Dartford and Crayford Creek Restoration Trust

Under construction

Getting the boats back into Dartford and Crayford all sounds very complicated but it isn't, the three main requirements are very simple and very cheap, . These being 1; mooring posts. 2; mooring rings. and finally 3; some welcome signs. Another even simpler requirement is simply for the boats to just turn up, there is enough to tie up to thats for sure, mariners instructions below... Longer term to get the site working better the historic lock gates could be restored and some pontoons put in but for now just 1,2,3 gets the boats back.

Up to date news can be found here on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1493013297641232/

A proper website is being developed so watch this space.

But the news to date, boats have been coming back, yachts, power boats and Narrow boats have visited 2015 with more planned for 2016.

Network Rail have cleared the mangrove forest of trees and branches that were blocking the Crayford Navigation and boats will be coming back in 2016.

It's all to play for, if you're a boater bring your boat up and help in the campaign.