broad depth of military knowledge, particularly in strategic affairs, and an expertise in the polar arctic. His research interests include: Canadian foreign and defence policies, circumpolar relations, foreign policy studies, International Relations, Naval Studies, Ocean Politics and Strategic Studies In 2012 he published “Climate Change and International Security: The Arctic as a Bell Weather”.

James Rajotte served as Member of Parliament representing Edmonton Southwest and then Edmonton-Leduc from 2004 to 2015. He was the Chair of Parliament's Standing Committee on Finance. Previously he had been the Chair of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology. He is currently the Vice President, Provincial and Municipal Government Relations at Rogers Communications.

Please welcome Rob and James as members of the Class of 75 Wall of Honour Governance Committee.
INNOVATION CENTER for TEACHING & LEARNING An update on this class project is forthcoming.
 CLASS of 75 Google GroupGoogle Groups is a service from Google that allows people sharing common interests to participate in threaded conversations, share data, either through a web interface or by e-mail.
The Class of 75 Google Group has been created for RMC/CMR Class of 75 alumni members.

Note:  However, in order to join the group and participate in discussions and exchange data, you require a gmail email address.  Google does not allow other email providers (Shaw, Rogers, Yahoo, Bell, etc) to log into this service.
If you wish to participate in the group and do not currently have a gmail account, we recommend you create a gmail account that contains your college number a last name. 
Eg: 10716mccarthy@gmail.com.